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Renmoney Loan: Getting loans most times may be difficult and that’s why renmoney has been introduced for you to help you in your loan application. You loan problems are solved with Renmoney and in case you have been looking for a place to get a cheap loan without requirements, then you should think of renmoney as a platform where you can get finance.

Renmoney Loan

Renmoney Loan

Ren money exists to solve the problem of looking for capital to start a business and the loans provided for all users is an instant loan. You can get a loan without having to depend on your family members for finance when you have access to money online.

As a company, renmoney offers the fastest and most reliable online loan. and it is among the top leading loan services in Nigeria.

On ren money loan, you can have access to both personal and micro business loans ranging from N50,000 up to N6 million naira. instantly without having to pass through stringent requirements.

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Renmoney Loan Calculator

Before you find a loan you will first have to determine how much you will get by calculating with the renmoney loan calculator.

Determining how much interest you will also get for your loans needs a bit of calculation and these calculations will determine your loan offer.

The loan calculator gives you a breakdown of all the loans and interest rate for you and this loan offer is for those that are eligible.

The loan calculator for renmoney helps you to know how much you will pay back as the overall interest for this loan. The duration of this loan is chosen based on the period that you have taken this loan. Once your calculation is right. you can now apply for the loan through your mobile phone.

Ren money Loan Eligibility and Requirement 

Before a loan is given out, you must first ensure that all applicants have been met by applicants and this application is for only those that have met the requirements.

You can meet the requirements first before you take on the different loans such as loans for school fees, loans for data and phone fundings and other things.

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The company will receive your application and check for consideration within a short while. You should upload the necessary documents for the application.

In most cases, within a short time, all application should be processed and you will know whether you are eligible for a loan or not.

We have stated the basic criteria that must be met for you to be given a loan and the following criteria are what we have stated herein

Once you have met the requirements, you can then apply for the loan and receive verification within 24 hours

  1. You can only apply for a loan with the correct statement of an account not less than 6 months
  2. Applicants for Renmoney Loan must apply with their exiting bank account as it relates with their BVN
  3. Renmoney applicants must either be civil servants or self-employed/Bussiness owner
  4. You should ensure that you have applied with your recent passport photograph showing your face.
  5. The age range for application should be between 22 to 59 years and
  6. Application is with any recognised and Government approved ID card.
  7. Applicants must not have any issues regarding returned cheque.

Renmoney Microfinance Bank 

 Renmicrofinace bank offers Renmoney loans offer online as been as a result of the maximum growth on the online phase. There are several successes of the online and digital world when it comes to banking and financing.

Just like the digital world plays a crucial role in all other systems of the world, the introduction of ren money loans online will help a great deal for applicants to easily access loans with their smartphones.

Through the provision of instant loans, renmoney microfinance bank has open an opportunity for business to grow and meets their goals.

Renmoney started as early as 2012 as rencredit and operates across Lagos for one year until she changes her name to Renmoney in 2013. This upgrade brought about the establishment of other branches across in the sate.

Renmoney microfinance bank offers to all both short term and long term loans as for both savings and currents accounts. Renmoney has now provided the loan to help all and sundry including those who need loans for household activities like school fees and it also provides a good amount of loans, unlike other companies.

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According to the CEO, renmoney microfinance has a goal of providing the exact credit customers need and have to maintain focus through feedback and adequate services.

The processes for getting renmoney is swift and easy as this is in line with the aims and objectives of renmoney providing a convenient banking system for her customers.

With a short period of time renmoney has provided services for more people up to 25,000 customers around. In Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

Renmoney App for Loans 

Accessing renmoney Loan is easy online through the ren money app and with just a click you can download and have the app for a loan in your mobile phone conveniently.

You can still have access to grow your money with savings/fixed deposit account and you will get the necessary finance to grow your business.

With the app, you will high technological access to all your financial needs ranging from loans to savings and deposits. The app is online on play store for all those that need the money and will want to register with the app with your email address.

You can do everything with the renmoney app ranging from starting a fixed deposit account to earning more money by growing your savings.

From time to time, you will get regular update regarding your savings from the app. Every member that has an app is automatically on ren money.

Setting up your account will take you a second with the app. The good news with the app is that the more you save with the mobile application is the more you earn.

How to Repay Renmoney Loan 

Unlike other loans, renmoney loan repayment scheme is easy and straight. Paying back your loan is not a problem. We understand that lost of people find it very difficult to meet particular terms especially when they run business with fewer profits to show forth.

In ren money, such case is not common because the bank allows you to choose a repayment plan that best suits you. You can choose to pay back within a month or more all within 12 months.

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There is an option to choose your loan period for which your loan will last and you can either choose to pay back your loan within a short time. on this app, the longer your loan means an increase in the interest rate. We do advise customers to try and pay back their loans within a period of 3 to 6 months.3klll

With this loan waiting for a full year will only attract an interest rate of 33.9 %.

There are certainty and possibility that renmoney will grow in a few years to come and with their loan, there will outrank their competitors in providing instant loans to the yearning market of borrowers.

With the introduction of mobile apps for renmoney loan, borrowing money is easy and without much stress, you will get the exact loan amount of money on your bank account.

Renmoney Loan Application Form 

The application form is online and you can as well apply for a loan by completing the application online. You can download the mobile application from the play store and other mobile stores.

The application form is available on the app and you will have to set up your profile and complete your application by selecting either the fixed deposits or savings options available.

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You need the app to grow your income and keep intact with cash as the world revolves around technology. All you have to do is to download the app and be happy.

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