Npower September October Stipend 2019 | Check Out Npower Stipend and Salary

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If you wondered about the Npower September October Stipend 2019 without having a positive response, then you should note that you will get an important guide on Npower stipends.

Npower September October Stipend 2019

Npower September October Stipend 2019

If you are confuse about the npower september stipend 2019, maybe if you were not paid for the month of September, then you need an update regarding the Npower promotional stipends.

If you are part of Npower, that is if you join npower and you are on the Npower monthly payroll, then this post will interest you and you will know the exact npower payment schedule for you.

If you have been receiving updates on Npower, but suddenly you don’t know what’s happening to the Npower September October Stipend 2019, please don’t panic as you are not alone and this post will address such errors regarding the Npower stipends.

Not only that we will address also npower login issues and for you to know the exact Npower login portal.

The Npower portal login allows you to have access to certain information as one of the Npowerf beneficiaries and that is why this post will give you the necessary valid information which you will need to know about Npower September October Stipend 2019.

Npower September October Stipend 2019 Updates

The Nigerian empowerment scheme has over the years been paying most of its beneficiaries but recently, the system has now start witnessing some problems whne it comes to payment of stipends and we want you to give you the needed updates and guide towards having your stipends.

If you are not among the august and September payroll and you have not receive any notification regarding the 2019 September and October stipends, then we have compiled this post to get you the necessary information and guidelines when it comes to the Npower payments.

Most persons have searched for information from Npower facebook and how to connect with the Honorable special adviser to president Buhari on Job creation to get clarification regarding the September stipends.

We want you to check out for your mail and also check out for updates regarding the 2019 Npower scheme of the federal Government.

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Please not for all those that have not received their September and October stipends, you may likely receive the full stipends on November.

Please note that the Nigerian Empowerment scheme for young graduate seeks to pay all those that have to receive their money and this will be done remarkably.

Please do well to check the Npower site for Monthly updates regarding the Npower September October Stipend 2019.

Schemes Affected

The following schemes and categories have been affected on the September/October payroll of Npower and if you are among the following scheme and category please expect your salary soon

If you had register for Npower in any of the above mentioned category and you have not received your payments yet, please note that Npower salary will be paid in full to all beneficiaries of the scheme.

Npower Failed Notification and Salary Updates

In most cases, you may not have received notification or you are having a problem with the notification when you login to your dashboard. Please note that this is a general problem and will be resolved very soon.

Most of the beneficiaries were asked to login to their notification and images about the empowerment scheme.

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If you have not been receiving notifications and necessary information on your mail, please do well to drop your mail at the comment box below and you will be attended and you may start receiving Npower notifications.

Via this post you will get the updated guide on Npower September October Stipend 2019 and know why you have not yet receive your stipends.

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We earlier informed you that federal Governments had suspended the payment of Nap to all beneficiaries and thus we will let you know how to access and have scheme to the social intervention scheme.

The who essence of this post is to give you the adequate knowledge on how you can check your stipends for Power for September and October

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria had once made a promise to increase the stipends received by beneficiaries of the scheme and this increase might likely cause the delay in payments of stipends due for the month of September.

The special adviser to the presidents through his twitter handle and facebook page has urge  all beneficiaries to exercise a little patients and continue to be committed in executing their duties as the monthly stipends will be full paid.

What Must be Done to Receive Npower Stipends?

  • Beneficiaries are advice to update their banking details which they use in receiving their payments as this will help to eradicate and fish out certain wrong deeds in the system.
  • Receive and updates certain information as seen in the notification page for Npower.
  • Always get notification from NPVN sites and remember to login in for important updates
  • Certain instructions to be carried out are written clearly on the notification page of the dashboard and at such we will consider that you follow such instructions dearly.
  • If you have not received your payment, you are advice to stick further as the money will be paid in full.

When will Federal Government pays Npower September October Stipend 2019

Please if you are beneficiaries of the Npower recruitment  please do well to note that the federal Government will pay all its beneficiaries soon and all debts will be cleared.

If you really want to know when the Federal Government will pay the correct stipends, you can connect with the Npower working team or connect with the Senior Special adviser to the president on job creation and ask the question when Npower September October Stipend 2019 will be paid.

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You should login into your portal and click on payments status to check your payments status. The right site to login is

Like we instructed on kiakia bank app, Please note that you are not to disclose your banking details to any third party with the claims to help fix up your npower payment issues as it may turn out to be fraud.

Do not disclose your login details as well to any trusted individual and report any kind of fraud to the law enforcement agencies.

Npower Stipends Contact Details


E Mail address:

Tell number: 09060000446

If you have any question or contribution on this post on Npower September October Stipend 2019, please do well to drop it and let us know by using the comment box below.

We always reday to respond to complaints and other pressing issues related Npower therefore; feel free to ask us any questions through the comment box below.

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