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We have now made a post on Merrymen 2 Fz download where you can download the newly release merry men 2.

This post will reveal how you can download merry men 2 from the site FZ movies. net, 9jarocks as well as merry men from

We decided to write this post because it will be paramount to give you detailed information downloading this move from this site.

Merrymen 2 Fz

Merrymen 2 Fz

Since the introduction of this movie, many users have craved for it and hence we have provided the download means through this platform.

Fz movies is the best place to download 2020 movies and latest release and merry men is not an exception in this download.

The instructions below will be a guide to download Merrymen 2 from Fz, netnaija as well as 9jarock movies.

This report on downloading this latest and trending movies from this website is given because of the demand of people.

By now, FZ movies still remains one of the best places to download movies especially merry men 2. Just like downloading merry men 2.

Merry men 2 features another mission and the Yoruba demons in their usual way have thrilled the entire and gotten the admiration of people through another skyhook performance.

It was wise that we inform you on the details to download merry men 2 through this our post and by reading to the end, you will see how to complete the download for merry men 2 through Fz

Merrymen 2 Fz Download Storyline

The Storyline of merry men 2 is simple and straight as the Yoruba demons this time goes on another mission and on this mission, they encounter numerous challenges which made them to almost give up on their common course.

The mission in merry men 2 was not really to fight any corrupt man but this time the mission was to clear up their mess and certain problems which they encounter in their businesses.

Merry men set out to get their problems to solve and it seemingly looks like as they try to leave one problem, they are also faced with another problem.

Merrymen 2 reveals the introduction of new characters and cast to play certain roles and this time, Uchemba Williams makes joins the merry men as they make a quest for the search of Jim Iyke’s wife.

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Other new characters which perform a certain role in the movie perform only minor parts in the movie.

Mama who was meant to be under house arrest returns in the movie and this time, she becomes a real pain in the ass for the merry men.

Mama has been a real problem to the merry men as they merry men are in great danger following some catastrophic activities that have happened to them in a short moment.

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We will not forget to mention that merry men 2 is filled with actions more than merry men 1 as they merry men are involved in a more dreaded mission involving bloody and physical fights, exchange of guns.

It was also seen that all attempts made by the merry men to remedy the situation seem abortive.

Merrymen 2 Cast

  1. Falz – Remi
  2. Jim Iye – Nans
  3. AY – Amaju
  4. Linda Osifo
  5. Williams Uchemba – Johnny

William plays the role of Johnny who is a computer wizard that looks ridiculous but he knows his business and what to do.

He is a badass person who is stupid but intelligent. He provides major information for a major mission for the merry men within a short while, when he got into the merry men, Johnny realized that the job is not just an I.D thing but and high tech requirements needed and he just needed to upgrade.

Within a short while, Johnny is the main deal as he is seen carrying Gun as he puts his stupid role to bear.

  1. Ramsey Noauh – Ayo

Ayo Plays the role of Amaju and he is known for his effective gigolo. Amaju stands as he puts a question mark in the face of his effectiveness standing between trouble and he is a clear sight of the merry men. He is traditionally oriented belonging to the worry clan.

  1. Damilola Adegbite

This character plays Dara in the movie and he has a romantic relationship with Ayo not minding his stand as an EFCD officer, he has been looking for a way to probe the merry men, she falls and marries Ayo.

  1. Nancy Isime – Tofi

Nancy Plays the role of Tofi in the movie and Sofie is a secretary to Mama who turns out to be Sofie the badass falling in love with Amaju

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9.      Rosy Meurer

Rosy Plays the role of Kemi, Ayo’s little sister who just returned from studies abroad with like she had a crush on Nance and eventually started playing out as boyfriend and girlfriend before they were caught as there was nothing to hide any longer.

The discovery of Kemi’s relationship resulted in a fight between Ayo and his Friend involving a dreaded gunfight.

Eventually, everything went well as Kemi got married to Nancy with the consent of Ayo. In merry men 2, Kemi is kidnapped and a serious fight came up as the merry men tried to rescue Kemi with the help of Uchemba Williams.

  1. Alex Unusual

In Merrymen 2 Fz download, Alex usual plays the role of a Calypso, a biker chick who rarely speaks but does what is right at the right time

  1. Ufuoma McDermott

Ufuoma plays the role of Zara in merry men 2 who is a vindictive and unpleasant person to the merry men. She is vindictive and very emotional though she claims to be hard unnaturally Zara is very mean.

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  1. Iretiola Doyle – Dame Maduka

Dame Maduka is a highly connected and powerful woman who has lots of connection involving business and politics.

Dame made is that corrupt highly influential woman that does not take any shit from anyone who is greedy, immoral and have had a strong quest for wealth not minding the poor. Dame sees nothing to be too bad even if it means snatching food and making the poor homeless.

When you download Merrymen 2 full movie, you will see that Dame is a real problem to the merry men as she uses her powers to teach them the lesson of their lives.

Olamide In Merrymen 2

The popular singer Olamide makes his debut appearance in Merrymen 2 Fz download this was seen in a trailer of the movie release in 2019.

There are other new characters that play several roles in the movie but we saw Olamide when the merry men attended a show by him.

Merrymen 2 Fz

Merrymen 2 Fz

The post above is written to inform you on 2020 merry men movie download through Fz It is important that you follow the download guide which helps you to download and watch the latest Fz movies and hence we have given you a detailed information guide for 2020 download.

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Use the download link attached to the above post and you will download latest and trending movie from this site aside from Merrymen 2.

Merrymen is an interesting movie with a high and peak performance by AY and others and the love of merry men grew when this same person released merry men 2.

We know that lots of people have been searching for the merry men 2 in and Fz movies and writing this post on Merrymen 2 Fz download brings an answer to the question on how to download merry men 2.

Your Merrymen 2 download is completed with this post and guide on merry men 2 downloads. Please note that merry men 2 is different from merry men 1 both have common actors who go on a common mission.

Some publication has described the Merrymen 2 as a low budget fast and furious being that the actions obtained through a physical fight, and exchange of gunshots can be compared to any other Hollywood action movie.

If you wish to make contributions to this post on Merrymen 2 Fz download, you can use the comment box to express your views about the Merrymen 2 download.

How is Merrymen 2 do you love the actions in the movie or do you prefer merry men 1 to merry men 2?

Please share this post.



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