Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application Process 2021

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Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application 2021

This year, among all the various recruitments going on, is the Nigerian Customs Recruitment. The recruitment is just beginning and will last for a period of not less than three weeks.

Many have not yet gotten wind about this recruitment but it is in progress. The few who have gotten news about it are already registering for it in the recruitment portal.

This recruitment is one of the federal government strategies to give job opportunities to members of the public.

The recruitment is a very easy one as applicants do not require much to complete the recruitment process.

This recruitment is also of different stages. As there will be various examinations before anyone can be among the new recruits.

The registration is an online registration as every process will take place on the internet. The processes to go through this registration are a very easy one.

This Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application also has a site that will enable applicants to register for it. The site will lead applicants to the portal that the registration will take place in.

This portal is very open as it performs every activity of the Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application. You can as well be a member of the Nigerian Customs service today.

The only thing you need to do is to apply in the official portal. All details regarding the Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application are in this post.

The recruitment portal, registration process and also the requirements are in this post. Read down to get more details regarding it.

Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application

Nigerian Customs Recruitment

Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application

The Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application is one of the federal government empowerment schemes. This empowerment scheme is to give indigenes of Nigeria a chance to be among the custom service.

The Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application takes place once every year as new people are recruited. Over the years, many have joined the Nigerian Customs officers using this process.

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To be among these new recruits, you have to follow the step by step registration process. Many are registering for this recruitment as the portal is just opening.

The portal is very much open and without problems. Also, the requirements for this recruitment are not much. Every graduate looking for a job has to possess these requirements as they are basic requirements.

To register for this recruitment, you have to possess certain requirements and the registration can only be done in the official portal.

You can be among the Nigerian Customs service today, all you will do is to register for the recruitment online. Also, follow the processes that you will see in this post.

Any other development of this recruitment after the registration process will be communicated to you when it is out.

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Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application Requirements

Before one can get a job anywhere, he or she must possess certain qualities that the job he or she is applying for will need.

The same is applicable to the Nigerian Customs Recruitment. To apply for the Nigerian Customs Recruitment, one must possess certain requirements.

These requirements range from educational to personal and even to physical requirements. The requirements are not ones you will have to stress yourself to get.

Once you are a graduate who is hoping to start looking for a job, you are entitled to have this recruitment.

The following are the necessary requirements one must have to qualify for the Nigerian Customs Recruitment;

  • Applicants must be a certified citizen of Nigeria.
  • Male applicants must not be less than 1.7 meters and female applicants 1.64 meters tall.
  • Male applicants must also have a fully expanded chest of measurement of 0.87 meters.
  • A certificate showing medical fitness in all areas by a government-approved hospital.
  • Applicants must be mentally and physically stable.
  • One must also be free from every form of financial embarrassment.
  • Applicants should not also have any criminal record of any kind as this may disqualify them.
  • A certificate of origin with the signing of the chairman/secretary of your local governments. Signing by Liaison officers is not acceptable.
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Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application

The Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application is a very simple task. This registration process is very vital as you will have to fill the registration form.

A registration form is an online form and the filling of the form is also online. Many people are filling this form and are completing their registration process.

The registration is very simple. Before one must register for this recruitment, one must first have the requirements that are above.

The registration is not a hard one as every applicant can easily do it. If you cannot complete the registration process by yourself, you can do it in a cyber café.

To register for this recruitment, you do not need to pay as the registration is free. The only payment you will make is the one you will give to the cyber café handling the recruitment process for you.

To successfully register for this recruitment, follow the steps below;

  • Visit the Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application portal
  • Fill in all the necessary details accurately and according to the spaces as it is in the form.
  • Upload all documents that are to be uploaded and in their correct sizes to have a successful registration.
  • Cross-check the information you have filled in the form to ensure that you have not missed any space or misplaced any information.
  • After cross-checking, you are good to submit your application form.
  • You are to use a valid email address for the registration as you will receive certain information from there.
  • You can as well print out the application slip from the portal after completing the registration process.

Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application Portal

The Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application is just beginning. This recruitment is to last for about three weeks before it closes.

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The recruitment portal is very open at the moment as it will not close anytime soon. While the recruitment is going on, register before the portal comes to a close.

The closing date for this recruitment is not yet out as the recruitment still has time before it closes. If you have not registered for this recruitment, endeavour to do so.

The portal may close when you do not even expect it.  This portal is very much active and all the registration process will take place here.

The portal does not have issues as it has been well designed to serve its purpose. Many are already registering in this portal.

To apply for this recruitment, visit this portal and fill the registration form. Anyone can apply for this recruitment in this portal as long as they have the necessary requirements.

Do not wait for anyone, register now in the Nigerian Customs Recruitment Application portal at

Every other necessary detail that someone must take note of regarding this recruitment is in this post. Share it with others and let them also join to register for this recruitment.

Drop all comments and questions regarding this post in the comment box below.



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