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After watching new money one, lots of people will likely want to download New Money 2 full movie and that’s why this post is a guide to show you how to get the new money full movie.

New money is an interesting movie with realities and life’s ordeals. The writer of the movie has taken time to craft and script a movie mixed with themes which are more relative to a real-life situation and in the nutshell, persons get to think that new money is an autobiography movie.

Download New Money 2

Download New Money 2

When new money 1 was released, it had downloaders who downloaded the movie and it became one of the most downloaded Nigerian Films.

New Money 1 Movies is one of the most downloaded movies and we want you to also download this movie following our guidelines here.

Though this movie was released, you will still find it important to download the new money 2 movies and there is nothing much about the new money two movies as it features the return of tope and Quam.

We will try as much as possible to give you all the necessary and detailed description to help you download this movie and we will not forget to mention all the cast in this 2020 movie.

New Money two introduces tope as the new CEO after her appointee had completed her tenure she took tope through some leadership stride and hence it paved a way for a successful handing over.

You will see more details in the story when you download new Money 2

New Money 1 Review

New money 1 is an entirely different movie from New money 2. Please note that you can download for the movie through your choice site.

The story lin in both new money 1 and 2 is entirely different and both movies have a different storyline and same cast except for the introduction of other non-major characters for New money.

New money 1 sees a little girl who happens to be in the corridor of wealth but without having a knowledge of such for more than 20 years.

The mother gave birth to her as a result of wedlock to a seemly rich man and the founder of Adago company.

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With time people the dude realized after suffering from the mother after struggling from mouth to hand with the mother.

According to Fatima Toun’s mother, revealing her true identity and truth about her existence will make the daughter to choose the Father because of wealth over her and hence she seals the girl’s true identity of her father away from her.

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The mother decided to let the cat out of the back after a much realizing the death of Ifaeyi Toun’s father. The official wife, married to the wealthy ifaenyi Nwachukwu came with the news that Toun’s father died like three weeks ago and her presence will be needed.

Ifaenyi Nwachukwu who is the father who happens to be the founder and the CEO of Adaego group of company pass on willing lots of his riches and fame to her only child. Not only did he give her a big house and car, but she was also in the position of being the Company’s CEO.

As the company’s CEO

As a CEO of the company, Toun who was not knowledgeable on the running of such a big firm mismanages and makes the wrong investment.

To Toun it was a time to get to enjoy life to the fullest as she spends a whopping sum of 4 million naira in a club.

With the help of grace, she was able to fix it up but not too long, the boyfriend Quam drag her into making a wrong investment in betting with a wrong company with a questionable character.

This lost made Toun’s uncle who has been eyeing the position for a long time to fight her impeachment, but the smart with the help of Angela Nwachukwu and her stepmother was able to convince the board about her investment.

To focus on her fashion competition in the Lagos Fashion week and to train herself for the position as a CEO, she stepped down and appointed grace as the new’s company’s CEO.

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New Money 2 Movie Download

Just like Merry men 2 download, to download New money 2 you can visit any of the sites which we will list in this post below and you will download this video.

New money 2 is entirely different from new money 1 and but both movies have provided an insight into some societal differences being that the main actor has experienced life as a rich and as a middle class.

In New money 2, Toun uses her experience in the supermarket to bear in making vital decisions in the board and everyone was impressed by her progress.

Quam returns in new money 2 and he is seen living large with his luxurious cars and friends, within a while, Quam squanders the 10 million naira and went back in search of her girlfriend again looking for funds.

Meanwhile, Toun is in a tight position to release money because of her position, yet confuse and dilemmatic being that she wants the best from Quam.

Eventually, Toun Falls in love with Joseph fine body and she is on a critical position to make a drastic choice between Quam and them many persons that are on her neck.

In New money 2, Binta the friend continues to stick to her best friend and amidst the situation, she has always been by her friend’s side.

She is an epitome of a good friend and she continues to demonstrate this in new money 2 standing by Toun always.

Once you download New money 2 you will see that all charters are retained except for so many minor characters who are no longer playing their roles

Where to download New money 2

New Money 2 Cast

  1. Toun Odumosa – Jemima Osondu
  2. Joseph Fineboy – Blossom Chukwujekwu
  3. Fatima Odumesu – Kate Henshaw
  4. Binta – Wofai Fada
  5. Angela Nwachukwu – Osas Ighoaro
  6. Patrick Nwachukwu – Adeolu Adefarasin
  7. Ifaenyi Nwachukwu – Kalu Ikeogu
  8. Ganiyu Osamade – Daniel Etim Effiong
  9. Quam – Folarin Falz Falana
  10. Victor – Damola Layout
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Download New Money 2 – 2020 Hollywood Movies

This movie is one of the most sorted after series and we can’t just stop giving you the detailed to help you download the movie. The download link for this movie is seen in the above description and by clicking on it you will download new money 2.

The trailer will also give you an insight into the movie and you can also download and watch the new money trailer for 2020.

All characters remain the same except for the introduction of new minor characters which also plays a leading role in New money 2.

You can download this movie from the latest download sites and download link for provided here and this download can be done in several definitions like HD, 3D and more.

On the release date, new money 2 had thousands of download just on that day it was released.

For you download New Money 2 it will not take you any stress because the movie has not been made public for public download.

We will want you to stay connected to this page and bookmark it as we will update you regularly regarding the download New Money 2. We will update you regularly regarding how to download new money 2 full movie.

If you want notification on the release date, then drop a comment via a comment box below and don’t forget to share this post.



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