Waec Mathematics Questions 2018 | Waec 2018 Mathematics Theory and Obj Questions and Answers

All those who are writing waec mathematics questions 2018 for the may/June examination, it is good to announce to you that the we have sourced and gotten the required and the needed questions and answers for waec 2018 and this we have presented to you in this post on the waec questions and answers to be written today.

Our waec questions and answers also contains both waec 2018 mathematics theory questions and also the correct 2018 waec mathematics questions and answers for Objective all in this may/june waec 2018 mathematics question and answer. The questions and answers was sourced from an insider of the west African examination council and was confirmed to be accurate by another insider of the West African examination Council.

The waec mathematics questions 2018 also contain the waec 2018 mathematics answers to both theory Questions and Objective questions. There is a need to carefully look into the waec mathematics 2018 questions and answers for all those who wants to get their As and make it through in Waec 2018.

The questions are available for May/June and not waec Gce mathematics questions 2018 and we promise to make available for GCE questions once the questions are ready. For you to make good grades in this year’s examination, you should endeavor to prepare accurately and confirm every beats of answers provided here by us and one way to do that is through the effective use of the waec mathematics past questions and answers pdf.

The theory questions is one of the wassce core maths 2018 session and candidates should concentrate on having all the theory questions answered because it carries more  marks.

WASSCE is one of the core subjects, infact it is the main core subject thst every student should strive to pass in waec May/June and that’s why we have made available wassce 2018 core maths questions for you to study before the examination time.

waec questions and answers on mathematics 2018

It is usualyy our nature to make questions and answers available before the hour of the examination and we consider it pertinent to also make the waec 2018 mathematics question.

A lot of site owners and site moderators have chosen to sell the waec mathematics questions, but we have chosen to make it available at a free course without asking you to subscribe with any amount of money or recharge card to get the waec May/June maths 2018 questions

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In our waec mathematics questions 2018, you will find some questions in the waec maths obj part as something which may appear difficult, it is you that should confirm the answers to this questions and that is why you should check our waec May/June mathematics answer 2018 and confirm them by solving appropriately.

The May/June  2018 mathematics questions and answers is not very difficult on line the gce maths questions 2017 which gave our solvers a bit of the tough times on how to solve the waec mathematics questions 2018.

If you have been studying your past questions and answers closely, you will realized that  like five theory questions can also be seen in the 2014 waec mathematics question and answer this we can see in some of the questions of waec mathematics questions 2018.

We do encourage readers to study actively waec May\June past questions pdf which shows y the waec questions and answers on mathematics 2018 being repeated and sourced largely from the waec past questions on mathematics.

If you also check the waec questions and answers on mathematics 2015 you will find a lot of questions  on the theory aspect of questions waec mathematics 2018.

Format and Structure of waec mathematics questions 2018

There is a known format for waec examination of having both the objective and the theory questions. The format also stands for waec mathematics questions 2018 because waec questions have been on the same format from inception and this we can see in the waec maths past questions and answers.

Like we have provided questions for Literature, English and Physics Quetions here is also that for mathematics and this we have done for free without asking you to provide us with money or subscribe for it.

For those who are not familiar with the structure, the theory questions consist of Five questions and you are required to answer a particular required number of questions and not to answer all the questions.

The Obj questions do contain about 50 questions and you are also required to answer them all with the OMR sheet of paper provided. The Objective questions may not be very difficult as you may think, but if you studious, then you will encounter little problems in solving the mathematics questions and answers.

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In the case where you solve any question and have a different answer please resolve the questions again to make sure it is correct.

According to the timetable, the waec mathematics questions 2018 will start at about 8 :30 with an Essay questions while the objective questions will commence after the Essay Questions at 11:00 hrs. This is almost similar for the timing for English Language

WAEC General Mathematics Questions Objective and Theory

Without beating around the bush, here is the waec Mathematics questions for Objectives which have been gotten from an inner source. Though the questions are not complete, but please visit this page regularly to get the full questions.




On February 28th 2012, value = (100-30/100) * #900,00.00
= 70/100 * #900,00
= #630,000.00
On february 28th 2013, value = (100-22/1000 * #630,00
= 78/100 8 #630,000
= #491,400
On february 28th 2014, value = 78/100 8 #491,400
On february 28th 2015, value = 78/100 * #383,292
= #298,967.76
= #299,000
Using pythagoras theorem
L^2=5.1^2 + 4.65^2
L^2=26.01 + 21.6225
L=6.9cm(1 d.p)
Perimeter of rhombus=4
Sin x=3/5
Using pythagoras tripple the third side=4
therefore cosx=4/5
therefore 5cosx-4tanx
Draw the diagram
ai X + 90 = 3x + 15
90 = 3x – X + 15
90 = 2x + 15
2x + 15 = 90
2x = 90 – 15
X = 75/2
X = 37.5•
2N4seven = 15Nnine
Converting both to base 10
2×7+N×7¹+4×7 = 1×9²+5×9¹+N×9
98 + 7N + 4 = 81 + 45 + N
7N + 102 = 126 + N
7N – Ń = 126 – 102
6N = 24
Ń = 24/6
Ń = 4

Total number of cars on road worthiness = 240
60% passed ie 60/100×240/1 = 144cars.
Number that failed = 240-144 = 96cars

6a) draw the Venn diagram
C = clutch
B = brakes
S = steering

(b) From the diagram above
E = 28+12+8+6+x+6+2x
36/3 = 3x/3
Therefore X = 12

(i) The no of cars that had faulty brakes
=12+8+6+x (Since X = 12)
=12+8+6+12 = 38

(ii) Only one fault = (no of clutch only) + (no of brakes only) + (no of steering only)
=28+x+12x = 28+12+24


Cross multiply
therefore |QR|=9.43km(3 sf)
sinq=(8*1)/9.4339 =0.8480
Q=sin^1(0.8480)=57.99 degrees
but Q=30+ A
A=27.99 degrees
The bearing of R from Q
=>152 degrees
Cost price for Lami= #300.00
Profit made by lami = x%
Ie selling price for lami=(100+x/100)×#300
Bola’s cost price = #3(100+x)
Profit made by bola =x%
Selling price for bola =(100+x/100)×#3(100+x)
James cost price =#3/100(100+x)²=300+(6x+3/4)
3/100(10000+200+x²) = 300+3/4+6x
X² = 75/3
X² = 25
X = square root 25
X = 5
3x-2<10+x & 10+x<2+5x
3x-x<10+2 & 10-2<5x-x
2x<12 8<4x
X<12/2 4x>8
X<6 x>8/4
Also; 3x-2<2+5x
2x > -4
X > -2
Therefore; Range is -2

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Draw the diagram
Angles PTR and PSR are similar
|PT|/|PS| = |TQ|/|SR|
In angle PTR
|TQ|=√10.432 =3.22cm
4/10 = 3.22/|SR|
4|SR| = 10×3.22
|SR| = 32.2/4
|SR| = 8.05cn
Approximately 8cm(to the nearest whole number)

AΔPTR = 1/2×4×6×sin30
AanglePTQ/AanglePSR = |PT|²/|PS|²
6/AanglePSR = 4²/10²
6/AanglePSR = 16/100
16×AanglePSR = 6×100
AanglePSR = 600/16 = 37.5cm2
ATQRS = 37.5 – 6


divide through by 10
From (i)
sub for x in eqii
3(14-y) +5y=66
feom eqiii

Class interval:1-10,11-20,21-30,41,50,51-60,61-70,71-80,81-90
Class boundary:0.5-10.5,10.5-20.5,20.5-30.5,30.5-40.5,40.5-50.5,50.5-60.5,60.5-70.5,70.5-80.5,80.5-90.5

waec mathematics questions 2018

waec mathematics questions 2018

These are the waec mathematics questions 2018 for you and we hope that the questions will always be of help to you for a successful examination. Do you have any questions or contribution on the questions above please Use the comment box.

We will like to provide you the questions for all your subjects directly to your inbox including the forth coming Biology Examination and not only waec mathematics questions 2018. Do you want more questions for more subjects ?  Kindly comment with your subjects and the email address or facebook I.D for wich we will use to send the questions

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