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In Nigeria, different money-making companies have been established and more are still yet to come. Among this many money-making companies is the Opay service.

Opay is a seven star rated money agent that has successfully established itself very firmly in Nigeria.

There are many different forms of Opay services in Nigeria which we will be looking at as we go on.

Opay has services in almost all the different means of quick money. They have made themselves wings to fly above the troubles other business enterprises face while trying to establish themselves.

This post will enlighten you on the different services Opay have brought to Nigeria. The easiest means of accessing them are also here.

Despite the fact that Opay has established themselves, some other money agents are trying to stand a chance with them.

Despite all these challenges, Opay is still one of the most dominate money agents in Nigeria.

To know more about the different Opay services, read more of this post. Don’t miss any detail as all information in this post is very important key facts about the different Opay services.

The different Opay offices are also available in this post. You will get to know where to easily get Opay services from.

In this post, we will be concentrating on the different Opay offices in Lagos and where you can get their services if you happen to find yourself in any part of Lagos.

The Opay Offices in Lagos are termed the largest based on the considerable large amount of people living there.

In order for Opay to gain higher grounds, they have to pitch their tents there. By this, they have a step higher than any competitor of theirs.



Opay and the Nigeria Market

In the Nigerian market, Opay has successfully established itself. It has raised the bar in the money market that no other money agent has reached.

The Nigerian market has found the Opay services very interesting as it can be said that Opay has found favour in the sight of most Nigerians.

Their different services and their medium of payment of services is very unique as one can easily get them and also pay for them without wasting of time or stressing of the body at any given point in time.

Opay being one of the most stable money agents in Nigeria has succeeded in developing itself in the Nigerian market.

The Opay services are very unique and very exciting to use as their services are cheap and can be afforded by any Nigerian who wishes to get it.

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Opay Services in Nigeria – Opay Offices in Lagos

In Nigeria, one can see different Opay services around his/her environment. This services ranges from the Point Of Sale (POS) to the ORide, and many more.

Many as seen Opay as a company which has come to make life easy for Nigerians. They have succeeded in making the aspects of Nigerian services that were difficult to perform very easy with their services.

The Opay services can be said to be unlimited as they bring out new services when one thinks that they are done providing services.

Opay with their unlimited services has bought the Nigerian market to themselves as no one can stand a solid chance with them when services rendered are being talked about.

Opay is also a company that has employed many Nigerians thereby reducing the number of unemployed people in this country.

They can be referred to as a poverty alleviator. The first time Opay came out I thought that they were going to just come and go as every other service do but they have really surprised me to be stable up till this very moment.

In this section of this post, we will enlighten you of the different Opay services and how they can be easily accessed. Some of these services are ones that you don’t even know about.

This post will let you know them so as to enable you to start using the services.

Below are details of the different Opay services.

Opay Office in Ikeja Lagos and Opay POS



As earlier stated, the Opay POS service is the most eligible and easily accessible service in the country as at now.

Their services can be referred to as being perfect as they do not give customers any stress. An Opay money agent also makes sure that transactions done with the aid of their machines are smoothly completed.

They do not leave any stone unturned until their customers have successfully finished their transactions.

Opay is known to always put a smile on their customers face. This act has succeeded in taking them to higher ground over all other POS services.

The Opay POS app and machine is designed in a manner in which customers will not be stressed while using it.

It also makes sure that customers who do transactions which either their app or their machine do not experience any means of fraudulent practices.

Opay Agents in Lagos and Surulere

Becoming an Opay agent is a very easy task. The task is even easier than before as Opay has surprised many by designing an app just for this service.

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The app does every sort of financial transaction services anywhere in the country. These services ranging from cash withdrawals, Bank Transfers and every other cash transaction.

The payment of bills is also done in this newly created Opay agent app. Daily updates are also given to agents who have registered themselves using the app.

To get access to use this Opay agent app, you have to register as a full Opay agent. This registration can also be done using the app.

To register using this app, you have to first download the app. The downloading aspect is very easy as you can just check for the latest version of the Opay app and download it from the Google play store.

When you get the app, you can access it but if you want to use their services you have to register with the app.

To register to be an Opay agent, you will follow the laid down procedures that you will be shown in the Opay agent app.

In order to get easy access to all Opay services, become an agent instantly with the help of the Opay agent app.




ORide is the first-ever services that Opay came to give their service inform of. This service was in the form of tricycle transportation means popularly known as Keke.

This means bringing forth the undisputed era of the Opay reign as it is now established in every part of the country.

The Oride lasted for a long period of time as it was later transferred to even motorcycles. Although the Oride stopped in Keke it was still going on in states that had motorcycles.

One of these stats was the Lagos state. The Oride continued until the motorcycle was banned from being used in Lagos.

Ofood Services



Ofood is an Opay service that delivers food to registered Opay customers. This service is one of Opay’s best service as everyone likes food and will do anything to get it without stressing themselves.

To get this service, download the Opay app from the Google play store. After downloading it, open the app. On top of the app are several icons which represent the different Opay services.

Look for the icon that bears the tag Ofood. When you see it, click on it and follow the laid down procedures to access the Ofood service.

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Opay  Offices in Lagos

Opay has offices in every part of the country as their fame has spread near and wide. The main home of the Opay services can be said to be Lagos.

Many may wonder why but this is because Lagos which is seen as the state with the largest population in Nigeria.

In this Opay Offices in Lagos, one can get the Opay Point Of Sale machine very easily. All you have to do is to locate their nearest office to you and apply for the Point of Sale (POS) machine.

To apply for the Opay POS machine in their office, you will have to go there in person after which you will be given directives on how to go about it.

In case, you live in an area where the Opay office is far from you, online services are available.

To get the Point of Sale machine through Opay online service, download the Opay app and register as a full agent. You can call the Opay Customer care number for more information.

After registering, at the top of the app you will see an icon which indicates the getting of the POS machine online.

Apply there to get the machine. Note that the machine will be gotten from the POS office and not through the delivery process.

This article has successfully brought to your notice the wonders of the Opay services. Its app and all the goodies it has given to the great country of Nigeria.

Opay Offices in Lagos can also be found here.

Share this message with loved ones and so that they can also enjoy the benefits of the Opay services.

For questions and suggestions, drop a comment in the comment box below.



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