Opay Transfer Code to Other Bank

Opay Transfer Code to Other Bank

Opay has created another wonderful feature which enables users to make transactions offline. However, with the intent of the USSD code, users can now transfer money to other banks without stress.

The anxiety one has to go through to log in or wait for a better phone network has been cut short with this intriguing feature.

Just like other regular banks, you can now make transfers and other services with the Opay USSD code. There are different USSD codes for diverse services needed.

With the use of the code, you can pay your bills, recharge your line and must especially transfer money from your account to other banks.

Yes, all you need is the right code to go on. The procedures are simple and this post comes with all Opay codes that are available as of now.

Read this post to the end to know the Opay transfer code to other banks and other related information.

Opay Banking

Opay is a digital bank where one has his money on his mobile device. It helps you save your money for important moments.

However, Opay comes with lots of enjoyable features. One such feature is the Okash. With the Okash features, users can save money for as long as they want and will be getting percentages on a daily bases.

The fixed deposit has been made easy with Opay and the allocation of funds as a whole is also not exempted from the benefits of the Opay application.

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You can get to the bank with Opay today to enjoy these benefits. Note that new users also have bonuses awaiting them so what are you waiting for?

Signup for Opay today and start getting cashback prizes and bonuses of more than N20,000 every month. Download the application to get started.

Download Opay Application

Downloading the Opay application is the first step to follow. In order to enjoy its bonuses, you will need to sign up for the Opay application.

Signing up will procedure starts with downloading the application. Note that you will have to own a smartphone in order to download the Opay application without stress.

With your smartphone, you can follow the processes below to download the application to your device;

  • With an active network connection
  • Open your Play Store or App Store
  • On the search engine, type in ‘Opay app’
  • Click on Download or Install
  • Enable the Application
  • Open it.

Signing Up for Opay

Signing up is another process to consider. To sign up, you will first have to install the application and above are the processes involved in the installation.

If you have successfully installed the application into your device, follow the process below to sign up;

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Immediately after signing up, you have successfully opened an Opay account and the phone number used in registration is your Opay account number.

It is that easy to create an Opay account. Create an Opay account today and start getting cashback prices.

Opay Transfer Code- Transaction Limited

You have to note that there are transaction limits depending on the tier you have activated. With Opay, you can have unlimited balance but this is when you have verified your Utility bill.

Below are the tiers and daily transaction limits;

TierVerification RequiredDaily Transaction LimitMaximum Account Balance
1Phone Number/NIN50,000300,000
3Utility Bill5,000,000Unlimited

Above listed are the transaction limits of Opay Limited. Verify your account to the 3rd tier to enjoy all these features.

Is Opay Legit?

Yes, Opay remains one of the best mobile banks in Nigeria with lots of customers across the state making use of it for daily transactions.

Opay Transfer Code to Other Bank

Transferring money to other accounts with the use of the Opay USSD code is in the interest of many. However, you will get to know how to transfer money to other banks with Opay USSD Code in this section of the post.

The USSD code of Opay in Nigeria is *955#. Note that this code will not be valid for any SIM card which is not registered to Opay. If your SIM is registered then you can start making use of the Opay USSD code.

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Opay Transfer Code to Other Bank
Opay Transfer Code to Other Bank

Also, the code for transferring money from Opay to another account is *955*2*amount*10-digit account number#.

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Having entered this, you have successfully continued to transfer, confirm the information and send.

All Opay Transfer Code

Note that there are many codes that Opay has. Here, you will be getting codes and their functions for effective transactions.

Opay USSD CodeFunction
*955*03121#Opay ATM Card Activation
*955*010#Get Opay OTP
*955*6#Electricity Bill Payment
*955*0#Check Opay Account Balance
*955*5#Bet Wallet Funding
*955*3*amount#Buy Airtime for yourself
*955*3*amount*phone number#Buy Airtime for Others
*955*4*mobile number#Buy Data
*955*1*amount*10 digit account number#Transfer Money to Opay Account
*955*2*amount*10 digit account number#Transfer Money to other Bank Account

How to get Opay Card

Getting an Opay Debit card is as easy as creating an Opay account. If you are an Opay user, it is ideal to make use of a debit card for transactions.

However, you can make withdrawals without any network interference. It is not a bad idea to have this card at all.

To get your Opay Debit card, you will have to apply on the Opay App and enjoy 10 free withdrawals monthly and Zero card maintenance fees.

However, the debit card is accepted at any ATM, POS or Web.


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Thanks for reading, share with friends and other Opay users out there, Stay safe.

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