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Giving information on KDF SALARY 2019/2020 Structure is important and will help you to know the actual and amount for Kenya Defence force.

The full KDF salary structure is review on this post and you will know the correct price for kdf monthly salary. The Kenya Defence force salary structure depends on the group and stage which you are. Whether you are working with different groups and sector, we have given you a review on the right amount if salary paid by the Kenya Defence force.

KDF SALARY 2019/2020 Structure

KDF SALARY 2019/2020 Structure

Just like the Nigerian Army, salary structure, we have given you a review for you to know that the kdf specialist salary  is different from that of tradesmen and the review is given in our post on the actual salary structure for Kenya Defence force.

The salary structure for Kenya Defence Force has been reviewed and with a rapt attention, you will know the actual price paid by the Kenya Defence Force and we will state the entire salary for Kenya Defense Force.

The entire post contains information on kdf salary structure 2018 starting from the least position and we have also made an attempt to review the actual kdf pay rise 2019/2020 to know if they have been a review in the price of salary structure.

Having and know the full kdf soldiers pay rise 2019/2020 is important and you will know the differences between kdf specialist officers salary and salary structure for just ordinary staff.

The whole essence of this is to let you to that you can check and know the amount paid by the managements and authority of the Kenya Defence Force.

kdf Salary Increment 2019

Just like there was a review in the kenya navy salary 2018, the salary structure for Kenya Defence Force has been stated and a review has been made for you to know the actual salary scale for  Kenya Defence Force.

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The entire salary scale for Kenya defence force for 2019 has been review and we have seen that there is not too much differences between the two on salary structure.

Please if you are not inform, please take note that in the KDF SALARY 2019/2020 Structure , there have been changes in the salary and that’s why there is an update on the recent salary structure of the Kenya Defence Force 2019.

The KDF SALARY 2019/2020 Structure is written for everyone and we can check them on this post by allowing you to follow the simple guide that we have stated here.

Also note that the kdf salary scale 2019 is not the same as any other parasternal and thus the need to provide you with the updated salary for the Kenya Defence Force.

kdf salary 2019  Which you have seen in this post is written based on the Salary increment and the new salary schedule that we have stated for all those who need the knowledge of the new salary structure.

Please don’t mistake the kdf salary 2018 2019 with the current KDF SALARY 2019/2020 Structure as there are so many differences in the salary structure.

kdf Salary Review 2019

  1. The entire post has been written and it will serve as a guide for those who need to know all the full kdf specialist officers’ salaries and other tradesmen salary structure.
  2. What people mostly want to know is the full specialist officers salary and we have provided a review on the full salary structure by the Kenya Defence Force.
  3. Just know that in the 2019 salary review, the kdf specialist officers ranks was used as a bases or rating in the new KDF SALARY 2019/2020 Structure.
  4. The new salary scale also allows kdf specialist officers training to be paid which was not like that initially. Please follow this post and know the kdf structure as well as their kenya air force salary per month.
  5. A breakdown has been made below with the full salary scale according to the various ranks
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How Much is KDF Salary 2019/20

We know that so many questions has arisen regarding the full salary structure of the Kenya Defence force, stating the full salary paid to the entire officers of the Kenya Defence Force.

Not only will we give you the full salary structure for Kenya, but through this post we will give you the right information regarding the ranks for each of those corps.

The salary structure for the Kenya Defence Force is shown in this post and the knowledge and guidelines for you to know how you can access the full salary structure for the Kenya Defence forces.

There are certai9n requirements need to0 get to a particular rank in the Kenya Defence force and we have thought it wise to give you the necessary information regarding the Kenya Army Ranks and their salary scale.

The salary for Defence Forces also depends on the particular age which one join the army. There is certain role play by those who are among the highly ranked in Kenya Army.

Please follow this post to the end on Keny Defence Forces according to its administration too.

Kenya Defence Force Ranks 2019/2020 and KDF SALARY 2019/2020 Structure

  • General
  • Major General
  • Brigadier
  • Colonel
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Second Lieutenant
  • Officer Cadet
  • Warrant Officer I
  • Warrant Officer Ii
  • Senior Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Private

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Full Salary Structure for KDF 2019

S/NRanksSalary in Ksh
2Private19,941 to  30,000 Ksh
3Lance Coporal32, 250 to Ksh 70,000
4Corporals73,182 to Ksh 110,00
5CaptainsK sh 73,182 to Ksh 110,000.
6Majors102,106 to Ksh 150,000.
7Lt. Colonels130,735 to Ksh 180,000.
8Colonels153,317 to Ksh 300,000.
9Lieutenant Generals632,984 to Ksh 800,000.
10Chief of Defence Forces894,897 to Ksh 1M.
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Unlike other governments, the Kenya Government pays and treats those working with the Nigerian Defence excellent well and through this and for all those that applied to work with the Kenya Defence Force recruitment, you should know that it is one strong decision which you have made.

Please also take note of the fact that those working with the Kenya Defence Force are highly paid among other government recruitments.

Though it is a tough task but the governments encourage all new intakes by placing them on payroll once their names are in the list of shortlisted candidates.

If you are interested in the job offer to work with the Kenya Defence Force, please get full information regarding the recruitment exercise when you book mark this page for information regarding KDF SALARY 2019/2020 Structure.

If you have any question or any contribution on this post, please ensure that you have left it at the comment box below.

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