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You can Download the Boss is Mine Full Movie 2020 movie has the movie is out and we, therefore, have brought all basic features in the Movie and thus we have provided the 2020 download.

We will give you in details the necessary download of the full movie which you need and how to download the 2020 movie following our link.

We have provided this post being that most persons have been looking for the right download link to download the boss is mine the 2020 movie that is killing the minds of the people.

After long consideration, we needed to make this movie available because most persons have been searching for the movie through the 2020 download link.

Download the Boss is Mine Full Movie 2020

Download the Boss is Mine Full Movie 2020

Just use the download link attached in this post to download the movie from the beginning to the end and watch and enjoy the movie.

We have given you the review of the movie and the download link to download the boss is mine quickly without having to click so many ads without downloading any movies of your choice.

This movie trailer has been rocking the internet and we have thought to make it available for all those that have been f9ollolwing us through these platforms.

When it comes to Nigerian Movies recommendations, we will categorically recommend you to download and watch boss is mine 2020 Nigerian Movies.

Nigerian Nollywood Industry

Since 2013b, there have been a serial improvement in the Nigerian Movies sector and the most person that were not in love with the Nigerian Cinema have no other option rather than to love the New Nollywood industry.

There is an improved animation in terms of the quality of the movies made available and this improvement has helped to are the Nigerian Movie industry has its news stands out for international competition.

The emergence of international producers like Emem Isong has also helped to skyrocket and improve the dynamics of the Nigerian Movie industry.

Nigerian Movies are now premier in cinema were and being that this premier has a standard and thus we have seen the Nigerian Movie industry being celebrated internationally.

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The emergency of Ibaka Tv and Iroko TV as a sublet of Most of is Nigerian Movies have also added taste to the Nigerian Movie industry.

Nollywood since has moved from different phases and it has been on a plater phase with defined and qualitative animations.

The Nigerian Movie industry has now had added features to her old movies and that is to say that it has some known change and growth in the industry.

It recorded that more than 50 movies are and this number is said to increase within some time. It is the largest movie industry in Africa and it has drawn global attention.

It is also mostly seen by African’s in New York, and America and another part of the world. Though the Nigerian Nollywood industry has grown and it is one Gold spin, it suffers piracy as the major threat facing the industry.

download the Boss is mine Full Movie 2020 and watch the movie as part of the numerous Nigerian Movies released for FZ movies download

Download the Boss is Mine Full Movie 2020

The boss is mine movie is a short comic movie starring the popular comic actor, Imeh Bishop Umoh and it a story which reveals numerous lessons for those that have Downloaded the Boss is Mine Full Movie 2020.

In a small town which is likely to be an estate, two maids look for a Job and the eventually found a job as a cleaner and as a cooker which was the exact position required in Asuquo’s estate.

Asuquo is the boss of the house who has forth Cousin called Victor and Victor acts on behalf of the boss in given direction and control in Asuquo’s house.

Eventually, Anu and Ngozi are employed in the Boss’s house and they keep to their duties not until they became interested in the Boss’s marital affairs.

They have series of questions like why the boss is not yet married and to bring an answer to the question Victor warns that none of them can marry a highly influential rich man whose life was always characterized by Clubbing and sex addition every day until the boss met a lady called Gabriella.

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Gabriella changes the Oga Asuquo’s life to make him a responsible man and Asuquo was now engage to Gabriella.

Both Anu and Ngozi have now started a fight on who claims the boss and they both look for ways to get Oga’s attention so he could fall in love with any of them.

Both Anu Ngozi fight’s at each other to claim the boss and fall in love with them. Gabriella returns and both make the house unbearable for Gabriella with so much ridicule.

You will get the full storyline when you follow the link to download the Boss is Mine Full Movie 2020

The Boss is Mine Cast

Imeh Bishop Umoh – Victor

Like Merrymen 2 Download Upon completing the Download, the Boss is Mine Full Movie you will see Okon Lagos who happens to be one of the central characters and he performs the role of Victor in the movie.

Imeh Bishop acts the role of an intermediary who is a driver and a fourth cousin to Oga and he put his comic actions to bear in the movie.

Imeh Bishop Umoh is a graduate of the University of Uyo who studied philosophy and he holds from Nsit Ibom L.G.A of Akwa Ibom state.

Imeh Bishop has premiered in numerous movies which are too numerous to mention and it is important to note that he rose to limelight with the movie Uyai a movie produced by Akwa Ibom topnotch indigenous producer, Emem Isong.

Imeh Bishop is popularly called Okon drawing from the award-winning comic movie- Okon Lagos and Okon goes to School.

Mike Godson – Auquo/Oga

Mike Godson is the boss in the house and he performs the role as Oga of the house. He is a handsome rich man who is the envy of the house. He is a young and rich man who has maids in the house including cleaner and the cook.

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Both Ngozi and Anu are in a fight over who wins and marries him. Oga is truly in love with Gabriella and he does not take her for granted.

Michael Godson Ifeanyichukwu Is a talented actor and a graduate of University Jos who studied Theatre and Communication Arts.

Mike has acted movies and a few to mention is secret of riches, sincerely mine and many more but 7 books of Mosses brought him to the limelight and the Boss is Mine Full Movie is another great movie

Daniella Okeke – Gabriella

Daniella Okeke plays the role of Gabriella, the Boss’s girlfriend and he is so much in love with Asuquo. Gabriella contends with the two maids who are interested in the boss and it got to point that she could not contend any longer as she had to leave for the duo housemaids who ridicule her to the fullest.

Daniella Okeke has starred in numerous movies, but in 2013, she starred in the Movie Lagos Cougars as Joke and since then, she has been on the limelight.

The beautifully curvy actress was rumoured to be in love affairs with the popular preacher, Apostle Johnson Suleiman but she came out on her social media to call it rumours.

Others Character

  • Sapphire Obi  –  Ngozi
  • Mary Obonna – Anu
  • Osita Chukwu – Musa

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