Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary : Official and Full NRC Salary Structure

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The Nigerian railway is no doubt one of the oldest industries and hence the Nigerian System offers the Nigerian Railway Corporation and being that the railway industry is one of the most refereed industry in Nigeria, we have written on Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary.

The 2020 Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary has been updated as the current salary is no longer the same paid to workers.

We have given you here in this post the updated salary structure of the Nigerian Railway Corporation one of the most reffe4ed industry in Nigeria.

Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary

Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary

Please don’t confuse the Nigerian Aviation to the Nigerian Railway being the Nigerian Railway offers the best of it service with through the 2020 salary structure. We also wrote an update on the Nigerian army recruitment salary structure

We have seen and we have now written to get you the approved salary structure of the Nigerian Railway.

About the Nigerian Railway

The Nigerian railway service is one of the most preferred industry and the current one of the federal Government industry and here is the 2020 Nigerian railway salary structure according to the latest updates that we have received here in our post.

Nigerian Railway started as early as 1912 when the first Lagos railway was commissioned and for this purpose, soon after this, the British Colonial Government of 1912 established another railway corporation in Kano and this establishment.

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The above nationwide and railway started as a result  of the amendment of the act of parliaments in 1955 and this establishment was necessary then as there was no alternative means of transportation for those going on a long distance.

After independence, the Nigeria railway corporation adopted the Nigerian railway as a primary means of transportation and there was need to establish more railways after independence and each head of government came up with the establishment of its own railway station in the Country.

There had been growth and concern by railway operators who saw the need to expand to other routes in other regions and this led to establishment of railway in Port Harcourt and other places like Enugu railway station.

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In 2012, there was a reverberation of the railway station by the Goodluck Jonathan administration and this reverberation brought about concentration on railway and not only that, official Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary was reviewed.

Organogram of Nigerian Railway Corporation and Structure

What you should know is that the Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary is based on the Organizational structure or organogram of the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

We will do justice by giving the latest Organogram of Nigerian Railway Corporation and the salary for each of this structure in the Nigerian Railway corporation.

Each person has a vital role to play and like most Nigerian Parastatals salary structure, the Nigerian Railway pays its staff according the several roles and duties which they perform as the render selfless services to Nigerians.

On this, we will categories this Organogram according to the departments in The Nigerian railway and thus these are the various departments of the Nigeria railway Service Authority.

  • Administrative and Human resource departments
  • Civil and other New lines
  • Corporate planning department
  • Corporation secretariat/Legal Secretary
  • Accounts and Finance Unit of NRC
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary For Procurement Unit
  • Operation and Commercial Unit
  • Public Relations departments
  • Mechanical and Electrical Unit which also includes the maintenance Units
  • Telecoms and Signal Unit

The above is arranging according to the departments and which you can also called the Organogram of the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

We have written a post here and you will have information on the Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary according the above mentioned departments and units of the NRC.

Nigerian Railway Recruitment

The Nigerian railway recruitment was last conducted on February 2020 and this recruitment had invited all qualified candidates to apply through the application portal.

Mostly the two vital positions that were among the reviewed salary structure for the Nigeria Railway Corporation.

The recruitment exercise conducted for the admin position and the human resource position when checked on the Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary has a good amount of money as the basic salary.

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We cannot tell when next the Nigerian Railway Corporation will be conducting another nationwide recruitment, but what is paramount is that all workers of the Nigerian Railway Corporation are paid a good amount as the approved salary.

If you had met the required and the stated details stated for the Nigerian Railway Corporation, you can therefore apply for this recruitment which is up for Undergraduates positions.

The Following positions need staffs for NRC for the February 2020 recruitment and candidate’s Should apply online for the position of:

  1. Assistant Technical Officer for GL 06 as a permanent staff.
  2. Senior Nursing Superintendent
  3. Confidential Secretary for GL 07
  4. Executive officer for GL 07
  5. Pupil Internal Auditor

Application forms are available online for different positions above and ensure that you have applied according the requirements stated.

Complete Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary

The salary structure which is here on this post is based on the approved and the estimated salary according the level of education al qualification.

Grade level of which a particular person is dependent on a particular salary structure and professionals too have a separate salary pay based on their expertise and professionalism.

In most cases, the Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary for workers also depends on the years of working with the parastatals .

We have updated this post to let you know the 2020 salary of the Nigerian Railway corporation based on the new salary for both new staff and old staff.

Like most Federal civil service jobs, the pay is based on the various departments found above an we have not categorically tell you the exact amount for each departments, but you will see the salary below based

Here is the Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary 2020

  • For Secondary School Leaver, such workers will earn up to N20,000 everyone
  • for professional and skill workers, such as professionals, such person receives up to N350,000
  • Directors of the Nigerian Railway Corporation earns a total of N350,000
  • The Nigerian Railway as of the publication of this post is yet to implement the newly approved minimum wage and at such the minimum salary here remains N20,000 for those without qualification.
  • If a professional skill and technocrat remains long in service such skilled person may grow to earn N450,000 to N500,000 thousand depending on the Grade Level.
  • Workers on Grade Level 7 will earn up to N5000,000
  • Those on GL 4 should earn up to N243,000 in a whole year
  • Those on the GL of 17/S1 may earn up to 4 Million naira annually
  • The Nigerian Railway Corporation Salary is fully based on the grade level like persons can earn from GL 15, 17 S9 and others.
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Officers can earn up to 5 million naira in a year and this dependent on the Grade Level such as Grade Level 9 and Grade level 14.

Those on the Grade Level 15 will have to earn up to 1.8 million naira on a monthly basis

The Nigerian railway corporation is not just an organization but it is known as one of the most well established and classified among federal Government high risk Jobs hence the federal Government pays staff of the Nigerian Railway Corporation well.

Let’s hear your questions or your own side of contribution on this post on the approved Nigerian Railway Corporation salary structure for 2020.

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