Download Shiloh 2020 Messages MP3, MP4 – Paul Eneche, David Oyedepo

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In case you have been in search of how to download Shiloh 2020 Messages, then this post is for you. You will have the full and detail information on this post which has the updated 2020 Shiloh messages.

Download Shiloh 2020 Messages

Download Shiloh 2020 Messages

Shiloh messages are not always easily fetch and most persons encounter various difficulties while trying to download the messages and in most cases, the fear of downloading a different message entirely rocks.

Here is how to download Shiloh 2020 Messages MP3, MP4 and others.

What is Shiloh?

Shiloh is a revival programme held at the end of every always on December by the Winners chapel ministry at the international headquarters and campground of the church aka Canaanland in Ota, Ogun state which is on the far outskirts of Lagos metropolitan.

A total number of 300,000 people usually attend the programme as the church assumes. Shiloh stands tall among the numerous and enormous revival programmes in Nigeria and this is because the revival is live in a super building which contains not less than 50,000 seaters Faith Tabernacle which is also among the largest churches in the world.

Some churches usually host their programmes inside local building with metal roofing sheets meanwhile the faith tabernacle is built as an enclosure which somehow resembles an American evangelical megachurch.

The faith tabernacle is the most public accessible arena in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. It is something extremely different from other church buildings.

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The faith tabernacle looks as though three church buildings which have been properly built were joint together to make it up which makes the dimensions of the churches look extraordinarily.

At 2006 the wonder of the Shiloh programme was clear to me as I discovered that every aspect of the programme was just extraordinary.

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Shiloh 2020 Schedule

This is one of the best Christian platforms in Nigerian which one can gain access to download all the messages of the 2019 Shiloh an audio form. The theme of the programme is: Breaking limits.

It is time to preach the word of faith so as to deliver the world from the bondage of Satan

Download Shiloh 2020 Messages Topics and Preachers

Programme: Shiloh 2020


  • MESSAGE: Getting set for a Turnaround Encounter – Bishop David Abioye
  • MESSAGE: Understanding your Turnaround Root: Bishop David Oyedepo


  • MESSAGE: Engaging the Word for a Turnaround Encounter
  • MINISTERING: Pastor Paul Eneche
  • MESSAGE: Engaging the Prayer Altar for Turnaround Encounters
  • MINISTERING: Pastor David Oyedepo jnr
  • MESSAGE: Engaging your Faith for a Turnaround Encounters
  • MINISTERING: Pastor Faith Oyedepo
  • MESSAGE: Engaging the Master Key to the World of Supernatural Turnaround
  • MINISTERING: Bishop David Oyedepo
  • MESSAGE: How to Build your Faith for a Turnaround Encounter
  • MINISTERING: Bishop David Oyedepo

Download Shiloh 2020 Messages DAY 3

  • MESSAGE: Exploring Covenant Platforms For Turnaround Encounters
  • MINISTERING: Pastor David Ibiyeomie
  • MESSAGE: Engaging with the Holy Spirit
  • MINISTERING: Bishop Thomas Aremu MESSAGE: Engaging The Master Key to the World of Supernatural Turnaround Encounter {part 2}

Download Shiloh 2020 Messages Day 5 – Impartation Service

About Bishop David Oyedepo Ministry

The ministry of Bishop Davi Oyedepo started in the year 1981 after he had a vision which lasted for 18 hours in May 1981in which as he said God gave him the mandate to preach the word of faith and to deliver the world out of the bondage of Satan.  

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This vision also led to the founding and the inauguration of the Living Faith Church World Wide which as of 1981 with an old name as the Liberation Faith Hour Ministries.

Bishop Oyedepo was ordained as a pastor by Pastor Enoch Adeboye who is the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God two years after this together with his wife Mrs Florence AbiolaAkano who is now Mrs. Faith Oyedepo. Pastor Adeboye was also the one who commissioned their first church building.

Pastor Oyedepo ordination as a bishop was five years after his church, Winners Chapel began to grow.

Shiloh 1999 to 2020

He started the church in Kaduna and move to Lagos which as at July 1989 was still the capital Nigeria.  His ministry includes; four private jets, estates, restaurants, shopping stores, bakery, processing plants, commercial properties, educational institutions, etc.

Bishop David Oyedepo is the head of the headquarters of the Winners chapel and it is capable of containing seats for a total number of 50,000 people.

In 2008 and 2009 the church was the largest church in the world and was in the Guinness Book of  Records.

The 50,000 seaters church was built within the space of twelve months and some said that it was a miracle as such building by calculation could take not less than three years to finish.

The dedication was on the 18th of September 1999 under the regime of President Olusegun Obasanjo, the then-president of Nigeria in the person of President Olusegun Obasanjo on.

winners Chapel conducts Shiloh Programme and the life-transforming programme makes wave across many states in Nigeria.

Bishop David Oyedepo presides over the church under the inspiration of the anointing of the Lord upon his life has helped millions of people around the globe.

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The Winners Chapel ministry has provided an opportunity in which one can get current updates, messages and sermons of which one of these sources is the mobile application.

How to Download Shiloh 2020 Messages

  1. Visit the winners Chapel Store and make the purchase of any of the Messages for any of the days
  2. You can also download messages of winners chapel from their official website which is domi
  3. Select on Shiloh messages and you allow
  4. You should be on an interface where you will click to download messages,
  5. Your download should start immediately once you click on the link

Conclusively, there is no special website which you can find the Shiloh messages for free except our website and by following the update here in this post you will just have the full messages downloaded.

On this website, you have and can download Shiloh messages from Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Faith Oyedepo, Bishop David Abioye and, Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr, Pastor David Ibieyomie and Pastor Paul Eneche.

If you need help on how to download Shiloh 2020 Messages, you can trust us. Please do well to drop a comment through the comment box below.



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