Bolt Customer Care Line in Nigeria | Bolt Office in Lagos, Abuja Port Harcourt, Bolt Customer care line

If you are just asking about Bolt Customer Care Line, through this post we will give you an update on how to contact bolt easily.

It has been a concern of so many persons to contact bolt through its customer care line and hence the need to updates you on this post so that you will know taxify lagos customer care number.

We are aware that lots of bolt users want to contact Bolt through the customer care line and in most cases, there are different office areas of Bolt in Abuja, Lagos as well as as other places which you can contact bolt.

Bolt Customer Care Line in Nigeria
Bolt Customer Care Line in Nigeria

We saw the need to let you know the different ways and the right place to make your complaints to and of course. You will love an updates on bolt Customer Care Line so as to reach them in their office any time you want to reach them.

As we saw the Opay Customer care Line, We have since the need to let you know the different ways to get to contact Bolt and we therefore have written this post for you.

The step by step guide which you are required for you to have bolt contact details is henceforth seen her and hence we want you to get updates on how to easily call through bolt and contact their offices        

Taxify Bolt Customer Care Line and Number

Taxify and bolt is almost the same brand name until taxify was recently change to bolt. The best thing is for you to know and have the updates to contact bolt through their phone number and hence tour post on Bolt Customer Care Line.

By checking below this post, all bolt lines for their offices nationwide are unveiled her which makes it very easy.

Our goal is to help Bolt customer care to connect with bolt it elf through an updated customer care line made here in this post.

People still prefere to look for taxify customer care number Nigeria without knowing that Taxify was recently rebranded to Bolt.

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There is a serious completion between Opay and Bolt current and in most cases, bot competitors wants to offer the best service to its customer.

It is a bad omen when the customers of a particular business cannot reach the managements of such business and they may not be able to get fed with information as it happens and information regarding heir performance in the market.

We therefore saw the need to give you the information and the required guide for which you will contact bolt and offer your complaints.

Boilt service in most cases is not always a friendly one and users in most cases cannot complain or give out information on the app.

Bolt Customer Care Offices in Nigeria

Not just knowing the Bolt Customer Care Line, but there are some situations which will require customers itself making complaints of the poor service through the app that we have made here.

There is no need to complaint about poor service on phone when you can easily walk into any of the Bolt offices nationwide and complain about the poor services rendered in as much as yu want to do just that, you will only be able to do it when you have serious issues to make complaints about.

Just look at the bolt login which has Bolt Customer Care Line and you can just call into the Bolt office and let them know your issues should in case you have minor issues that you may not have contact bolt.

Bolt Nigeria customer care is always ready to respond to your problem and give solution to  any kind of complaints that which you should download.

Bolt has offered several services and it has recently launched a tricycle service in Nigeria for all tricycle users.

We will let you know the bolt port Harcourt number as well as other bolt customer number for you to just contact bolt easily.

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Was a bolt driver hash to you?

Then do not hesitate to use the phone numbers which we will therefore provide her to make your complaints and give the customer care service bolt numbers.

For Bolt Customer Care Line number in Nigeria, you will only be able to contact at their head office which is No. 63 Razak Balogun Street if only you are going for trainings.

But for those that have complaints to make on certain things, then you should call on their office lines at Plot 9 Gabriel Olusaya Street off QMB builders Mart Road  and your complaints  can be made there for those that reside in Lagos.

However, the above address favors those in Lagos, but this does not mean that those in Ogun and other neighboring city cannot visit Bolt and make their complaints in the Lagos Office.

Bolt Office Opens from 9am to 3pm but her Bolt Customer Care Line remains only to receive any complaints or to answer questions.

We don’t really know Bolt Customer Care Line but for now you can drop your complaints via the comment below and we will immediately send your complaints to bolt and youe will be contacted personally.

For a mean time you can still Contact Bolt through their mail at [email protected]

How to Complain on Bolt By Commenting on Our Website

  1. Check Out to see our comment box below in this post and simply drop your comment below stating your complaints.
  2. Include the phone number of the driver if you are complaining about a driver then you will just have to include the driver’s name and phone number.
  3. You should save comment and you will get response from the Bolt team
  4. Remember to drop your email and phone number still via the comment box.
  5.  Bolt may Call you with its For Bolt Customer Care Line number if your complain is serious and need immediate treatment.

Bolt Port Harcourt Phone Number

In most cases, the city which have most issues with customer of bolt is Port Harcourt and from our search Icon it is usually the Bolt port Harcourt that has been the major headache for Bolt Nigeria.

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The bolt customer care number for Port Harcourt is seen right here on the Bolt app and The rivers sate office is always open 24 hours to receive complaints.

You can only send bolt a message via their mail and by so doing you get attention from Bolt formerly known as taxify. There is a serious competition between Opay download App and Bolt App

About Bolt Nigeria

Bolt is an application developed to help users locate and contact cab and vehicle services across Nigeria. Bolt has a private driving service as well as the service of electric scooter and food deliveries and this is mostly done not in Nigeria.

Bolt is an international country and according to our sources, Wikipedia, we realized that Bolt have it services I about 36 countries and most of this countries are African Countries.

Apparently Bolt Operates across the 7 continents in the world and each Country has its distinct service according to how it will fit well to the country.

This app is not a Nigerian App as it as developed by a young 19 year old boy with a major aim of providing better and quality mobility services across Nigeria.

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It first started as Taxify in London before the company rebranded to Bolt and this rebranding cause a major change in their services.

The major source of funding and financing for Bolt is through direct partnership with investors across different countries of the world.

They are renowned investors who invested in this company ad Bolt has grown beyond wild imaginations.

For Bolt Customer Care Line number in foreign countries is different from other customer care line in Nigeria.

Let us know if you have any question or contribution you wish to make on this post on Bolt Customer Care Line In Nigeria and drop it via the comment box below and please share.

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  1. I added my card for payment and I was debited 2300 naira extra. 100 Naira was debited four times and then 1900. That is asides the payment of the two trips I went on

  2. My report is as regards Mr Adefala, with phone number- 09074748375, although the number did not go through when I tried calling him, he called me with phone number-07033142730.
    He intentionally took me the wrong route just to increase my fare. Also, when he eventually arrived at my destination and I asked about the fare because my app had delays in coming on, he hiked it to #700 instead of #500 which was eventually displayed on my app. He is generally not a honest driver and caused me so much trouble.

  3. I added a new card on your bolt app and 100 naira was deducted from my account and another 1900 this isn’t for the trip i made.pls why did you deduct 2000 naira from my account?

  4. I added my card for payment for bolt on Sunday 29 march,2020. Then ordered for a trip which cost #500 and ordered another which cost #400 total #900 but debited #1300 from my I’m requesting for my #400 to be credited back to my account. Thanks

  5. I am disappointed with the way bolt company is operating this days, I I was attacked in the airport twice which I called the attention of bolt they answered my call but there was no action on the situation which I tried to resolved the situation my self even to extend of the case been in the Port Harcourt airport police command for like a month before it could be resolved and now again, am have difficulties which I tried to call on the attention of bolt customers care but the is not responding. I own a debut of #3710 which i paid 10k to bolt zenith account since yesterday for them to unblock my cash ride but to my surprise , they have not unblock me till now . I am advising u people to step up ur an action to peoples difficulties when ever they need the company help

    • We are sincerely sorry for the incoveniences we will look into it and please chacek because we have unblocked your account now

    • Good afternoon Bolt. Am a driver and my account was blocked today 20th April, 2021. I was asked to go for online retraining and I’ve not seen any link. Pls, kindly update me. Thanks

  6. Hello,

    Good afternoon,

    Pls, i don’t understand how the cost of my trip from Iju to Alamu, Idi oro is #4,600.

    More than Times 2 of the cost i saw when i placed the order for the ride.

    Secondly, the trip i was charged #400 for, i didn’t embark on it, i had to cancel cos driver said he can’t go my way & that he can’t cancel the trip cos it will reduce his points.

    Find attached below

    Pls review .

    Driver’s name for #4,600 trip : Babatunde 07010763505

    Driver’s name for #400 charge that he told me to camcel trip : Kamaldeen

    Slim Vee : 08177080032

  7. i registered as a bolt driver and was given an online test which i did not finish the process i was log out and i was not given any password nor username to enable me log in again now i want to log in and continue the process how can i get back to the page which i was on

  8. Good morning please I transferred money to Mr ogunbayode victor olatunde after a ride on December 25th I was debited twice due to network issues i
    He is supposed to refund 2000# to me and he has refused to do so up till now please he has to refund my money this is his phone number (08027775831,08063394912)

  9. Hi Bolt – Priscilla,

    I am Driver and yet to be credited with my weekly allowance for the last week.

    Can you i have your email/number for further discussion and assistance PLEASE.

    Thank you.


  10. Bolt driver with name: Basil No: 0808 362 3350 carried me down to rukpokwu I did a transfer f 2,100 to him due to network I had to try again and he received the money twice and he doesn’t want to refund my money his asking me to meet him up …please bolt I need basil to refund my 2,100 back this is my number

  11. Good evening. How do I book for a ride without necessarily using the App, like just calling a number. I’m Based in PH

  12. I paid the driver for my trip from Eko Hotel to surulere, #2000 + tip. My account was debited for 2000 Naira, after paying the driver with cash. Please refund my money. Thanks

  13. I took your ride yesterday 18th May 2021 from IOremeji st in Ikeja acid to the island with code no OGUNDIPEFKH receieipt no is 1903413895384658 . I was on promo and the total cost was N2500. My app is.linked to my card. At the end of the trip the driver Mr. Paul by name showed me the cost of the ride and demanded to be paid cash because I forgot that my account is linked to the app I paid him another cash of N2500. By the time I got home.i received an alert and receipt on my email fir another payment of N1900 for same ride. Kindly pls look into the matter and make a refund of N2500 paid to the driver. Thank you.

  14. I want to give my car out to bolt Portharcourt. Wat are d requirements and the terms of contract?How much is given to the owner at the end of the month?

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