NNPC Screening Date and Venue 2019 | Check NNPC Interview Test Date and Venue

This is another post written to get you inform about the NNPC recruitment and NNPC Screening Date and Venue 2019.

NNPC Screening Date and Venue 2019
NNPC Screening Date and Venue 2019

There is every need to know when the screening date and when the examination time will be out and thus it is known that the just concluded screening date and venue will be made known in our post.

We wants to let you know and give you detailed information regarding the correct date for the nnpc screening dates and this is just what we have done in making you to know when there will call for the screening.

NNPC gives out scholarships to graduates for a post graduates studies and they partner with organisations such as chevron. In nutshell we would love you to apply for NNPC/Chevron Scholarship 2019

It does not just know the screening, but having an in-depth knowledge of the venue for the screening. We will also take out turn to make you know about the format of the screening and the different form which the screening will take place and hence the need to know a full and have a detailed information about the NNPC Screening Date and Venue 2019.

It has been quite long since the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation started recruitment and thus this recruitment exercise is oe which applicants should rush and take a good use of this opportunity.

We aim at giving you the necessary guide that will be beneficial to you in undergoing the screening exercise and hence we give you detailed information about the screening for NNPC

Knowing the NNPC Venue for which the interview will be up is an added advantage ad thus through this post, you will know the right interview dates for the recruitment exercise.

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With the knowledge of the right examination venue, you will avoid missing the screening test and that’s how we helped applicants of Nigerian Army with the correct Nigerian army examination venue and date as not to miss their exams

Documents for NNPC Screening Date and NNPC Screening Test

  1. Passport photograph of applicants with full name written (two)
  2. Birth certificate or an affidavit age declaration
  3. A file jacket
  4. Certificate of origin
  5. Educational qualifications certificates from primary school to higher institution
  6. Your Guarantors form signed by your guarantor

The screening is only open to all shortlisted applicants who should check their names and all shortlisted candidates will also be subjected to Medical and fitness screening at various NNPC Screening Date and Venue.

Different applicants have different time for screening therefore the NNPC application recruitment portal reveals the right date for which you will attend the interview.

The time for the screening exercise will guide the applicants on how and the right time for which the batch that you belong will attend the interview.

The NNPC Screening time for different person si different from other persons. The time schedule for different applicants varies from others

NNPC screening examination and NNPC Screening Date and Venue 2019

We will guide you on knowing and having the right interview tips for the recruitment and We will guide you on knowing and having the right interview tips for the recruitment excise for 2019.

Like those whose names are in Ibom air list of shortlisted applicants, After checking your name in the list of shortlisted applicants, it is right to know your interview schedule and also know when you will be called for the screening.

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Different interview time has different questions on the NNPC interview Time table. We have inform you on the right NNPC screening time.

Follow the NNPC Screening Venue at the portal to be able to access and know the right NNPC Interview Time.

Our post informs you NNPC Recruitment screening date to know the right NNPC Screening Date and Venue 2019 because we have seen the importance of knowing the right interview schedule.

2019 NNPC screening Venue and Date

From this post on NNPC Screening Date and Venue 2019, you will know the necessary screening date and examination centers for all those who have been considered for the recruitment for the year 2019.

For our readers, you will get to know the exact dates and how to undergo NNPC screening and  the necessary documents which you are to present during the screening exercise.

The screening examination might come up in two different formats and thus we have either the CBT format or the interview format and every applicant should expect their screening exercise in the already mentioned format.

The examination will be written in different states across the 36 states and from this post we will let you know the NNPC screening venue for which the interview will be conducted.

The NNPC aptitude test screening exercise is only open to only those invited for the interview and the invitation letter is obtainable at various NNPC zonal offices where names of all Shortlisted candidates are being displayed.

Upon confirmation, you will need to know NNPC Screening Date and Venue 2019 for the examination.

NNPC Recruitment Screening Date and Venue

This post is originally written to let you know about the Nigerian National Petroleum corporation examination venue for the examination and by doing this you will be able to let you know the right screening venue for the examination.

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You can also apply for NNPC/Total Scholarship 2019 and know the application guidelines

We have listed out different NNPC screening Venue below across the 36 states and to check the NNPC Screening Date and Venue 2019  is by following the detailed description below of the right.

If you have not checked the list of shortlisted applicants for all those considered for the NNPC NETCO Job Vacancies you should proceed to the portal and check for yourself.

NNPC Screening Date and Venue and 2019 Examination Centres

Applicants for NNPC recruitment should proceed to the official NNPC portal and check for the names of all shortlisted applicants and respectful screening dates and venue.

  1. Check NNPC Screening Date and Venue 2019 through the portal at https://careers.nnpcgroup.com/)
  2. Login with your application details and allow to load
  3. Check the pdf filed which reveals all shortlisted applicants and how they can receive their invitation letter.

Notifications are also sent through applicants email address. We advise that applicants should take out time

All applicants should ensure to check the registered mail on daily basis to be certain that they have been notified of their names in the NNPC list of shortlisted applicants and thus get to know the NNPC Screening Date and Venue 2019 for the aptitude test screening exercise.

If you have any question or contribution on this post on please do well to drop it at the coment box below and we will gladly respond to them.

Please share this post and let others be informed about how they can check the NNPC recruitment date and examination venue!

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