LG Smart Inverter AC Price -Latest Price Update

LG Smart Inverter AC Price
LG Smart Inverter AC Price

LG Smart Inverter AC Price -Latest Price Update

We have the best outlet for the LG Smart Inverter Ac and the best price tags for it on different platforms. In this post, readers will benefit and learn how to purchase the LG smart Inverter from the comfort of their homes.

LG Smart Inverter Ac is the need of every family, company or organization. With the use of the long-lasting cooling facility, they can get everyone comfortable.

There are many reasons why people prefer LG brands to many. One such reason is its durability and low maintenance cost.

Also, LG products come with warranties. If the product has any fault before the warranty time limit, you can reach out to them and they will have a way to help you out.

The LG smart Inverter comes with a price and this post we bring to you is the latest price of the inverter. We will get to provide you with different prices at which you can purchase the product from different outlets.


LG Smart Inverter AC Price

The price of an LG inverter varies depending on the product you are purchasing. LG is one of the prominent industries in the world with vendors in almost every part of the world.

Its product thrives and its customers are valid testimony of its durability. Howbeit, the LG product comes most time with a warranty for as long as 2-3 years.

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This period of usage is mostly certain and you will only have to call for maintenance. Another good thing about LG products is that it is easy to fix or prepare in case of any damage.

Looking at LG inverters, it is one thing families and organizations need to purchase, their inverters are durable and affordable with a warranty on it.

Purchase any inverter now in the comfort of your home!

LG Smart Inverter AC price -Latest Price Update

LG smart Inverter AC Comes with different prices according to the outlet you meet out there, As earlier said, we will give you the price list of this inverter.

The inverter comes with outstanding features which makes it one of the main reasons why people are placing orders for it.

The features of this AC include cooling Capacity. The LG smart Inverter has a high cooling capacity compared to other inverters out there.

As it is named smart, it comes with quality and smart accessories and a warranty. The price of this product ranges from N249,800- 350,000.

Different outlets may have different prices for this product as it is in high demand and also their location. This product can be located in Ojo, Lagos state.

Get to purchase this product now online.

LG Smart Inverter AC Price- Features

Here, readers are going to get to know some features of this air conditioner. The LG smart Inverter comes with outstanding features which distinguish it from other products.

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Many have been crawling the net in search of this information but here it is. The LG Smart comes with the following features;

  • Power Input (Cooling/Heating): 5.5 A
  • EER: 3.01 W/W/ 10.26 Btu/ h.W
  • Power  Supply: 1/220 – 240 /50 (Ø / V / Hz)
  • Cooling Capacity 3517 W/ 12,000 Btu/h
  • Air Flow Rate (Indoor, Max): 11.8m/min
  • Air Flow Rate (Outdoor, Max):  28m/min
  • Moisture Removal: 1.3 l/h
  • Sound Level (Indoor, H/M/L/SL) : 44/41/36/- Db(A) ±3
  • Sound Level (Outdoor, Max): 51 dB(A)±3

There are order features which include its colour, content, warranty, and eligibility for return. The colour of the AC is white while it contains the Air conditioner and its remote and instructional manual.

It has a 2-year warranty for its customers.

Other LG Inverters

LG has many inverters and we are going to list a few so readers and those who want to buy can make a choice out of the many.

Below are some of the inverters produced and sold by LG;

LG Smart Inverter AC Price
  • LG 2HP Gencool- B Dual Inverter Air Conditioner (2 Years Warranty)
  • LG 2.5HP Dual Inverter Air Conditioner with Low Voltage Stabilizer
  • LG 2HP Split Air Conditioner Dual Inverter
  • LG 1.5HP Gencool- B Dual Inverter AC

Above are some other inverters that are active and also affordable. We have provided you with diverse choices to choose from.

LG 2HP Gencool- B Dual Inverter AC

There are many inverters AC when looking at LG products. They come with spectacular choices and diverse supplementary. If you cannot get to buy one, you will surely buy the order.

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However, the Smart Invert 2HP Gencool is a B Dual Inverter AC which does not consume much energy. Those who have many power-consuming appliances will enjoy this particular inverter as it is affordable and power-saving.

The price of this inverter is N450,000 which is an affordable amount for an inverter with such quality as theirs. You can also get to purchase this inverter AC on Jumia for as low as N443,000.

Live a comfortable and cool life with the use of this power-saving inverter Air conditioning.

Outlet to Purchase From

There are many outlets out there and some of them may be scammers if you want to buy from the comfort of your home. It is advisable to use trusted sources like Jumia for your purchase.

Better still, if you are living or close to any LG house then you can reach in to get to buy your product directly from them.

With this, you will be able to determine the kind of air conditioning you want to purchase and make wise decisions.

If this post has been helpful to you, you should drop a comment in the section below. However, if you have any questions that you would like us to help you with, you can also relay them to us.

Thanks for reading this post and stay safe.

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