Survival of Jelili Download 2019 Movies Download

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Survival of Jelili Download 2019 Movies Download

Survival of Jelili is a 2019 Nollywood movie and you should download this movie through our website and portal as we have givens you the direct movie link to download this movie and in case you have been looking for how to download this movie, then you should find this post useful as it gives you the need and right information to download Survival of Jelili.

Survival of Jelili Download

Survival of Jelili Download

The 2020 Movie link that has been made here will help you and we will give you the necessary guidance for you to download this movie with the download link.

If you have not been able to download Survival of Jelili and want to do the download for free, then you will find this post useful on Survival of Jelili.

Though this is 2019 movie, you will find this movie useful with the appropriate link that we have made available here.

Survival of Jelili has been a trending movie which persons should download and watch and we have given it to the movie quality for the production of this work.

The entire movie contains a bit of satirical action and it uses some funny comic Nigerian actors for this movie.

Survival of Jelili is one movie that you will find useful as we have guided you on

Survival of Jelili Download 2019 Movies

Though it is a 2019 Movie, you will not fail to download this movie but has a distinct storyline with various Nigerian Characters used in the movie and just like living in bondage, the movie has a very unique settings and the movie details have been given below.

Survival of Jelili is one movie to download and watch as the Nigerian Movie industry has changed its form and best production being made for these movies.

This movie has won several awards and as one movie which should be downloaded for all Nigerian Movie lovers.

Survival of Jelili will is one movie which you download and watch with Rachael Okonkwo Making a comic role in the movie.

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Femi Adebayo who has made a critically important role in the movie as a producer of this movie has played an incredible role in the movie as Jelili

Survival of Jelili Plot and Storyline

The storyline which you will see in the Survival of Jelili Download is that of a young man who is obsessed with women and seeking society prominence, the story is centred on Jelili who is lives in the society as one that undertakes anything just for success.

Jelili as an individual takes delight in working hard as he undertakes jobs which includes modelling and even boxing all as a survival trait.

The movie which was released on December 6, 2019, has numerous stars and we will give you a full list of stars below.

This comic show returns online with Jelili taking a special role in the movie and the choice of characters in this movie is one amazing thing and we can credit it to Desmond Elliot as the Director.

This movie features top actors who are into the comic role and we have the appearance of Toyin Abraham in the movie.

Bolanle and Seyilaw play another important role in the movie and the playa distinguished unique role in the movie and we also witness Jelili who thinks he can be the Jack of all trade.

Survival of Jelili Cast

  1. Adebayo Salami
  2. Aisha Lawal
  3. Arole
  4. Bolanle Ninalowo
  5. Dele Odule
  6. Desmond Elliot
  7. Gbenga Adeyinka
  8. Papi Lowe
  9. Rachael Okonkwo
  10. Razk Olayiwola
  11. Seyilaw
  12. Toyin Abraham
  13. Woli Agba

Femi Adebayo in the Movie Survival of Jelili

Femi’s Production has been the hit of the town and he makes his performance in this movie with an entirely different story out from this movie.

Femi is the executive producer of this movie as well as the lead actor in the movie as the whole story centres on him.

This comedy episode has remarkably hit the market as the third release and in all of these episodes, he features in the comic play.

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Survival of Jelili Download for MP4 and MP3 can now be done online as the movie was previously available in cinema.

Femi had earlier release Jelili in 2011 and the movie was trending and made waves across and it an attempt to reproduced, Femi came up with Jelili reloaded and until the release of Survival of Jelili which became a bomb.

Femi had earlier confessed that Jelili had created an Open door for his success and had made way for the numerous awards and nominations earned in 2012

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Rachael Oko In the Movie

Aside from Bolanle, and Desmond Elliots another notable character which you will find in the movie is Rachael Okonkwo and for the first time, Rachael Okonkwo made his debut in this Yoruba movie.

This is Rachael Okonkwo first appearance in the movie and she makes a remarkable performance in Femi’s movie.

We have seen Rachael, becoming a part of Jelili interest in love and passion as Jeli finds a way of working together in a government school.

As they work together their love took the twist as Jelil put up to Okonkwo his love towards here. Rachael has played several major roles in movies and he became popular for making her utmost performance in the movie Nkoli Nwa Nsukka”

Movie Details on Survival of Jelili

  • Movie resolution: 230 x 120
  • Mayor Cast in the Movie: Bolanle Ninalowo, Desmond Elliot, Seyi Law, Toyin Abraham
  • Directors: Desmond Elliot, Temitope Adebayo, Okiki Afolayan
  • Executive Producer Femi Adebayo
  • Movie duration: 45 Minutes
  • IMDB Movie Rating: Absent
  • Continuity: Femi Adebayo

Conclusion on Survival of Jelili

Survival of Jelili Download is a 2020 Movie and will help you as you check through how to download the movie through our 2020 Movie link.

We desire that you will see the right download link and information which should help you to have this movie.

Though the Name looks like an unknown Hollywood movie, it uses funny and comic actors to portray a typical Nigerian Society.

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You can always download this movie and save it on your device and you can always watch and make reference to it anytime you desire.

Survival of Jelili is written and produced by Femi and we give the directors the credit for this production.  You should not confuse it to Survive the Night 2020 Movie

Since this movie ha been out most people have not been able to download it and hence we have provided you with the right information to guide and help you as you download the movie.

The main character who is Femi Adebayo has given the movie the light and make it more interesting for movie lovers especially for all who have not to download the movie for free and have been looking for the right source to download this movie.

You can always count on our movies and our updates on the 2020 movies and other trending movies of your choice.

We desire that you get Survival of Jelili Download on your phone on a different format and watch them on your convenience.

We will love you to drop a review on this movie and let us know how the director can improve in the production and do you love their choice of the cast?

Make all your contributions through the comment box below and help us to share this post to all!



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