Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020 | How to Apply with Nigerian Customs Application portal

This post is on Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020 and we have written this post to get you cover on how to access and register for the Nigerian Customs Service Development Commission. The application details which involves the requirements for application is made known in Nigerian Customs recruitment portal 2019.

Nigerian Customs Recruitment
Nigerian Customs Recruitment

You will get updated information regarding how you can apply for the recruitment exercise for the Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020 and we have done this in our post on Nigerian Customs recruitment 2020.

This recruitment exercise will help you to be able to get a job and work with the Nigerian Customs Service Development Commission in charge of importation and exportation. Don’t confuse the Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020 to the Nigerian Police recruitment that was recently concluded.

Applying for the Nigerian Customs recruitment 2019/2020 is very important and these application guidelines help you to know the full details of the application and to know if the necessary as well as the most important thing is to know the application guidelines and how you can apply for the recruitment exercise.

We have given you an important updates on Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020 this is one of the latest recruitment for application for you to apply for.

You will get many updates on places like naira land about this recruitment exercise and you will find things like the Nigerian Customs recruitment 2020 nairaland meant to give you latest information about the recruitment exercise. This was done at the federal civil service recruitment

The official application portal for the Nigerian Customs Service recruitment is open for more than 24 hours and you get update about the Nigerian Customs Service Exercise at the www.Nigerian portal the official recruitment portal is open for the application.

Please before applying for the Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020, you should read and know the requirement needed for this employment opportunity.

All applicants will have to undergo the compulsory Nigerian Customs training 2020 after they have been shortlisted and their names are in the Nigerian Customs List of shortlisted applicants.

The application form can also be obtainable at the portal or you can use this direct link to www.Nigerian application form 2020 to access the form.

We are not writing to let you know about Nigerian Customs skill acquisition 2020 but to give you the necessary steps on how to apply for the Nigerian Customs recruitment through the portal.

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Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020 General Qualifications

Below are the qualifications all applicants need before applying for the Nigeria Customs Service recruitment 2020:

  • Applicants should be a Nigerian by birth or by Naturalization
  • The required height for application should be 1.64 meters for female while that of male which is 1.7 meters
  • The required chest measurements for this recruitment is 0.87 (only male)
  • Applicants must be devour of any form of medical defects
  • Must present an health certificate from an accredited health center
  • Applicants should be free from any form of financial debts
  • Ex-convict are not permitted to apply for this recruitment
  • Applicants should be of a good conduct and should not have any criminal case
  • Upon application and beyond, applicants will have to present their certificate of origin which is dully signed

Nigerian Customs Portal for Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020

All application should be done at the official portal which is always open always for application. Make sure that you have access the right Nigerian Customs web portal for your application to be carefully and correctly submitted.

You have the necessary knowledge about the Nigerian Customs generally in the case of the interview exercise for the recruitment in the case of applying for the and in the case of being asked questions regarding Nigerian Customs at the interview exercise.

We would love you to make your application before the closing of the application portal.

For you to succeed in the Nigerian Customs 2020 recruitment, you will have to follow the necessary steps which we have written in our post.

This recruitment exercise comes alongside with the Nigerian Customs Scholarship and the application portal for the Nigerian Customs recruitment is not the same as the application portal for the Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020.

When applying for the Nigerian Customs scholarship 2020 check for the application portal or you check out for Nigerian Customs scholarship 2020 nairaland.

Most people that applied for the other recruitment can also try out the Nigerian Customs recruitment 2020 and know if they can be considered for the Job vacancies.

The Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020 has commenced and all those interested should follow the announcement and apply online nationwide.

Accordingly, it was made known that more than 3,200 applications will be taken for the 2020 customs recruitment exercise among this number 800 will be shortlisted for the position of Support Staff for the Superintendent Cadre while about 2,400 will be employed as Inspector and Customs Assistant Cadre to fill in for the general duties.

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All applications for either of the two positions listed above should only be done through the official website of the Nigerian Customs service.

Requirements for Application

All applicants should meet the following stated application requirements to be shortlisted:

  1. All those applying for Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020 must be a born and brought up in Nigeria as a citizen
  2. Applicants should at least possess an O’level certificate such as WASSCE, NECO, NABTEB etc.
  3. Those who have higher qualifications like a degree certificate are also eligible to apply
  4. The required age bracket for this recruitment is between 18 to 35
  5. Ex-convicts and others with dense criminal record are not permitted to apply
  6. Applicants for NCS recruitment should be physically, psychologically and mentally fit devour of any health challenges

www.Nigerian application form 2020

The Nigerian Customs application for is easily accessible at the web portal and the form can be obtainable at the application form.

This is part of the Nigerian Customs empowerment 2020 for the empowerment and the recruitment of those who have met the requirements for the application.

It is advisable that you pick the Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020 form before the closing if the portal which migh6t likely close very soon.

Accordingly, all applicants are expected to apply within a particular duration and by applying you are sure to gain your sloth if your application is early enough.

This is not a temporary recruitment exercise as applicants will be employed as full time staff to work with the Nigerian Customs Service Development Commission.

All application form should be obtained at the application portal. The application most times becomes so dull due to the high number traffic on the site.

The 2019/2020 Nigerian Customs Recruitment application opens from the 17th of May and will go through and will last for about 3 weeks

You should follow all important application requirements and the necessary steps for your application to be completed at the right application portal.

How to Apply for Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2019/2020

  1. Visit the official Nigerian Customs Service portal to apply for the job recruitment. You will be able to apply
  2. Follow the prompt instructions after clicking on apply now
  3. Fill in the blank spaces provide with your personal details and ensure that your documents are complete.
  4. Cross check your application data before clicking on submit application
  5. You should print out a showing your application once the application has been completed. before
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NCS Recruitment Closing Dates

All applicants applying for Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020 should please take notes that the application to work with Nigerian Customs service had started since on 19th April 2020.

The application is however said to last for about three weeks and hence we can say that application to work with the Nigerian Customs service will close her portal on the 8th of May 2020.

Your application will be tender accepted and you ensure you only scanned original documents dully signed. All  application should be done before the closing dates of the application portal as it was done in the Nigerian Army recruitment closing dates

Applicants who apply for the Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020 for more than once will be disqualify from applying.

The necessary documents and certificate needed should be submitted rightly depending on the position an applicants is applying for.

Important information on Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020

  1. All application should be submitted at the right Nigerian Customs portal and you should avoid fake portal
  2. The recruitment exercise is a massive recruitment, though there is no need to rush but early application might increase applicants chances of being considered for the job
  3. The application had started on the 17th of May and it will however last till fourth night
  4. This recruitment exercise for the Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020 , will take a different shape as applicants will be shortlisted soon the application portal is close.
  5. All applicants should always look out for Nigerian Customs application portal for more updates and other vital information on the site.

This recruitment exercise was due and the last recruitment exercise applicants who kept in touch with our site were selected for the next level of the screening exercise, this is how we informed our readers on NNPC screening  date.

This Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2020 is meant to cover the Nigerian Customs Recruitment for the fourth coming year 2020 and you will have to apply now, obtain the past questions and prepare for the screening exercise.

You will receive the right update for to succeed in this recruitment exercise and our sites gives you the necessary updates on Nigerian Customs Recruitment.

You should have the full knowledge of Nigerian Customs Salary structure and know how much their staff earns Nigerian Customs skill acquisition 2019/2020.

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