GOTV Lite Channels List 2021 Prices and Packages

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Gotv lite channels are out and you can choose from the best packages available and migrate for best of games, videos and others.

GOTV Lite Channels List 2021

GOTV Lite Channels List 2021

This is one of the best channels TV satellite where you can enjoy the best of services at a cheaper rate.

You will find in our post the full list of all the channels available for you. There are different packages and plans for all GoTv subscribers and you can find an interesting channel from our list

The cheapest GOTV package is the GOTV lite and it costs N400 only as its monthly bill and comes with a series of awesome channels.

The bill for the GOTV lite can be for three months at the cost of N1, 050 and yearly at N3, 100. You can save N150 if you pay for three months at once and 1,700 if you pay yearly.

About GoTV Africa  

GOTV is a TV service in Africa owned by Multichoice Africa who also owns the DSTV. This TV service is a terrestrial digital one and thereby does not require any form of installation even the usual dish used by other TV services.

The TV service uses the latest Digital Terrestrial Broadcast Technology, DVB-T2. This implies that the services of GOTV are through TV masts which are only accessible only in areas where GOTV transmitter coverage are located in.

This technology makes GOTV not to be easily overripe by weather conditions as other TV services are.

GOTV which is one of the most widely used TV services in Africa is available only in some cities in Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Kenya.

In Nigeria, it is only in the following cities; Lagos, Enugu, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Benin City, Owerri, Akwa Ibom and Port Harcourt among others.

The launching of this TV service commenced on the 11th of October 2011 at Ibadan in Oyo state which is also known as the cradle of TV broadcasting in Africa.

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Immediately, the GOTV went across different parts of the country and has currently taken over many homes.

GoTV Channel List 2021 

The GOTV pack for first-time users comprises of the decoder which price is N7700. It also comes with the GOtenna and an already made subscription for one month.

The GOTV can easily be set up by paying a little fee where you purchased the starter pack or you can as well do it yourself by just following the guide manual that comes with the pack.

When you have set up your GOTV and you also want the GOTV Lite Channels list, you can subscribe for the package once your current subscription expires.

This package is very interesting and we are going to see some qualities which it has.

This package also gives access to not less than 23 channels and at a cheap price of just N400 per month. You can see the GOTV lite channels below;

GOTV Lite Price and Packages

The GOTV service is not only in Nigeria but also in other African countries as we already mentioned.

GOTV offers its subscribers varieties of both local and international channels. It is also the only substitute for the DSTV which uses the DVB-T2 technology which helps to clear channels.

GOTV is currently the fastest spreading pay-TV in Nigeria with packages that have made other pay TV’s to start providing cheap services and also cheap decoder prices.

We shall also take a good look at the GOTV lite packages, price and also its list of channels as this is one of their awesome and cheap packages.

If you are purchasing the GOTV starter pack, it is most advisable for you to do it from a trusted dealer close to you.

GoTv Lite List of Channels

GoTv Lite

The GOTV lite package enables you to gain access to not less than 23 exciting channels of each of your best TV shows and at a lower price of N410per month, N1, 080 for three months and N3, 180 in a year.

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You will find the different channel domain on GOTV Lite Channels list

  1. Wazobia Max
  2. Silverbird
  3. WAP
  4. TVC News
  5. TVC Entertainment
  6. SuperSport Blitz
  7. RAVE
  8. Galaxy TV
  9. Al Jazeera
  10. NTA I
  11. MiTV
  12. Liberty TV
  13. Lagos TV
  14. JimJam
  15. Islam Channel
  16. GO Channel
  17. Faith Broadcast Network
  18. eTV Africa
  19. Emmanuel TV
  20. Dove TV
  21. Channels
  22. AIT
  23. AFRO Music English

How to make payment for GoTv Lite package

One can easily make payments for their GOTV lite package either by paying at any authorized personnel near you or using the quick teller online platform.

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GOTV Lite Channels list and Gotv Lite Price

The GOTV lite which is the cheapest GOTV offer allows one to watch not less than 23 channels of different entertainment categories from sports to movies and others.

This offer is at a cheap price ofN400 monthly, N1050 for three months and N3100 for a year. This is the best offer a TV service has ever given to its customers.

How To Make Payment For The Gotv Lite Package

There are a lot of ways in which one can easily pay for the GOTV lite subscription of which some of them are;

  1. One can pay through the MyGOTV app
  2. Through an authorized dealer
  3. Using the USSD code *288#
  4. Through the Quickteller platform online and
  5. Through mobile banking.

Gotv Customer Care Line 2021

GOTV customer care is open to all GOTV subscribers. It is always active and ready to disclose to you all you need to know about their packages beginning from price to others.

Other Gotv Packages

The following GOTV packages have been removed from the GOTV subscription; GOTV plus and GOTV value and has been replaced with the GOTV jinja, GOTV jolli and GOTV max.

These new offers are awesome with the best user experience on the GOTV cable.

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The prices for these new packages are as follows;

  1. GOTV jinja at N1640 per month with 57 available channels
  2. The GoTv jolli for GoTV at N2460 per month with 83 available channels
  3. GOTV max which is also the largest of them all at N3280 per month with all the TV channels available.


Using the GOTV lite package, one can enjoy 23 channels with just N3, 100 with all the different categories of channels inside from Nigerian movies to sports and lots more. This is one of the best TV service package ever.

Thank you for reading this important update about the latest GOTV package in this 2021. Please endeavour to share this information with friends and family members and they won’t regret it.

This is all for this year’s GOTV package. We will always keep you updated on the latest information regarding the GOTV service.

We have taken out time to give you the full details of all gotv lite channels and their different subscription packages.

On this post, you have all the necessary information and update for all gotv lite channels. For questions and contributions, use the comment box below as you share this post.



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