Nigerian Customs Rank and Salary | 2021 Customs Ranks, Salary Insignia

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This is another post stating the Nigerian Customs Rank and salary structure because we want all applicants and other applicants to know the Nigerian Customs rank and salary structure.

Nigerian Customs Rank and Salary

Nigerian Customs Rank and Salary

For Customs workers, it is an opportunity to know the rank which you will be promoted to as a full worker and whereas this information is vital to all who are already working with Nigerian Customs service and those who have the interest to work with the Nigerian Customs service.

We thought of letting everyone know about the Nigeria custom rank and salary and that’s why we have created this post to inform applicants and those already working with the Nigerian customs service to get proper information about the Nigeria custom service ranks and salary.

The Nigeria custom ranks is not the same as that of other forces as well as their salary structure too obtained in the Nigerian Customs service.

To let you know the Nigerian Customs Rank and Salary, we have updated and given you a guide on different salary structure alongside with their different ranks. However this is a sign that the Nigerian Navy and airforce Ranks and salary structure is not the same with that of customs.

Their ranks also differ among all the other forces in Nigeria and it is interesting to know that the Nigerian customs pays one of the highest salaries in Nigeria.

This post also contains the Nigerian customs ranks and insignia to know not just the Nigeria customs service salary 2021 but also their different insignia that follows each of the ranks.

There is a need to also let you know about the Nigerian custom ranks and symbols as this one questions applicants are asked during interview examination. This can actually be confirmed through the Nigerian customs service past questions and answers.

The major thing is to show all the different salary structure obtained by workers of the Nigerian Customs service.

Nigeria custom service ranks symbols is one unique symbol and all applicants should confirm that even before working with the Nigerian Customs

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Custom officer salary scale in Nigeria and Nigerian Customs Rank and Insignia

Various positions have various salary structures so don’t assume that the Nigerian Customs salary structure is one for all ranks. It is important to note as applicants grows in various ranks such applicants also increases his/her salary structure

For the Nigerian Customs Rank and Salary, you should know that the assistant superintendent of customs ii (ascii) salary is different from a major superintendent and other positions of the Nigerian Customs service.

Read this post on Nigeria custom ranks and their salaries if you among those who really want to know the custom ranks and symbols, you should find the updated salary structure.

There are different ranks for names of Nigeria custom officers you will learn the different salaries and the specific amount of money applicants receive from the federal Government as Customs staff.

We will outline the and also add the ranks to each of the salary structure and make you understand fully as we did to the Nigerian Police Force Ranks and salary structure

It is not very common to see the list of Nigeria custom ranks and we have taken time to find out and write on the Nigerian Customs Rank and Salary to get you updated.

The Nigerian customs service recruitment is currently ongoing and new intake also should know the Nigeria custom salary monthly to know if the federal government actually pays well and apply before the Nigerian Customs closing dates

On a plain comparison, you can also and compare the Nigeria immigration salary, to know how much the Federal Government pays it works.

You will get to have vital information by coming and studying the Nigerian Customs Past questions and answers which also contains history of Nigeria custom service.

Whether you call it the customs pay scale or the Nigerian Customs Rank and Salary, we will all let you know the different rankings for the Nigerian Customs.

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This information is also important for all applicants who applied through the Nigerian Customs portal for this year’s Nigeria custom service recruitment 2021 as they will know how much the federal government will be paying them through the Nigerian Customs.

The public officers’ salary scale is not the same across. Different public officers have a different salary structure.

New salary of Nigerian Customs service

The Nigerian Customs Service as a military organization which most cases function on CONPASS which means Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure on normal grounds has approved the increase of salaries earned by the Workers of the Nigerian customs service.

Nigerian customs play an important role in ensuring that their duties and responsibility is been carried out by its officers.

Due to the risk and the level of doggedness involve in the Job description, CONPASS has decided to increase the salary structure of workers of the Nigerian Customs.

You will not only learn about the Nigerian Customs Rank and Salary, but you will see the various allowances entitled by a customs officer according to their various ranks.

If you are among the new recruit who peradventure applied for the Nigerian customs recruitment 2021 and was considered for the Job, you should expect a salary of N28,000 to N49,999 every month and this excludes other basic allowances you are entitled to receive.

However, those involved in a high risky post like those posted to the border are compensated with high sum of salary and allowances every month than their ranked officers working from the offices.

Our findings have revealed that newly promoted or commissioned officer for the Nigerian customs service is entitled to a salary ranging from 75,000 to 139,999 all depending on the Nigerian Customs Rank.

The above Nigerian Salary is subject to review and change by the board. From another source, we learnt that an average officer of a Nigerian Custom service is entitle to a salary of N75,000 monthly.

Nigerian Customs Rank and Salary

S/NRanksSalary Structure
Controller-General of Customs75,000 – 139,999
2.Deputy Controller Generals75,000 – 139,999
3.Assistant Controller Generals75,000 – 139,999
5.Others29,779 to 75,000
6Level 07 salary
7.Level 08
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Nigerian Customs Rank and Allowances

The following are allowances receive by the Nigerian Customs. However, these allowances tend to increase based on some complementary growth. The allowances are:

  • Detective allowance.
  • Furniture allowance
  • General Services allowance
  • Hazards allowance
  • Hardiness allowance
  • Hardiness allowance
  • House maintenance allowance
  • Meal subsidy
  • Personal Servant
  • Plain-Cloth allowance
  • Torchlight allowance
  • Transport allowance
  • Uniform maintenance allowance
  • Utility allowance

You should note that the federal government increases the salary of custom officers annually so this salary structure is not fixed. In addition to the above-mentioned allowances, it is also worthy to mention that some in most cases the federal government also provides housing allowances to its workers as obtained in the Nigerian Army salary structure and ranks

The accommodation of officers is not different and it varies among Nigerian Customs Rank and Salary. That is to say, different ranks and levels come with a different level of accommodation and salary.

If you have any question to ask us based on this post on the Nigerian Customs Ranks and salary, please drop it at the comment box below and don’t forget to share this post to all on social media!



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