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It is surprising how people don’t still know how to login to WhatsApp web for pc and enjoy free access to WhatsApp with their computer.

Whatsapp for the web was introduced soon after WhatsApp was sold to Facebook. It was not usually easy for people to connect to WhatsApp with web until the introduction of WhatsApp for the web.

It is easy and convenient to chat whatsapp on the web just like chatting and enjoying Facebook on the web. Whatsapp web is a pro version of the Whatsapp mobile App for chats which allows easy and quick sending and delivery of messages.

Whatsapp Web for Pc

Whatsapp Web for Pc

Days are gone when one needs to download an application and extract it just to be able to access Whatsapp but since the introduction of Whatsapp web as a feature.

Just like the Whatsapp application, you can have good access to Whatsapp with the web and if you have a good camcorder on your System, it will be very easy to connect, call or video chat with other persons with the device.

From our statistics, we have observed that those who have access to the internet like airtel and owned a personal computer prefer to connect in whatsapp with their system. You will get an amazing UI on the Whatsapp and enjoy Whatsapp easily.

Whatsapp web is accessed online and without any data subscription you won’t be able to access

Whatsapp Web for PC Download

Like we earlier mentioned for you that WhatsApp web is not a mobile application and hence trying to download WhatsApp for web will only direct you to download the mobile application.

Whatsapp web application does not exist, but the best thing to do is to access WhatsApp through your web browser by scanning a particular barcode.

It is similar to the ordinary Whatsapp mobile application and it has the same User Interface for you and hence it functions just like Whatsapp.

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Instead of downloading the app or in the case of having issues with your mobile application, you can access Whatsapp on your personal computer.

You can share any attachment with Whatsapp for web and also chats as if you are doing it with the normal application.

Whatsapp for the web can be accessed with any kind of browser be it chrome, firefox or explore and other numerous browsers to use.

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Whatsapping on your web browser is not a creation of a new account or neither does it mean that you have duplicated your WhatsApp account of having multiple accounts with same the number. You should also note that your friends or groups are not given any kind of notification that you are on WhatsApp web.

About Whatsapp Inc

Whatsapp was first developed by Brain Acton and Jan Koum but later it was sold and incorporated with Facebook Inc. It was developed in 2009 and sold in 2012. Since Whatsapp was incorporated to facebook in 2012 there had been several improvements and new features were introduced to its.

Whatsapp has employed more than 50 persons to work for them and it has the head as Will Cathcart. Since its inception, WhatsApp has done so many upgrades and has released several versions.

Upgrade such as voice message and voice note recording was introduced after WhatsApp was bought for the US $19 billion.

Basically in 2015, the WhatsApp web was introduced to and this was the same year that all third party WhatsApp application was also banned

Whatsapp Web on Android Login

  • Ensure that you have an internet-enabled phone
  • Open your Whatsapp application on your phone
  • Click on a three-dotted line arrange vertically
  • A list will open, click on whatsapp web
  • A scanner/camera pops up
  • Open web.whatsapp.com with your browser
  • Once this is done, you will have a barcode or QR code comes up,
  • scan the code with the open scanner on your device.
  • Your messages will automatically come up on the new WhatsApp.
Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp Web not Working

In most cases, you may have come encounter with issues which has affected your WhatsApp web and it makes your WhatsApp web not to work, the solution is very simple.

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Whatsapp web should work automatically but in the case of you not being able to access please ensure that you have corrected the following

  1. strong internet connection both on your Whatsapp and on the web browser.
  2. Ensure that your scanner and camera is probably placed directly to the barcode
  3. Check for your camera and make sure it is not faulty and dusty.
  4. Exercise patients while scanning the barcode.
  5. Try WhatsApp for web again and it will automatically connect.

Logout from Whatsapp Web

  1. Open your Whatsapp mobile application
  2. Allow it to load and click on the three-dotted lines at the top right-hand corner
  3. You will see a drop-down and you will also find Whatsapp web
  4. Click on Whatsapp web
  5. All login devices will be display and date login
  6. Select which device which you want to logout
  7. You can also log in from all devices by clicking on login from all devices


That’s All For Whatsapp for the web.

If you don’t know how to access Whatsapp web, then reading this post will guide you and give you the full information on WhatsApp web for pc and help you to log in.

Whatsapp web is highly demanded and mostly used especially for those who access whatsapp on PC. For Whatsapp web, if you scan the barcode, you are one step away from login and accessing your account and hence the barcode is very important among other things.

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There is no need for a password or login details, and you will only access it b scanning the barcode in front of you on your P.C

It is also important to net that before you access WhatsApp on your web with PC, you must also access WhatsApp on your mobile phone, the web version is a duplication of the mobile version of the Whatsapp.

It is very difficult for one to access your WhatsApp details or access your account through another person PC and that’s if you have not disclosed or scanned your barcode in the computer.

Whatsapp web for pc is not a scam, fraud or a torrent sites but it is legally approved for use. You can access WhatsApp for web even If your WhatsApp version is Gb WhatsApp of any version.

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