Dstv Customer Care Number | Dstv Contact Details and Customer care Line

Dstv Customer Care Number |Dstv Contact Details and Customer care Line

Ever wonder how to contact DStV, this guide will show you the Dstv Customer Care Number and the necessary dstv contacts details ad how to contact details and how to contact Dstv and make certain complaints and get certain channels.

Dstv Customer Care Number
Dstv Customer Care Number

Incase you are looking for the correct dstv whatsapp number, you will get all from this post. We have discovered the need to get you informed on how you can get Dstv customer care number south Africa and other African countries and please read this post to the end if you want to know and have the latest Dstv Customer Care Number.

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Having the Dstv contact details is also like having the correct multichoice call centre contact number, because you will have all numbers which you can call Multi Choice and make certain enquiries.

Most persons don’t know that there is actually a right place to call and contact DStv customer care line and we want you to know and have the necessary contact details for DStv.

If you need the correct and approved dstv call center contact number which will enable you to call and contact dstv customer care and make certain complaints which you may want to make.

There are certain dstv packages that needs a comprehensive explanation and you may not get such except you contact DSTv directly and we have written this post to get you inform on Dstv Customer Care Number.

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Whether you want to contact dstv south Africa directly or you want to contact DSTV Nigeria, this post will be of help to you.                                                                

Dstv Call Centre Number

Did you know that with the right contact number for dstv, you can also check the dstv balance check and know how much is left for you.

The multichoice contact number is also used to make inquiries about DStv and the necessary information which applicants needs to get inform on Dstv details and Dstv payment and other necessary information on dstv connect                                                                                             

Please use the necessary dstv contact centre number to call and contact the necessary call center and you will have the necessary contact number.

For those that are badly in need of dstv customer service number, this post will be a guide and you will know Dstv Customer Care Number and call them whenever you wish to do so.

In most cases, most persons will want to use the selfservice.dstv.com to clear e16-4 to have a good and important call and information.

In a bid to have and know how to contact Dstv, we will guide you on how to call and contact DSTV. The Dstv Customer Care Number also helps to complete all any Dstv cancellation.

If you are also one of the a DStv agents and you have issues with Dstv registration with any dstv register via any Dstv contact center.

Instead of going to any dstv contact center, please do well to call and contact dstv with dstv contact number durban       .

You can contact Dstv on multichoice randburg and other information regarding the different kinds of programme.

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You can have the Dstv Customer Care Number for dstv compact plus channels and others and also know some important information on various dstv channels.

If you want an updated information regarding the latest Dstv channels and dstv prices you can also contact DSTV for such information.

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Dstv Guide and Packages

We wrote on the different dstv guide and many of our readers asked us to provide a post which shows the necessary and the different ways to contact   dstv for different packages and subscription.

You can also make a subscription to DSTV family packages.

If you want to know how to check dstv balance you may not need to Dstv Customer Care Number and contact details but you will need to check out DSTV sites and you will know how to check your DSTV balance for various Dstv packages. Please do well to check out the full dstv full package     available.

On this post on Dstv Customer Care Number will achieve its aim when hundreds and thousands of Subscribers are able to contact DstV.

Though with its large customers and users based ranging into thousands, it is only few persons that know how to contact DSTV.

The essence of this post is to help all those who may run into any pressing issue requiring the service of an attendant to rectify such issues on DSTV.

The contact details which includes Dstv Customer Care Number and their precise office location in Nigeria a is here on this post.

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Like we did on Uber Lagos Contcat detials basically, we have updated an address stating only Abuja and Lagos contact details which is necessary.

Here are Lagos and Abuja contact details for DStv:

  1. Abuja Address and Phone number for Dstv : Legion House, Area 3 Garki, Abuja

Call: +2347291/2

  1. Lagos Address and Contact details for Dstv: 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street; Victoria Island, Lagos State. Call : 08039003788, 12703232

Dstv Customer Care Number for different states 2019

  1. Abia State
  2. Adamawa State
  3. Akwa Ibom State
  4. Anambra State
  5. Bauchi State
  6. Bayelsa State
  7. Benue State
  8. Borno State
  9. Cross River
  10. Delta State
  11. Ebonyi State
  12. Edo State
  13. Ekiti State
  14. Enugu State
  15. FCT (Federal Capital Territory)
  16. Gombe State
  17. Imo State
  18. Jigawa State
  19. Kaduna State
  20. Kano State
  21. Katsina State
  22. Kebbi State
  23. Kogi State
  24. Kwara State
  25. Lagos State
  26. Minna State
  27. Nassarawa State
    Niger State
    Ogun State
    Ondo State
    Osun State
    Oyo State
    Plateau State
    Rivers State
    Sokoto State
    Taraba State
    Yobe State
    Zamfara State.

In our post on Uber Abuja Contact detiails, most persons shared their views  and so if you have any question or contribution on this post on Dstv Customer Care Number, please let us know and please don’t forget to share this post to everyone who wants to know the current contact details of DSTV.

In most cases,  users may have certain compliant and might not want to call DSTv directly, then we encourage you to comment using the comment below and state your problem which will be answered quickly and directly.

Do well to share this post on DSTV contact details to all social media platforms.

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