WAEC 2018 Literature in English Answers and Questions | Drama and Poetry

The waec 2018 literature in english answers and questions for WAEC expo has been released and can be gotten right here from our site. The 2018/2019 waec literature in English questions and answers for Poetry and Drama which was leaked by the officials of the West African examination council.

WAEC 2018 Literature in English Answers
WAEC 2018 Literature in English Answers

This post consists of the ongoing literature waec question 2018 for prose and objectives for all the candidates who are writing Waec 2018 Poetry and Drama.

Our waec 2018 literature in english answers and questions Prose and Objectives consist of both waec 2018 literature in english answer and questions for candidates of the west African examination Council.

Soon, we will be writing on waec 2018 literature in English drama and poetry and we will release the questions once the examination is near but for now, our major focus will be on the waec 2018 literature in english answers and questions for all.

Because of time and how close the examination is; we will not give you the Drama questions on literature in English but we will only give the answers to waec literature 2018 Drama questions. In this post candidates will find all literature questions and answers waec 2018 both that of drama which is coming.

Our jamb literature past question 2018 were genuine and a lot of persons cannot thank us enough for making that available for all the candidates who wrote Jamb literature in English.

literature objectives questions and Poetry Questions and answers May/June


Please read to the end to find the answers to Literature Waec Questions for Drama and answers ot it. You will also find the lit in english question for poetry which consist of waec 2018 literature in english answers and questions Poetry and Objectives.

On Monday, the 16th of April 2018 when the drama and the poetry part of literature will be written, we will endevour to make available the complete waec 2018 literature in english drama and poetry questions, but for now, our major concentration is on waec 2018 literature answers for objectives and Poetry.

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A close look at the Syllabus for Literature in English reveals that the questions on this webpage are genuine 2018 May/June literature question and answer for Objectives and Poetry.

From the questions gotten, we have seen that the waec May/june 2018 literature in English questions for poetry and objectives is something that is very technical and needs need reasoning and that is why we have expertise in the field to deliver the waec May/June literature answer.

Please visit this page consistently to see the waec 2018 literature in english drama and poetry when we will publish that this month before the waec 2018 literature in english answers and examination comes up on the 16th.

Without much ado, we will present the waec 2018 literature answer for you to see both answers for Objectives and poetry.

WAEC literature answers for 2018 Objective | Answers to Objective


Nature and Structure of WAEC 2018 Objective Questions | waec 2018 literature in english answers and questions


WAEC 2018 Literature in English Answers
WAEC 2018 Literature in English Answers

The objective questions comprises of 0 short questions and answers of english literature drawn from unseen poetry, literature appreciations etc. candidates are also tested on the use of figurative expressions which is part of the examination.

The examination is slated for 8.30 and will end by 10.45. It is of utmost important that candidates maximize the little time given in answering the two papers which is should be answered at once.

Often time, most person think that they is usually a short break given to candidates to answer the question, but the literature test questions and answers for waec is to be answered at once in a particular time at stretch .

The objective type questions on english literature pdf and the poetry questions are to be written today 5th of April while the examination for Drama and poetry comes up on the 16th of April.

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For now you can download the questions and answers for the West African Examination Council (WAEC) Senior School Certificate Examination for Literature in English for both objective and Prose.

WAEC Literature Questions and Answers for Drama

(12)the relationship between God and man especially his benevolence to man. The first stanza describes how God made man and blessed him with worldly riches: “When God at first made man, Having a glass of blessings standing by”. The stanza also portrays the concept of Trinity as seen in the Biblical creation story in Genesis: “Let us, said he pour on him all we can” (Note the use of the phrase “Let us”).
In the second stanza, God actually poured his blessings of strength, beauty, wisdom, honour and pleasure on man but withheld one important blessing- The Gift of Rest: “Perceiving that, alone of all his treasure, Rest in the bottom lay”.
In the third stanza, God gave his reason for withholding the gift of rest from man. He withdrew this blessing because he felt giving man the gift of rest would make him conceited or excessively proud and man may not worship him: “He would adore my gifts instead of me, And rest in nature, not the God of Nature”. With the withdrawal of rest from man, man is thrown into perpetual restlessness so that he can always remember his creator whether as a result of goodness or weariness: Let him be rich and weary, that at least, If goodness lead him not, yet weariness may toss him to my breast”

A proud woman, Lena Younger does not have much material wealth, but she walks tall, exudes dignity, and carries herself, as Hansberry says, with the “noble bearing of the women of the Heroes of Southwest Africa [a pastoral people],” as though she walks with a “basket or a vessel upon her head.” Her children are her life; she refers to them as her “harvest.” With no significant dreams of her own, she lives vicariously through her children, for even her dream of having a house is motivated only by her desire to make living conditions better for her family. She says, upon receiving the $10,000 insurance check, that, for her part, she’d just as soon donate the entire sum to her church.
Because Mama seems to be accustomed to suffering and enduring hardships, the Lindners of the world cannot disturb her inner peace, for she has previously suffered the death of a baby and, more recently, the death of her husband of many years. Her strong faith and deep religious convictions give her the psychological and physical mettle she needs in order to rise to life’s challenges.

  1. Ochuole
    Ochuole is Aloho’s classmate in the University. She is portrayed as notorious and wayward. Ochuole works as Chief Administrative Officer at the Ministry of External Relations. She aids Chief’s sexually immoral lifestyle by providing him with ladies. She lures Aloho into drug trafficking in the guise of helping her to secure a job with the Ministry of External Relations
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This is the waec 2018 literature in english answers and questions which was sourced from the right person. Please take a careful look at the waec 2018 literature in english answers to make sure everything is correct.

If you have series of doubt, we will advise you not to use or depend on this questions and answers. We will love to drop more waec 2018 literature in english answers on your email address. Or send it to you directly to you on  facebook only if you comment with your facebook username or email address.

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