Biology WAEC Questions 2018 and Answers | For Obj and Theory

Biology waec questions 2018 will be of a great help to you if and only you will study the questions and provide adequate answers to the questions. There is need to have the 2018 wassce biology questions at hand before the main examination.

Biology WAEC Questions 2018

Biology WAEC Questions 2018

Studying the waec past questions and answers on biology pdf, you will realized that the questions which contains the biology waec question 2018 are mostly repeated, especially the waec biology practical question

Many candidates had actually requested for this questions and that’s why we have tried our possible to make sure that 2018 biology waec questions is given out in our site before the main day and time of the exams.

Our waec questions and answers was sourced from the right place and there is an alignment with the waec past questions and answers on Biology and that’s why we can say that the questions for this year’s WAEC examination is drawn from the previous questions and that of biology is drawn from the biology past questions and answers pdf

Please study the biology waec questions and answers very well and do ensure that you have taken note of the key areas in the questions.

Like you have seen, the waec 2018 biology questions and answers is not very difficult as expected by many candidates who have been studying day in and day out to make sure that the answer the forth coming biology questions pdf for WAEC.

If you have been studying the biology past questions and answers pdf very well, you will be able to answer the questions very well because the questions is an indication that the biology questions for WAEC are mostly drawn from the biology past questions pdf of various years.

A careful look at number 4 questions will show you that Biology waec questions 2018 was gotten and sourced from waec past questions 2015 and we can also see the various Objective waec 2018 biology question and answer which has been the repetition of the same questions.

That was how most of the chemistry waec question 2015 were repeated verbatim in the 2018 wassce questions and answers on biology for both practical, Theory and objective questions. It is our nature to make these questions available on our site.

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From this same page you can also have the waec past questions and answers free download pdf to study effectively for the biology examination and any other Waec examination on different subjects.

What is the Nature of WAEC Objective Questions

The WAEC Objective questions and answers for Biology waec questions 2018 , is made up of 50 distinct biology questions sourced according to the syllabus. The 2018 Waec brochure shows you the different sestions from which the Biology waec questions 2018  will drawn from.

To have a full hand knowledge and information on the past questions and answers, it is very  imperative that you study the waec past questions and answers on Biology pdf effectively and have much concentration on the part with key topics.

The waec biology theory 2018 in this West African Examination Council Biology waec questions 2018 examination contains five and Six theory questions which candidates are expected to answer specifically  the required number of questions asked.

The practical questions of the Biology waec questions 2018 will be made available as soon as the day for the practical examination is close.

With the full knowledge of the structure of the Waec Questions and answers, you will be able to prepare with pride and ego having seen the number of questions obtained in both theory and objective questions.

waec May/June 2018 biology answers

From our previous questions on waec Physics and Literature Questions, we carefully provided the general masses with the updated answers to the various questions asked in the course of the examination.

Here we have also provided you with the updated answers to the various  waec 2018 Biology questions for all. The answers to the questions for the May/June 2018 biology questions and answers.

In the various waec online past questions, there is always every need to also provide answers for the questions for candidates to be sure the answered right without mistakes.

Answers are also made available for all the questions in Biology waec questions 2018. According to the 2018 Waec Timetable is said to commenced on Monday 16th April at about 8.30 am

WAEC Objective Answers

For the sake of time and space, we will love to provide the direct answers to the Biology waec questions 2018. For all those who have asked for the right answers to the Biology waec questions 2018, Without wasting time, below are the answers to the WAEC Objective question.

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Biology OBJ:


Biology waec questions 2018 Theory and Answers

Here is also Biology waec questions 2018 and answers for theory which is sometimes called Essay. The WAEC timetable has clearly stated that the Essay examination will start by 14:40 hrs on Thursday 19th April.

Here are the answers to Biology waec questions 2018 for Theory/Essay

A sperm cell consists of a head, middle piece and a whip-like tail. At the anterior end of the head is a structure called Acrosome. This Acrosome contains a liquid which facilitates the entry of the sperm into an egg. The middle piece contains numerous mitochondria which are involved in producing energy needed for propelling the sperm after ejaculation. The tail is for movement.

A palisade cell contain chloroplasts which makes them a site of photosynthesis in the leaves of those that plants that contain them, converting the light to the chemical energy. Beneath the palisade mesophyll are the spongy mesophyll cells, which also perform photosynthesis. They allow the passage of gases through the intercellular spaces in them.

Draw the Diagram

In a tabular form:

Under mammals:
(i) Mammals give birth to their young ones alive
(ii) Mammals product amniotic eggs.

Under amphibians:
(i) Amphibians lay eggs
(ii) Amphibians do not produce amniotic eggs.

(i)Use of condoms/pills.
(ii) Withdrawal method

(i) Increases soil nutrients
(ii) Improves soil structure.
(iii) Does not corrupt the soil.
(iv) Increases soil humus.


Hb², Hb², I^a, I^o, I^o, T, t

i)carbon dioxide

i)CO2 is used by plants to photosynthesize carbohydrates.
ii)Nitrogen is a major component of chhlorophyll

Variegated leaf is a leaf that has green parts (where the cells contain chlorophyll) and non green parts (where there is no chlorophyll).
The green parts

i)The parts without chlorophyll do not photosynthesise
ii)the cells contain chlorophyll


renewable resource is a resourcewhich can be used repeatedly and replaced naturally.
nonrenewable resource is a resource of economic value that cannot be readily replaced by natural means on a level equal to its consumption.

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ii)fresh water
ii)natural gas

i)Regulated and Planned Cutting of Trees.
ii)Control over Forest Fire.
iii)Reforestation and Afforestation.
v)Check over Forest Clearance for Agricultural and Habitation Purposes.
iv)Proper Utilization of Forest and Forests Products.

Gene is the discrete unit of inheritance which are found in the chromosomes of all cell.

A hybrid is an offspring obtained from the cross-breeding of the species that are not closely related.

Trait is the characteristic factor of an individual which are hereditary.

Draw the diagram
Phenotyoic ratio= 3:1
Genotypic ratio= 1:2:1

The four transmittable characters in plants are:
-Shape of fruit

-Size of Leaf

Chemosynthesis is the biological conversion of one or more carbon-containing molecules (usually carbon dioxide or methane) and nutrients into organic matter using the oxidation of inorganic compounds (e.g., hydrogen gas, hydrogen sulfide) or methane as a source of energy, rather than sunlight
ii)methanogenic archaea

Nitrogen — 78 percent.
Oxygen — 21 percent.
Argon — 0.93 percent.
Carbon dioxide — 0.04 percent.

We also have updated waec questions on physics which we have made available for free for all physics candidates. Please search our site properly to find the Biology waec questions 2018 and answers 2018 for both Obj and Essay.

What do you think of this post? Do you wish that we provided you with more questions on different subjects, You can drop your facebook username or drop your email address at the comment box below.

Please endeavour to share this post on Biology waec questions 2018 and answers 2018 to all Biology students.



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