MTN Night Browsing Code 2021 – How to Activate MTN Night Browsing

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MTN night browsing

MTN has so many times been said to be the largest and most used telecommunication company in Nigeria.

It is also one of the oldest telecommunication companies in Nigeria. Many of its equals such as Celtel and many others are no longer in business but they still stand tall.

MTN also has a good network and internet service system as it supplies its users with enough and quality data with the best internet services.

Data plans on MTN are also quite cheap and they last for its speculated amount of time.

There are numerous browsing offers on the MTN network some of which are monthly, daily, weekly and even browsing offers.

All of these browsing offers are very effective and are at different prices so as to allow all MTN subscribers to gain access to different data services.

In this post, we are going to deal on the MTN night browsing and its subscription code together with all its prices for different browsing offers.

This post is going to enable you to know all the available night browsing offers on the MTN network.

The information will also go as far as touching all available night browsing tricks and many hidden details of the MTN night browsing offers that is not known to many.

To know more about this spectacular MTN offer read more and don’t skip any detail no matter how small or long it is.

Note that every line of this post contains basic facts about this amazing MTN browsing offer.

MTN Night Browsing on MTN 2021

MTN has grown to become the best telecommunication company in Nigeria as it develops new browsing offers every passing day.

Now, the MTN network has brought out one of its best browsing offers. This offer is known as the MTN night browsing offers.

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The offer is very good for young people as they usually stay online on different social media till the late hours of the night.

This offer allows people to keep awake all night just to enjoy this wonderful offer.

To make good use of this browsing offer, just sleep all day and prepare to stay awake all night.

This plan is mainly for people who do their work online as the night is the best time for an easy and relaxed flow of the network.

This browsing offer only has plans for N25 and N50 which can be afforded by all without a drop of sweat falling off your face.

The N25 browsing offer gives subscribers 250MB and the N50 gives 500MB which is valid from 11 pm till 6 am.

This offer has been rated as one of the cheapest and the best offer any telecommunication company has ever offered.

MTN has received a huge amount of praise since the commencing of this offer thereby increased both its popularity and rating in the Nigerian communication system.

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The MTN browsing offer allows people to download all their movies, games, music and lots more in the night so as to use it in the day to avoid getting bored.

The offer also allows bloggers or cryptocurrency traders to earn a reasonable amount of money at night without any internet problem.

 Subscription Code for MTN Night Browsing

The MTN night browsing has its own specific code which subscribers have to use in order to access this spectacular MTN browsing.

The code to enable this browsing process go easily is for those using a registered MTN line.

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The subscription code can be seen below;

  • To subscribe for the browsing offer, Dial *406#
  • A menu will appear containing different browsing offers.
  • Reply by sending 4 which is the number indicating MTN nightlife plan.
  • Another menu will appear, send the number that indicates the amount you want to purchase.
  • Reply 1from the next menu to confirm your purchasing of the browsing offers.
  • You will receive a message showing that the process is successful.
  • The offer is valid between 11 pm to 6 am which is about 7 hours.
  • Data expires once the time limit expires and there is a no refundable policy. Note that the maximum night browsing offer is 2GB.

 MTN Night Browsing Plan

The MTN night browsing offer has been reduced from the amount it used to be. People have given different reasons for this but the true reason is not known to anyone.

Better still, this reduction has rated the MTN network high above its contemporaries.

Below are the different night browsing plans offered by the MTN network to all its subscribers

MTN N25 Night Browsing Plan

  • To subscribe for this plan simply Dial *406#
  • A menu will appear, send 4 which represents the MTN nightlife plan.
  • Another menu will be given to you, reply with 1 to choose the N25 for 250MB plan.
  • Reply again with 1 to confirm your purchase of this browsing offers.
  • You will receive a message showing that the process is successful.

MTN N50 Night Browsing Plan

  • To activate this browsing offer Dial *406#
  • A menu will appear, send 4 which represents the MTN nightlife plan.
  • Another menu will be shown on your screen, reply with 2 to choose the 50 nairas for 500MB plan.
  • Reply again with1 to confirm your purchase of this browsing offers.
  • You will receive a message indicating that the process is successful.

How to Check MTN Night Browsing Balance

The checking of the MTN night browsing balance is a very easy task. It is the same method of checking any other MTN data balance.

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The steps to enable the process is a very easy one as all you have to do is to send 2 to 131 and you will receive a message containing all your data balances.

This information is to enlighten you about the new MTN night browsing offer.

The subscription code, checking of data balance, data plans and rare facts about this offer are in this post.

The MTN night browsing offer is now open to all who are using a registered MTN line as they can now do all their internet services in the night with ease.

Read this post carefully and endeavour to share it with others as you don’t know who is looking for a piece of information as this one.

For questions and other latest updates, drop a comment in the comment box below.



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