WhatsApp Dark Mode Download App for iPhone Android – How to Activate WhatsApp dark mode

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Whatsapp dark mode download is the main topic for discussion and it is good that we give you update on the WhatsApp dark mode.

There are numerous questions whether Whatsapp dark mode is free or not or whether WhatsApp dark mode that is available and is done through another version of WhatsApp.

Many people have been made to believe that WhatsApp dark mode can be implemented easily and it comes for activating a particular app on your device, while others have been made to believe that the dark mode is only available for iPhone users.

In some cases, activating and implementing this WhatsApp dark mode is not easy as many will think it is that is why we have crafted a post to give you and serve as an information guide to help you activate the WhatsApp dark mode.

Having realized that a good number of persons wants to activate the WhatsApp dark mode, we have created an information guide with details on how to active the WhatsApp dark mode.

It is not magical when one implements dark mode on his/her devices it is a very simple and straight thing to do with your WhatsApp and hence we have crafted this post on how to activate WhatsApp dark mode.

Without downloading a special app or any other kind of WhatsApp, the tutorial below is simple and straight for anyone that wants to know how to finally activate WhatsApp dark mode.

Follow this guide with detail information to download WhatsApp dark mode here.

About WhatsApp and WhatsApp dark mode download

WhatsApp is a popular messaging application that was introduced for the use and the betterment of the people who wish to chat and enjoy messaging from one person to another.

Whatsapp grew and became so popular. The messaging application was bought for over 19 billion USD by Mark Zuckerberg and it became the most popular and the most expensive application to be bought for such an amount.

Whatsapp has other connections and subsidiaries like WhatsApp for business, but the pirated form of WhatsApp which is Gb WhatsApp has numerous updates and versions.

In 2019, WhatsApp Inc worked in cleaning and banning of the pirated WhatsApp Gb and this move made persons lose some of their most important information which they had on WhatsApp.

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Truth is that Gb WhatsApp has so many features which WhatsApp don’t have which made it so popular and known.

WhatsApp is not yet a desktop Application and the introduction of WhatsApp web has helped to answer the question on how to access WhatsApp desktop version as it provides easy access to WhatsApp through the web.

You will get details on how to access Whatsapp web from our post on WhatsApp web login and sign in.

Since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, it has since then become a subsidiary of Facebook and hence you see WhatsApp from Facebook as the introduction message for Users.

Whatsapp Dark Mode App

There is no special WhatsApp messaging application of WhatsApp dark mode, but by following the simple settings, you will be able to implement WhatsApp dark mode on your device.

This new WhatsApp feature is following WhatsApp daily and new updates which are done regularly for all devices including iOS devices.

WhatsApp dark mode is available for both Android and iPhone users and anyone with WhatsApp can implement the Whatsapp dark mode download.

The new dark mode feature for users will enhance and improve the WhatsApp User interface as users use WhatsApp.

For you to enjoy this new WhatsApp dark mode download you will have to update your WhatsApp and launch it again where you will go the settings and implement the WhatsApp dark mode.

The required version which you will have to upgrade to should not be less than 2.20.69 and this new version is necessary for the activation of WhatsApp dark mode.

Aside from the group video call implemented on WhatsApp which happens to be the latest improved feature, WhatsApp dark mode is one important feature that can be implemented.

Before taking a step to activating this version of whatsApp, ensure that you are connected to the internet you can use Glo free browsing Code to activate

Below is an on-screen image which your WhatsApp will look like after activating the WhatsApp dark mode.

Why Whatsapp Dark Mode

  1. WhatsApp dark mode download has an amazing user interface

With the dark mode, WhatsApp users are exposing to a lovelier interface for chatting, calls and viewing of status.

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Truth be told that black is always beautiful all the time and most persons love black as a colour and hence the introduction of this beautiful feature on WhatsApp

  1. It saves battery life

One of the things which people dreaded about WhatsApp is its access consumption of battery life. However, this is no more as WhatsApp dark mode preserves battery life.

This test was done and the result was obtained from more than three users who confess that their battery life lasts longer since the implementation of this feature.

  1. WhatsApp Dark mode helps the Eye

Even if you are not a health worker, you will agree with me that looking at bright light always has a way of affecting the eyes.

WhatsApp Inc has seen that users health is more paramount to them and the introduction of WhatsApp dark mode.

Those who are allergic to bright light can now chat freely with WhatsApp dark mode download without worrying about their eyes

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How to Activate and Implement WhatsApp Dark Mode

  1. Go to the chat/home of your WhatsApp
  2. Click on a three-dot arrange either vertically or horizontally and open

  1. On the pop up click on settings which happens to be the last on the pop-up
  2. On your settings, you will see messages like privacy, accounts, chats notification and more
  3. Click on “Chats” after account


WhatsApp Dark Mode Download App

WhatsApp Dark Mode Download App


  1. On the chats session, click on a theme where you will see “choose the theme”
  2. Select on “dark” from the current theme which is on “Light”
WhatsApp Dark Mode Download App

WhatsApp Dark Mode Download App

Once you can follow the seven steps above, your WhatsApp should change immediately from light mode to dark mode.

Whether you are using WhatsApp for android or you are using WhatsApp for iOS implementing WhatsApp dark mode takes the same activation process as stated above.

The dark mode is mind-blowing as it does not only affects the chats session as both user status and call a session of the WhatsApp are also affected.

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That’s the End

In conclusion, we can vividly say that you can activate the WhatsApp dark mode easily and this post has shown you the steps to go about activating the latest WhatsApp dark mode.

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The updates here are carefully sourced and practically written with a step by step guide to help you activate the dark mode which you have been desiring to activate.

We have done justice to this on Whatsapp dark mode download and app and we have given you the various site to which you can activate WhatsApp dark mode.

The dark mode is a new feature that has been introduced by WhatsApp to make chatting colourful and insightful and in the nutshell, we have made the latest information on WhatsApp app mode for you.

You can also switch back to white mode if you don’t like the WhatsApp dark mode and it only takes the same activation method.

Please works on the latest version only and if your WhatsApp is not updated you may not be able to activate the dark mode with your WhatsApp. You can either update your WhatsApp through google play store or directly with your WhatsApp at the setting session.

If you want to contribute your views to this post, you are free to do that using the comment box below as this post is not limited.

You should also use the comment box to drop your comments on this post-Whatsapp dark mode download and don’t forget to share to social media



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