Opay USSD Code for Transfer, Airtime and Subscription

This is another opportunity for you to get information regarding the newly Opay USSD Code  which is used for transaction.

Please note that it is now time to use the Opay Code for transaction and the code allows you to complete various transactions with Opay and you are able to quickly and easily access the Opay app code.

Opay USSD Code for Transfer,
Opay USSD Code for Transfer,

There are certain code which will help you to com0plete various transaction and the USSD transfer code helps you to do other transaction without using the Opay app.

In most cases, it is often very difficult to use the app for some persons and that’s why opay has introduced its Opay USSD Code. Through this post, you will know and you will learn how to activate Opay transfer code and use the USSD code and without any data any kind of transaction can be completed with Opay.

Within its short time in Nigeria, opay has been able to break into the Nigeria market in satisfy the financial needs of its clients acting as intermediary as a financial institution.

With Opay, there you can make purchase and pay through any either their QR code or you can transfer the funds to another person’s account.

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When the Opay USSD Code, the most important thing that came to play in the mind of the people is the Opay transfer code .

Opay Transfer Code 2019

Please note that the general USSD code for Opay is *955# and within a slight of finger, you can complete any kind of transaction which you want to complete through the USSD code.

This USSD code is not really known as it is very few persons that have gotten the USSD and threw are certain advantage why you need the Opay Code to complete your transactions.

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Opay code allows you to complete any kind of transaction without even putting up your data and you just need to create your Opay Pin and you will be able to complete any kind of transfer which you wish to.

It is very simple for you to complete transactions with the Opay Pin and don’t ask how to create Opay transfer pin but just by dialing 955 you will complete various transaction and you will create your pin.

The Opay ussd code is very simple to be activated and it is very easy to use compare to other services and other bank USSD code.

Just by dialing *955# and selecting the type of transaction which you desire to complete with Opay and awaits your transaction to be completed and cash debited from your Opay Account.

Opay came on board to be that ready financial institution to meet the financial needs of the people and to serve as a payments gateway of the masses.  You dont need the aid of any Opay customer care to proceed with the code

Instead of using Opay online transfer, you can use Opay USSD Code for Transfer to have all transaction done    

Why Opay USSD Code Over Opay App

  • We know that when it comes to different transactions, you can use the Opay App to complete it. You will find the app very easy, but the USSD for Opay is more refining for different transactions.
  • Opay Code does not require data usage, but rather the use of Opay App requires the Use of data you will even need data to download the Opay App
  • Opay App is faster and reliable as you can use for any transaction without any kind of data
  • The Opay USSD Code is suitable for any kind of phone even if it is a bottom phone as you only need your Opay registered phone number to complete transactions.
  • In the case of not having enough airtime, you can use the Opay transfer code for airtime to recharge your line.
  • There is no need to depend on flow of the network as without network you can still complete any kind of transaction which you want to make with Opay.
  • Opay mobile transfer limit with the USSD code is very easy and it’s get straight to the account of the person which you are transacting with.
  • The Opay ussd transfer code help to make transfer very easy  and all transaction made with Opay USSD code does not attract any form of extra money.
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Opay Transfer USSD

This USSD code is similar to other banks USSD code, but with Opay, transaction is fast and reliable and alert /notification is received instantly on your mobile phone.

Like it has always been the nature of Opera Opay to make transaction easy and convenient and that’s why Opay has introduced its new USSD code.

Like we mentioned earlier that different transactions can be completed without the use of android phone or without the use of data.

However, not all transaction can be done with Opay and we there are other transaction that requires the service of internet/Data for easy and convenience transaction.

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What is Opay?

Opay was introduced to Nigeria as a payment gateway or a platform to solve lots of problems of completing your transaction and thus with its USSD code, you can have access to anything kind of transaction which you want to make.

Opay was first introduced as an application and many users had embraced the app and they had taken advantage of the promo offered by the Norway Company.

There are numerous services offered by Opay and earlier to complete your transaction you will be required a data bundle to have access to their platform and Opay  App.

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There are different services offered by Opay and each of this services is easily affordable and payments can be made to the opay Users account and with the use of Opay USSD Code .

The latest of Opay’s service introduced is the Ocar Service that works like bolt and Uber, but offers affordable ride around the town.

Opay offer multiple services which has been listed below

  1. Oride for Bikers
  2. QR codes
  3. Transfer of funds
  4. Request for funds
  5. Airtime Purchase
  6. Dstv and other network subscription
  7. Payments of Nepa Bill
  8. Data purchase for different network
  9. Funding of your account
  10. Betting
  11. Owealth for savings and investment
  12. Opay Loans
  13. OBus for mobility
  14. Otrike
  15. Ocar like Uber
  16. Otrike for tricycle

How to Use Opay USSD Code for Transactions

  1. Dial *955# from any of your phone whose number has been registered with Opay
  2. Follow the prompt instructions which appears on the screen and complete your transaction
  3. Opay code can be used to create an account for users without and Opay account
  4. You can use the Opay App to make airtime purchase anywhere you are without requiring for internet.
  5. In the case of having so much money at hand, you can deposit to your account with the USSD code via the aid of an Opay agents/Shortlist.

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