Moniepoint App Download 2021 – Features, App Download

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Moniepoint App Download 2021

The Moniepoint App Download 2021 is the latest version of the moniepoint app. This app is capable of doing more services than you can ever expect.

It is very possible to use the app to become a moniepoint POS agent, get the machine, upgrade your KYC level and lots more.

Cash transfers, cash withdrawals and every other transaction are also possible carried out with the aid of the application.

This post carries vital information of this app, even the easiest and fastest way of getting it is also in this post.

To enjoy this free for all app, read this post with intense care and don’t miss out on any detail concerning it.

For those who have been wishing to start their own Point of Sale business without stressing themselves, this post is for you as you can now stay at home and order for the app.

The only stress you may get from this app is when you are going to get the machine from the moniepoint office you are being directed to.

Don’t miss out on any detail of this post as all information in this post are very important as far as moniepoint POS is concerned.

Read carefully and ensure to practice all you see in this post in order to become a certified moniepoint agent.

Moniepoint App Download 2021

Moniepoint App Download 2021

Moniepoint App Download 2021

The essence of the moniepoint POS is to make the making and receiving of payments easy.

Payment for goods is possible through your moniepoint account with the aid of the POS terminal on the Moniepoint App Download 2021

Using the moniepoint mobile app, payment of bills, betting and cash withdrawal on the POS is very easy.

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Refunds of transactions is possible using the Moniepoint App Download 2021. All you have to do is to issue a complaint to the moniepoint teams.

This team will contact the customer bank to effect the reversement of the money without them visiting the bank.

In the space of time of about a year, the moniepoint company has grown to be the largest and the best money platform in Nigeria.

The moniepoint gives the fastest and the most secure POS terminal. Their services are problem-free and enjoyable to operate.

Getting the Moniepoint Application

The steps to get the moniepoint application is a very easy one. The benefits one derives from using the app is more better than using the moniepoine platform online.

The following steps will guide you to successfully get the moniepoint application;

  • Go to your Google play store
  • Search for moniepoint application
  • When it comes out you can easily download it from there.

These procedure is a very easy and short one, follow it and enjoy the benefits of the moniepoint application.

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Features of Moniepoint App

The moniepoint application has many features. Most of this features can be seen on the official moniepoint website online.

Nevertheless, the app makes it more easier for the different moniepoint services to be done.

The following are features of the Moniepoint App Download 2021;

Becoming a Moniepoint POS Agent

The moniepoint application can be used to register to be a qualified moniepoint Point of Sale agent.

When you download the application, you can now register to become a full agent before you can access the app to perform any transaction.

The following steps will guide you to register to become a certified agent through the app;

  • Open the app for the first time after downloading it
  • You will see an icon indicating become an agent
  • Click on the icon
  • A registration form will appear on your screen
  • Fill it with the appropriate details
  • Endeavour to use an easily accessible email as notifications will be sent to you through it.
  • After following the above processes, you will receive a notification that your application has been completed.
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Upgrading your Moniepoint KYC Level.

Upgrading your moniepoint Know Your Customer level is a very easy task. This process will enable you to get access to different and better moniepoint services.

Using the moniepoint app you can easily upgrade thie KYC level by following the laid down procedures;

  • First of all, go to your moniepoint dashboard
  • Click on settings to see the level of KYC you are operating on.
  • After that, click on upgrade, you will see different levels of KYC
  • Click on the level you like and the process is complete.

If you can’t do this yourself just get to the moniepoint team to help you process the upgrade.

Getting a Moniepoint POS Machine

This process can be done through the moniepoint official website. Nevertheless, the app does it better as it lessens the stress of going online to perform all your necessary transactions.

Moniepoint App Download 2021

Moniepoint App Download 2021

Note that even if you order for the machine using the app, you will have to go to any moniepoint office you will be directed to get the machine.

The main purpose of going to get the machine from the office is so as to enable them to know their customers.

The steps below will enable you to order for the moniepoint POS machine online;

  • Open the Moniepoint App Download 2021
  • An icon representing get a moniepoint Point of Sale Machine is above
  • Click on it
  • A form will appear on your screen
  • Fill in all the necessary requirement
  • Click on submit
  • The office you will get the machine from will be communicated to you
  • You can now go and get your moniepoint Point of Sale machine.
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The Moniepoint App Download 2021 is an easy process to carry out. Its features are worthwhile and trustworthy.

It is one of the most widely used POS as it has risen to the top of the chart of money companies in Nigeria.

The Moniepoint App Download 2021, steps to download it and its features are in this post.

If you want to be a moniepoint POS agent you can do so by using the app. The app also upgrades your Know Your Customer (KYC) level.

Endeavour to share this information with others as you don’t know who is awaiting this sort of information.

For suggestions and questions concerning this post, drop it in the comment box below.




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