Nigerian Army Salary Structure and Ranks Updated | Salary Structure of the Nigerian Army

This post is written to treat the various Nigerian Army Salary Structure and Ranks which is very important because there is need for you to be updated about the different ranks and salary structure of the Nigerian Army.

This article is very important to everyone in the Nigeria Army especially those who have just bought the recruitment form. This will help them to have a vivid idea of the nigerian army salary structure ranking all this information with ranks in the Nigerian Army Salary Structure and Ranks

Nigerian Army Salary Structure

Nigerian Army Salary Structure

nigerian army from lowest to highest. We have not just written on the Nigerian Army ranks, but we have also written on the salary structure of nigerian Army.

Our post on nigerian airforce salary structure attracted many persons which intrigued the comment asking on to write on the various Nigerian Army Salary Structure and Ranks and to answer the yearnings of the General public, we decided to create a post on this to address and yield to the information required by the society.

Soon, we will also create a post on the nigerian police salary as well as a comprehensive information on the civil defence salary structure and it is very important that you  bookmark this site and visit it occasionally to get the detailed information on the above post.

We have specifically dwell on the office of the lieutenant dwelling significantly on the salary of a 2nd lieutenant in nigerian army as well as benefits of a second lieutenant in the nigerian army all in this post.  Some of this salary structure are not only grouped on their different ranks but also on the various departments in nigerian army without losing the main point which this post is that is the nigerian army ranks and their salaries.

You can also see various ranks in the Nigerian Army and compare it with the various ranks in the nigerian airforce as well as comparing it with the ranks in the nigerian navy. The whole essence of this post is to provide you with the updated information on the Nigerian Army and the nigerian army ranks pdf.

Nigerian Army Ranks and Symbol

There are various ranks and symbols associated with the Nigverian Army and it is very important that you know and understand it very well. Though going through the nigerian military ranking in the world, and having realized that the Nigerian Army has a good ranking internationally, we decided to provide and updated information on the nigerian army rank structure and symbols.

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We have also segmented the post which will not only be on the Nigerian Army Salary structure, but also nigerian army monthly salary structure.

Our post on the nigerian army ranks and salary has been sourced from a reliable updates of the Nigerian Army which gives you all the detailed information about the Nigerian Army specifically on nigerian army salary structure and also the nigerian army ranks lowest to highest and this will be clearly written out for you to have a clear information on the Nigerian Army Salary Structure.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Commissioned Officers

This are the different salary structure of the Nigerian Army only for the commissioned officers commissioned officers are those officers who joined the Nigerian army not at the recruit level and they earn higher than the non-commissioned officers.

Ranks Salary
Second Lieutenant-N120,000
Lt. ColonelN350,000
Brigadier GeneralN750,000
Major GeneralN950,000
Lt. GeneralN1 million
GeneralN1.5 million

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Noncommissioned Officer

Below are the various salary structure for noncommissioned officer of the Nigeria Army which we segment on this post Nigerian Army Salary Structure and Ranks. The tabular form shows the various salary structures for different positions in the Nigerian Army

Ranks Salary
Staff SergeantN68,000
Warrant OfficerN80,000
Master Warrant OfficerN90,000
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These are the current salary of Nigerian soldiers. What is your take on the new Nigerian Army Salary 2017/18? It would be worthy to note that these salaries are excluding allowances and bonuses.

The above table is part of the Nigerian Army Salary Structure and Ranks and it shows clearly the current salary structure for both the commissioned officers and noncommissioned officers of the Nigerian Army. This update was recently released this year by the Nigeian Arm Forces showing the salaries of its soldier.

It should be noted that the above salaries of the Nigerian army has excluded allowances and other incentives obtained by the soldiers.

There is also a new scheme by the Nigerian Army which adds bonuses and additional salary to soldiers fighting Boko Haram in the North and this we will reveal to you in this post.

Those who are involve in the fight against insurgency Boko haram, earns roughly N60,000 (Sixty thousand naira) monthly in addition to their salary but our recent findings have revealed that the salary of the Nigerian Army Soldiers fighting Boko Haram earn about N45,000 in addition to their salary and they also have a feeding allowance of N500 which runs daily.

Different Ranks of the Nigerian Army

Commissioned Officers

  1. Field Marshal (5 Star General and the highest rank In the Nigerian Army)
  2. General (4 Star General)
  3. Lieutenant General (3 Star General)
  4. Major General (2 Star General)
  5. Brigadier General (1 Star General)
  6. Colonel
  7. Lieutenant Colonel
  8. Major
  9. Captain
  10. Lieutenant
  11. Second Lieutenant

Non Commissioned Officers

  1. Warrant Officer Class I
  2. Warrant Officer Class II
  3. Staff Sergeant
  4. Sergeant
  5. Corporal
  6. Lance-Corporal
  7. Private
  8. Recruit

Facts About the Nigerian Army

Though the was a time the Nigerian Army had stood to be one of the strongest in Africa but not now. The Nigerian army has fully participated in numerous peace keeping and combat operations for which they do emerge successfully in each mission. The army has participated actively the peace keeping mission to Liberia and that is why the ECOMOG established in 1990 is filed with the Nigerian Army

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Over the years, Nigeria through the Nigerian army has been of help in rendering expertise services in the mobilization, the deployment and sustaining brigade-size forces in order to be of a great help and to support peace keeping missions example the peace keeping missions of countries like the former Yugoslavia, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Angola. Through ECOMOG established the ECOWAS.

Nigeria participated actively in the civil war of countries like Liberia to put an end to the civil war of 1990, 1997 and 2003 which was stopped as a result of the Nigerian Army participation by sending Charles Taylor to exile.

The army participated in the African Union movement in Dafur, Sudan in 2004. In 2013, Nigeria deployed its army to Mali as part of her contribution towards the African International Support Mission

This post is written to inform you about the  Nigerian Army Salary Structure and Ranks which is a major information.

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