Opay Customer Care Number | Opay Contact Details for Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Kadunna

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Opay Customer Care Number | Opay Contact details

 For all those wishing to contact opay, we have given you a guide on Opay Customer Care Number to know the right number to call and make complaints about any service rendered by opay.

Opay Customer Care Number

Opay Customer Care Number

We have notice that a lots of persons have series of complaints to make but don’t know the right place to direct their complaints to and hence we have written a post to guide you on hoe to contact opay customer service.

With the Opay Customer Care Number, you will be able to report how the service of a rider is and in case you are leveraging on the oride, you can make complaints about opay riders to the right customer care line.

Contacting Uber and bolt had never been an easy one until we wrote a guide on the Uber lagos contact details.

About Opay and Direct Opay Customer Care Number

Opay is a conglomerate of an online platform connecting and offering different services. There are different services rendered by opay and among these services include :

In the above-mentioned services, we have closely noted that lots of Oride customers do have one complaint or the other to make and at such, they wants to contact opay with the  opay address.

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Instead of looking for Opay address, we have written a guide to help you to contact opay via the Opay Customer Care Number.

The cutomer care lines opens for 24 hours and one thing that people don’t know is the right number to call Opay cutomer care.

It is not just about knowing or asking yourself what is opay all about, but it is paramount to know Opay contact details in the case of any emergency or in the case of wanting to report unsatisfied services provided.

The full contact details for Opay is seen below and urge you to make do with it and call 0905 755 9870 for any complaints or report on the services provided by Opay service providers.

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Opay Customer Care Details and Contact details

  1. You will have the direct Opay Customer Care Number to call their customer service which you can make complaints and ask for a certain request.
  2. The post below shows you the direct Opay Contact details for you to use and contact Opay in the case of any agents providing bad and inadequate service.
  3. Opay has been established to be of help to clients and solve their transportation needs to different individuals especially those who are not able to afford the luxurious Uber and other logistics companies.
  4. One of the most easiest way to book for a ride is to use the Opay and in some cases, there are situations where you will have to contact Opay directly either to make complaints or report and unsatisfied service rendered.
  5. You can contact Opay when you have any information or complaints or report by visiting their various offices or you can call them with their customer care line                                         

  Opay Contacts Details for Calls

With the Opay Customer Care Number, you can also contact opay ride through their app if you want a ride but when you want to contact opay for complains we advise that you use the opay contact details for your complaints on the opay app.

Opay Customer Care Number

Opay Customer Care Number

You can download the opay app and order for a ride at any kind of location which you wants.

Presently, opay is with the goal to reach all the states in Nigeria and out of about 36 states, more that 8 states in Nigeria are already using the opay app download for their various trips which they wants.

Currently Opay is doing a kind of promo in most of these states and all those who have not downloaded opay ride app can do that now and enjoy some kind of special discounts available to customers.

Most persons have made several complaints oride opay service and the essence of this is to show you how to complain to the right source if you have any problem with the services of opay.

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Opay Nigeria works basically with the goggle map and in the process of connecting riders to the app, there might several problems and that’s why we have given you this post on how to make the right complaints to the right source concerning what might be bothering.

We have realized that most persons who are looking for various ways to contact opay through their website are unable to contact opay and that;s why you need Opay Customer Care Number to be able to reach out to any opay agents.

Opay website opens 24 hours and you can get findings for your opay wallet when you login to the website or app.

The Opay login details are accessible at the application and you can access the application easily through the opay application.

In some cases you may not be able to contact or deliver any complaints to any opay agent or complain to any Opay promoter.

Opay Lagos Customer Care Number and Offices

You should contact Opay via their contact details and office address and head office in Lagos instead of calling their lines. Opay has several offices in Lagos, but you will have to locate the one closes to you to make any possible complaints.

Mainly Opay has its office in three different locations in Lagos either you can reach them at Ajay or you can also reach them at Ikeja. There is also Opay Office at Ikoyi and Lekki and various plots.

To reach them quickly, please visit the opay lagos office at Plot 8 Dr Nurudeen Olowopopo Way, Agidingbi, Ikeja.

Not only in Lagos, you can also contact Opay with their various Opay Customer Care Number for different states or you can check out the various states locations which they have their offices.

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For Akwa Ibom state and South South, Opay Office is at No. 1 Itaim Street, Uyo and you can contact them anytime you wish for reports.

There are various Opay Offices which you can contact them for complaints in other states and their offices are always open as well.

If you want to contact Opay or visit Opay,  please we do advice that you visit Opay Offices early hours of the morning so you could lay your complaints and you will also be attended to.

There are certain things which you have submitted in the Opay Feedback form that has not been attended to, but with Opay contact details, you can make your case to be known directly and you are sure of getting a positive response.

Other Services Provided by Opay

  • Bank Transfer
  • Betting
  • Opay Electricity
  • Opay Banking
  • Airtime Recharge
  • Data Purchase
  • Ofood
  • Opay Mobile T.V

If you have any question or contribution to make on this post on Opay Customer Care Details and Contact details, please do well to drop your message at the comment box below and we will give you possible feedback regarding Opay.

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  1. Adeleye Rasaq says:

    All efforts to register with the company online proved abortive , kindly help me out.

  2. Voa says:

    Why on earth will you decide to charge 2% on every transfer transactions from my Oride opay wallet to my account number? This is inhumane and disheartning, its a breach of agreement. Riders are complaining bitterly about this, I hope you will not loose my of your riders to your competitors because of this irrational decision. As a matter of urgency, something positive must be done before many riders begin to opt out. Even banks don’t charge 2% to transfer from banks to banks, the worst they charge is #52 regardless the amount and that is when transferring to other banks. Therefore transferring to my bank acct from my opay wallet should not cost me any charges, I think the decision has to be reversed before riders begin to mobilise themselves. They are the heart of this business , so they should not be held to Ransome of collosus charges, to get their hard earned income under the sun and rain. Thanks

  3. Joshua Funmilade says:

    Am Opay agent and I made a bank transfer on the 19th of this month and the person haven’t seen the alert, and its really urgent even the person is causing a real damages here..please what happen to the money

  4. Ojedeji Busoye Ayobami says:

    I am an opay agent I made a gotv subscription yesterday morning into a customers account with transaction ID 191125127130133462 but up till now the money has not reflected in the account which make the account inactive. Please do something now because the customer is at my neck.

  5. Mary christian says:

    Please how do I register as a merchant for o’car on your platform.

  6. Jolu Bamidele says:

    I book an Opay in Ogun State Abeokuta, your Rider call me and told me he can’t come and pick at #70 that the money is too small, which I told him on phone he must come, the man never show up and he Click on the app that he has pick me the most funny part is that they now told me to pay the money he did not render service for I won’t take that you better look for solution into it because I won’t pay..His name is SABIRU SEMIU

  7. OLadunni says:

    Good day, I had a ride with Ocar and I was billed #500 and I paid cash, till now it is still showing that I have not paid, now I cannot load my wallet because I will have to pay for the trip again. Here is the Order ID 73844122, the drivers name is Peter Idoko and his phone number is +234 818 029 3331.
    Please note this is not the first time I am experiencing this I end up double paying. Your customer support Centre is so worse

  8. Success Akeem says:

    Good day please where is your office been located in Abuja

  9. Idowu Saheed Oluwasina says:

    I was picked by the O rider at Kuto Roundabout junction on Thursday 12th of December, 2019 and we arrived at exactly 08:51pm at Osiele. I was charged #364 and I don’t have sufficient money in my account. I now ask someone to help me transfer #1000 into my opay account, which he did and successful in my presence. After five minutes the money was not received. We thought it is network problem. I now ask the rider to help me transfer #50 in order to settle your company in time and for the riderman to be able to received an alert in time as well, which he did successfully and not received.Later on, the rider transfer another #50 which I received immediately. Now, what happened to my #1,050? I even called your customer service, they were just burning my call card for nothing sake.

  10. Gertrude says:

    Pls I ordered for pride I was assigned by Mr ibrahim Yusuf no 08169492987 for over 25 minutes I was calling the guy he avoided my calls didn’t care to call until my phone went off after 35mins.no I was charged for it.And this is not the first I am paying for services not rendered. Pls the riders need to be re – oriented on the services they’re into.it is getting out of hand.

  11. Gertrude says:

    Pls I ordered for oride I was assigned by Mr ibrahim Yusuf no 08169492987 for over 25 minutes I was calling the guy he avoided my calls didn’t care to call until my phone went off after 35mins.no I was charged for it.And this is not the first I am paying for services not rendered. Pls the riders need to be re – oriented on the services they’re into.it is getting out of hand.

  12. okesola kayode says:

    Good evening,I ordered Oride this evening, but the rider didn’t show up and suddenly I’m seeing enrout and later seeing arrived destination on my order asking me to pay, I called the rider he said he couldn’t cancel the order and that is why he did that and there’s nothing he can do about it. The order id is 80030221, his name is Abraham O. Olusegun. Please help me look into it. The man is a fraud

  13. Cordelia Iyalgha says:

    I recharge airtime MTN 200 my number 07032033052 I did receive the airtime.


  14. George Edet Edet says:

    I funded 1 my account 0902128639 of N40,000 since morning but hasn’t reflected on my balance.

    Transaction number 200129067202429556

    Pls kindly assist

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