Quam Money Movie Download 2020 – Download Falz Quam Money

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Quam Money movie download

Falz is getting ready to take part in Inkblots latest release “Quam’s money” as Quam aka sweet boy Q which is directed by Naz Onuzo. “Quam’s money” is similar to New Money a comedy produced by Inkblot in 2018. New m0ney is a comedy that tells us a story of a young fashion designer named Toyun who realizes that her father left a business empire together with great wealth for her to manage.

Quam Money Movie Download 2020

 The Nigerian Movie trailer has been rocking and in this series, we have the movie quam to help you. There is an analysis about the latest movie and the download guide here on this post for you.

About Falz – Folarin Falana AKA Quam the security Man 

Folarin Falana AKA Falz was born on 27th October 1990 is a rapper, songwriter and an actor.

Falz began his musical career right from secondary school where he formed a group called “the schoolboys” before he entered into the professional music industry in 2009.

He became more popular after featuring Poem and Yemi Alade in his song “marry me”. Falz currently owns his own record label known as Bahd guys record.

In 2014 he released his first album known as Wazup guys and his second named stories that touch in 2015. His third album was in 2017 and the fourth “Moral instructions” was on the 15th of January 2019.

Currently, Falz boasts of his successful career both as a lawyer and as a celebrity in music and movie industry. He is said to have won more hearts as a musician than as a lawyer.

However, Falz never dreamt of being a musician but things later changed while he was in a secondary school which led him to the forming of the “schoolboys” a group which consisted of both his schoolmates and his friends. He also dropped his first mixed tape called “shakara” as a secondary school student.

 Falz in Merrymen 2

“Marry me” which became his breakthrough release in 2015 was chosen to be the Best Collaboration of the year award at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards held in 2015 and since then his musical credits has worn him a lot of appreciations and commendations coupled with many awards in the musical business of which some of them includes Ello e  released in 2015, stories that touch in 2015, chemistry, soldier and jamb question in collaboration with Simi who is also a Nigerian artiste.

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He came up with his single hit “Wazup guy” two years later as he was eventually into small scale-stardom after a couple of single hits as they made their way into the music industry and actually became quite known to all.

Falz has a great performance in Merry Men 1 and 2. He the real deal in the AY movie. Now again falz has brought the Quam Money movie download .

Download Falz Quam’s Money

Inkblot productions have subsequently partnered with the likes of FilmOne and House 21 together with Netflix as it moves towards completing its next movie titled “Quams money” which is similar to “New money” its 2018 hit movie and by 11th December 2020 will be featured in cinemas across the country.

The movie Quam money shows how a security bodyguard evolves into a multi-millionaire overnight. Folarin Follana AKA Falz plays the role of Quam.  He is widely known as Falz. He won an AMVCA award for this as he intends to feature both as an actor and a co-producer with Inkblots powerhouse and Film One production.

The movie is written by Chinaza onozu and directed by Kayode kasum who also wrote movies of the likes of a sugar rush, the fate of Alakada and Kambili. The movie also features some of the best Nollywood actors of which includes Nse Ikpe-Etim, Williams Uchemba, Toni Tones and other movie stars.

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Kayode who is one of Nollywood’s most talented directors amazingly shows his excitement towards the amazing cast as he is so happy with the movie as he discloses that he can’t wait for everyone to set their eyes on the masterpiece and Moses Babatope also exclaims his happiness with working with Inkblot as he makes mention of this being their eight projects together as a team and is also happy to be partnering with Falz and House 21 producers.

He steps up to say that Falz is a talent and the viewers will be happy to see him perform. He once again commends Kayode for the amazing role he played in the production of the masterpiece.

How to Download Quam Money 2020

Falz on his part has also shown his excitement in bringing back Quam Money movie download to life for this new series. He goes on to say how he loves the joint effort of both Kayode and other actors on set. Falz also wishes that the viewers will enjoy the movie which much hard work has been put into. He goes on to say that this is the first of many film projects to come from House 21 productions.

Quam’s Money Cast 2020- Quam Money 

Quam Money is a new release with Kayode Kasum as the director. It focuses on Quam a security guard whose life experiences a turn around when he receives N300 million.

The likes of Nse Ikpe-Etim, Williams Uchemba, and others will be featuring in the movie 11th of December, 2020.

  • Nse Ikpe-Etim
  • Williams Uchemba
  • Toni Tones,
  • Jemima Osunde,
  • Blossom Chujwukewu,
  • Michelle Dede
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Quam Money movie download  which is written by Naz Onuzo. Kayode Kasum is the director of the story of Quam Omole who as a security guard turned millionaire goes into a state of monumental disarray when he is duped of the sum of N500 million.

The movie portrays the adventures of Quam, a role by Falz as he explores the world with his newfound wealth. On the 11thof December 2020, the partnership of Inkblot productions, Film One Entertainment and House 21 will be in the cinemas nationwide.

From the above post, you will see how to download the latest movie. Do follow all instructions in this post and you will have full information on how to download the movie.

Falz has shocked everyone with a thrilling blockbuster movie title Quam money. The details available gives you details on how to download the movie.

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