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Citation Movie Download: are you in search of how to download the latest release movie called a citation, we have here the necessary guidance to help you in your download and just how to get this movie within a seconds.

The movie is emotional and it tells a story of a young girl – Temi Otedola with the determination to succeed despite all odds in the university environment.

Witnessing an environment of people with obnoxious act, especially the highly reference persons keeps her in dilemma and how to cope in a society with serious pressure from all aspect of life.

Temi Otedola despite all odds tries to adjust to her environment, though she is trying to be a shield from speaking up especially with different vices.

It should also notice that in the movie, another big name like Ibukun awosika is performing just like every star character in most Nigerian movies.

Before trying to download this movie’, you should first read the necessary review on this post. You will find the cast/Character review interesting and knowing about the various roles these characters play in the movie.

Let’s get to watch the simple tales of the Afolayan through her latest film – citation.

About Ciattaion Movie

According to Kunleafo on Instagram, Citation’ was to be premiered in August 2020

Citation is Kunle Afolaya’s latest movies among other movies and we have the review of the longest for movie and we have put it among the movies with high rating by most Nigerians in 2020.

Temi Otedola the leading person in this movie is at an extremely topnotchperformance  in the movie which is her beginning of stardom.

It’s clear in the opening scene which Afolayan set out to earn a slow burn. ‘Citation’ is not any’October 1′ even though they share the same writer-Tunde Babalola.

The story behind citation acc0rding to the writer is fetch from the recent documentary by the Britsih Broadcasting corporation BBC and through the memory lane of a typical African school with the main character, Moremi Oluwa.

The character suffers a series of sexual harassment from a five-star professor and she seeks justice from the school management committee.

She is in trauma by this sexual harassement  and she is already seen as a vocal point for the freedom of other students who have been in the same sexual harassment shoes.

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The writer is careful to use flashback to demonstrate the various place of conflicts in the movie without making it very complex for comprehension is commendable. Afolayan has taken time to give out each scene as an entirely new experience.

The Sexual Harassment Among Students in Citation Movie Download

In Citation movie download, Moremi; Temi Otedola is a shock the movie industry and all movie lover with her outstanding performance even as lead character in the movie.

The lead character has put Nigerian film lovers awol as she performs exceedingly great even beyond expectation though with few lapses.

To accompany the movie, there is an authentic choice of music in the background it juxtaposes accordingly with the ongoing story. Otedola being the main character draws the attention of the movie lover to the movie and with close-up shots on her role, it can be clearly seen that the entire movie has a good concentration on the main character.

According to movie reviewers, her mistake is noticeable though but in a great way such that her dexterity with words covers it.

There is a connection between some African setting and their culture through the movie as it is set to connect African countries such as Senegal and others like Carpe Verde and various places of Nigeria.

‘The main setting of this movie is Nigeria specifically the use of the foremost Obafemi Awolowo University to capture school moments.

Apparently, ‘Citation’ is a slow burn. Maybe, this is deliberate in an attempt to dramatize the movie’s subject matter. However, this absence of speed may be a deterring factor for many.

Citation Movie Download is an interesting film and we recommend if for all those schoolings in a typical African environment and all movie lovers wishing to download the latest movie 2020.

Citation Movie Character and Cast 

  1. Temi Otedola

In this movie, it witnesses the much anticipated Femi Otedola taking her debut role in movies with her playing a lead role in the movie. Otedola has been into film making and fashion and until it dawns on her to play a lead role in the movie.

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Accordingly, Femi has seen her role in the film as an honour considering the message she is passing to the general public through her performance.

According to her for many months, it has become inseparable of two characters, that is the character in the movie and herself and she has been living with it for many months.

She feels that her part in the movie will play a transformational role especially to young girls who are unable to voice their story. Accordingly, she feels that the Citation will open many girls up to tell their story.

With Temi, the movie has become a top-notch as other characters such as Ini Edo complements, Ibukun Awosika has complemented in the movies.

It is a film containing the untold story of many young persons especially in the universities across Africa.

  1. Ibukun Awosika on Citation Movie Download

Well, not only was Citation shot in the University, but our shock throw is an alumna of the college.

Mrs Ibukun Awosika, Chairman, First Bank of Nigeria Limited has made her debut in a film created by award-winning, and Nigerian film producer, Kunle Afolayan.

The film, Citation,  is up to correct among society’s common ills – rape and sexual harassment – that pervades institutional systems and wider sections of societies.

Unveiling First Bank Ibukun Awosika, the surprise throw of the movie, Afolayan posted on his official Instagram manage; “Everything started in 2018 with all the pre-production of Citation, then the creation at January 2020, and the 30th of August, we formally had the first personal screening of Citation in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).

Awosika plays the part of the dean of a college school. She oversees the senate hearing panel of a female student Moremi that has been a victim of sexual harassment.

The film gives an encouraging voice to  victims of sexual harassment and rape,in the college environment. Awosika selection marks a major effect on girls advocacy and direction.

  1. Seun Kuti

The award-winning Manager, Afolayan declared on his Instagram deal page this afternoon; this Seun Kuti will soon be looking in Citation.
There, also, he encouraged fans to join with the recording that will happen in the amphitheatre of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife after this day.

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Afoloyan stated from the article: Seun plays Cameo in #citationthemovie and you stand for Close up cameo attribute. The show begins at 6 pm Faaji continue following the shoot as @officialnatnudofoods will be on the floor with Koret Barbecue and Chicken, beef and shrimps”

Seun Kuti appears to be using an extremely productive year. He declared he would be doing at Coachella this year. And the multitalented politically conscious artiste will soon be starring in a film

Other Characters in Citation Movie Download

  • Jimmy Jean-Louis
  • Joke Silva
  • Gabriel Afolayan
  • Adjetey Anang
  • Ini Edo
  • Sadiq Daba
  • Wole Olowomojuore
  • Yomi Fash-Lance
  • Bukunmi Oluwashina
  • Bienvenu NebaRay Reboul

The Citation movie download is not about Temi Otedola Emotional connection and pity,  but it addresses a more important aspect of human existence which is rape and sexual harassment among School students.

This movie also portrays the inability of those affected to speak up and this silence has been like a deadly cankerworm in our society especially in times like this.

Written by Tunde Babalola and directed by Kunle Afolayan and starring Temi Otedola, Bukunmi Oluwashina Jimmy Jean-Louis, others.

We urge you to use the link for Citation movie download and with the link you can Download the Movie Here

Let’s Know; Who is Your Favourite Character in Citation movie download 2020 ? Use the comment box below to share your comment.



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