Kippapay Contact Number, Review, Charges and Office Location

Kippapay Contact Number, Review, Charges and Office Location
Kippapay Contact Number, Review, Charges and Office Location

Kippapay Contact Number, Review, Charges and Office Location

We have brought other information that no reader would want to miss out on. What we are going to be giving to our readers is an enticing piece of information.

This post is regarding the financial sector which is the interest of many. Anything related to money draws the attention of people.

While this post is not about making money but something else. With this post, you will be able to save yourself some cash. There are many platforms out there in which you can make use of to send and receive money.

We have brought you yet another one. The establishment in which this post is being made is called Kippapay, it is an application which can help its users in many ways.

You can multitask with this firm and also get to save cash. Unlike other applications, Kippapy gives little rate when it comes to bank charges.

When withdrawing money from Kippapay, you will only be charged a fee of 5.5 Kobo for transactions less than #20,000 and transactions more than #20,000, you will be charged a service fee of #100.

This means, even if you want to withdraw 10m, you will still be charged #100. It is a great opportunity to grab a hold of and make that mind-blowing transaction you have been holding back.

With the Kippapay transaction service fee structure, they have made many customers in no time and it is a pleasure to become their customer base.

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Read this post to the end to have all the information in the heading.

Kippapay Contact Number 2023

This is the first section of the post and one that readers have been searching for. What we are going to be giving to our readers in this post is information that will be helpful to them.

Kippapay Contact Number, Review, Charges and Office Location
Kippapay Contact Number, Review, Charges and Office Location

In this section, they are going to be getting information regarding the Kippapay contact number. Their contact number is their customer care number.

With the use of their customer care number, readers and users of their services can direct their questions to them. Kippapay has a customer care number like other banking agencies and those who have not had it yet will get to have it in this section of the post.

Some information which you can get from their customer care include; how much you can transfer in a day, how to increase your transaction limit, etc.

If you have been having any of the above-listed complaints, share them with the contact below;

  • 07000054772

Kippapay Contact Number, Review

This is another section of the post that readers will find interesting. In this section, we are going to be brief with the information as we are going to be giving our readers a quick review of Kippapay.

Kippapay is a banking application like Opay and Palmpay which allows its customers to make deposits and withdraw at ease.

It has a low charge rate which everyone appreciates and looks forward to doing more business with them; if you are not, then you’re missing out.

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The Kippapay is registered under the Central Bank of Nigeria and there is a guarantee of your money is safe. If you might have had any fear in the past then this is surely going to boost your faith in them. However, there are many things to know about them but they are not scams.

Kippapay has a swift transfer process which readers may only miss out on by just reading. It is best to grab hold of this grand opportunity.

Kippapay Review on Charges

Here is another section our readers should not miss out on. In this section, we have brought to our readers another interesting piece.

What our readers are going to be getting from this section is information that will enable them to know more about Kippapay. Readers have been searching for the contact number, review and other information including how much Kippapay charges.

For those who have been searching for this, you have reached a section in which you will get your response. What we are going to be sharing with our readers is information on how much Kippapay charges their customers.

However, Kippapay is one of the lowest-service charging banking apps. Lots of customers have shifted their base to Kippapay as their charges are welcoming.

For customers who make transactions less than 20,000, he or she will be charged a service fee of #5.5 kobo and for transactions more than 20,000, he or she will be charged a flat rate of #100.

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This means that even if you withdraw up to #10,000,000, you will still be charged the same. This is an enjoyable feature and many are already making use of it so you are wasting time if you are not making use of this platform.

Kippapay Office Location

We have reached the last section of the post. This section of the post also carries a volume for our readers. What are readers are going to be getting here is another helpful piece.

We are going to be helping our readers with information regarding the office location of Kippapay. It is vital that as much as you are doing business with a brand, you should be able to contact them physically.

With this, we are going to be sharing with our readers the physical location of Kippapay. Lots of people feel comfortable when they get to know the physical location of an office.

If you are one of them then this is the section for you. Kippapay has its physical location in the heart of Lagos state. Lots of people know where this is located but if you do not, it is better to make use of a recognized ride which will take you there or make use of Google Maps which are more authentic.

Below is the location of the Kippapay Physical office.

22 Shonnibare Estate, Shonny highway, Maryland Lagos, 100211, Ikeja, Lagos

We have reached the end of this post and readers should drop their questions in the comment section below.

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