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Please If you have been asking about the NPPC/Snepco Scholarship Application 2020 Portal, this post gives you al l the information which you need regarding NNPC and through this, we will get you inform on how to access the nnpc scholarship Portal and successfully apply for the 2020 scholarship.

NPPC/Snepco Scholarship Application

NPPC/Snepco Scholarship Application

All those applying for this nnpcsnecpco scholarship 2019 should note that they will write and exams where questions will be given to applicants to test their I.Q. Such exams is written at various NNPC examination and Screening dates

Don’t panic, please do well to still apply for this scholarship opportunity and don’t e afraid if you will be considered for the scholarship.

The exams to be written are very simple and anybody can easily write the examination and pass the shell scholarship 2019 interview.

Please don’t that any NPPC/Snepco Scholarship Application 2020 that comes before the expected date will not be considered and we will encourage you read this post to the end and check on the date which the NPPC/Snepco Scholarship Application 2020 Portal will close for applicants.

Just know that the 2019 application for NNPC/Snepco was successful and lots of applicants that were picked for the interview questions were candidates who prepare with the updated NNPC/SNEPCO scholarship.

Just like the agbami scholarship and important guide, we want you to have more updates regarding the 2020 NNPC scholarship and apply on time before the application closing dates.

Don’t confuse the Snepco scholarship to the seplat scholarship as this are two distinct scholarships and hence the need for you to look closely and follow the instructions to obtain this schols5rahip.

NNPC SNEPCO Scholarship 2020 Application Guidelines

Just know that there are certain instructions which you need to follow to be among the list of successful applicants. Meeting the scholarship requirements and following the application guidelines is one step for you to be shortlisted.

We will give you the necessary guidelines when it comes to knowing how to successfully apply for the 2020 spdc scholarship.

According to the nnpcsnepco cradle to career scholarship 2019, the NNPC Snepco is will open its application portal for application in 2020 and all applicants should look forward to the application portal.

You can also check to know how to apply for the agbami scholarship 2019 as it is very important to try other scholarship opportunities.

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If you had applied for the this scholarship in 2019 and did not merit it, it is right now that you applied for the NPPC/Snepco Scholarship Application 2020 Portal again and awaits for the examination.

Most times there are candidates who search for nnpc snepco scholarship nairaland and get some fake updates and report, please desist from it, as by meeting the requirements for application and by applying with the required documents.

NNPC comes in a joint venture collaboration to offer scholarship opportunities to different persons in Nigeria. This collaboration had long existed and in 2019 more than one thousand persons were considered and their names on the list of shortlisted applicants.

Please check all required application details for the 2020 application and the 2020 application guidelines will help you to successfully apply for this scholarship easily.

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Eligible Courses for NNPC/Snepco Scholarship

  1. Agricultural Science
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Computer Engineering
  5. Computer Science
  6. Economics
  7. Electrical Engineering
  8. Finance
  9. Geophysics
  10. Geosciences/Geology
  11. Instrumentation Engineering
  12. Marine Engineering
  13. Materials/Corrosion Engineering
  14. Mathematics/Applied Mathematics
  15. Mechanical Engineering
  16. Medicine
  17. Metallurgical Engineering
  18. Petroleum Engineering
  19. Pharmacy
  20. Physics/Applied Physics

2020 NNPC/SNEPCO Shortlisted Candidates

The 2020 NNPC/SNEPCO scholarship list will be release upon the successful completion of its application.

All those who wrote the 2019 examination and have been waiting for SMS or calls on their mobile phones regarding the NNPC scholarship, please do well to check out to your mail and if you are shortlisted and your names comes upon the list of shortlisted applicants, you will get a notification.

Meeting the requirements and 2020 application guide is one thing that guarantees a successful application.

Just know that you will get updates on the NPPC/Snepco Scholarship list of shortlisted applicants when the portal is open and candidates are invited to come for the interview.

Please don’t panic about the NPPC/Snepco Scholarship Application 2020 Portal as the scholarship is always simple and you will have an updates on the requirements for application for this joint venture scholarship.

Like NNPC/Total Scholarship, one of the basic requirements for this scholarship is that applicants must be a Nigerian and non-Nigerian Indigenes are not permitted to apply for this scholarship.

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Our updates will help you in this scholarship and by sending your mail address at the comment below, we may help you to get informed when the list of shortlisted applicants is out.

Please read this post to the end to also know the NNPC/Snepco examination dates and the examination venues for the scholarship examination.

There are various examination centers across Nigeria and please find the one that you have given by checking your mail.

NNPC/SNEPCO Application Procedures

That the NPPC/Snepco Scholarship Application 2020 Portal is now open and applications should be done at the application portal.

This is a joints venture between the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission and the Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company and they provide a scholarship opportunity for Nigerians. Thus we are inviting all those that are sound and have possess all the requirements stated below to apply for the scholarship by obtain ting the scholarship form online.

One of the basic requirements is not applicants for the Undergraduates programme must be a year 2 students of any NUC accredited University and should have documents to show.

This scholarship over the years has helped to promote academic excellence in the Shell host communities and others and every year, more than 10,000 candidates are picked according to the list of shortlisted applicants.

If you wish to be in the 2020 list of shortlisted applicants, then apply for this scholarship by studying the requirements carefully and ensuring that you are eligible to apply.

NPPC/Snepco Scholarship Application 2020

NPPC/Snepco Scholarship Application 2020

Requirements and Eligibility for NNPC/SNEPCO Scholarship

  • Applicants must be a citizen of Nigeria and must be up to 18 years
  • This scholarship as was stated is for year 2 students
  • Not all department/faculty are eligible to apply for this scholarship check below to see courses
  • Applicants should meet a CGPA of 3.0 and above in the 5 Points grading system
  • NNPC/Snepco scholarship applicants must not be a beneficiary of any other scholarship scheme
  • Applicants must belong to institutions accredited by the National University Commission.
  • The scholarship is free and each documents uploaded should not exceed 200kb


  • Jamb Admission Letter for UME /DE
  • Jamb Result
  • O’ level result (WAEC, NECO, GCE etc) and any other A Level result
  • Certificate of Origin/Letter of identification
  • A passport Photograph not exceeding 200 kilobytes
  • Departmental result of the previous session
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NPPC/Snepco Scholarship Application Deadline 2020

For 2019 the NNPC/Snepco Application was October 23rd, 2019 but for 2020, the application deadline/ NNPC closing date will not be the same as we expect that the form should be released for application before the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Once the application portal is open, we will notify you of the scholarship opportunity and we will advise that you apply for this scholarship early enough before other persons.

All those that have met the scholarship application will be given cash award for being successful in the application.

We will let you know the exact application deadline when it is time

How to Apply for NPPC/Snepco Scholarship Application 2020

  1. Ensure that you have read the above information and that you have met the stated requirements and have the said documents.
  2. Proceed to check on the application portal onhttps://www.nnpc-snepcoscholarship and complete the form below
  3. Fill in your bio data which will contain your personal information like your bio data
  4. Upload all documents including your passport photograph
  5. Once you are done with the upload, please proceed to submit and check the provided mail for a confirmation mail.

If you have any Question or contribution to make on this post please let’s know via the comment box below.

If you want updates on Shell Snepco Scholarship, simply drop a YES at the comment session and we will send notification to your mail.

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