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The rise of online loans in Nigeria brought the increase to Jumia Loan App. Through the Jumia One loan, you can get credits with a low-interest rate, and we have seen that most persons have looked for loan sources to download the Jumia loan app and we can’t just stop giving you this updates on the Jumia Loan App.

Jumia loan is one of the added features added to the new Jumia One app, and this loan gives loans depending on your level and suitability.

Jumia Loan App

Jumia Loan App

You can now download the Jumia App on google play store and downloading this updated app will give you access to Jumia finance.

You will obtain this loan when you meet the right requirements to get a loan, and once you have reached the algorithm, you can now obtain the Jumia Loan.

Just like kiakia loans app, this loan is fasts and secure, and within some minutes, you will get the loan straight to your account.

On this post, we will give you the necessary information and the requirements which you need to download this app on google play store and thus you will see the information which you required to obtain this loan.

You will see the approved interest rate for this loan and how to obtain this loan from the app quickly and get credited without having any details contacting the customer care line.

Jumia Loan Interest Rate

Jumia offers personal loans with low collateral, and just like every other loan, Jumia loans can be obtained without any insurance.

With Jumia loans, loans are given at the best interest rate when the credit is being offered you. Downloading the Jumia Loan App is very easy, and you can get quick loans fast on the Jumia website.

We have yet confirmed the approved interest rate for Jumia as various online publications has not given the best online loan interest rate for Jumia.

Unlike other loans, we can say that the interest loans for Jumia are not huge like most persons may suspect and loans are disbursed to your account within a few minutes.

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You can now take loans from Jumia and repay quickly via online with low-interest rate available for you soon.

The loans are given to and your repayment plan determines your interest rate for you online but the earlier you repay your loan, the higher the loan which you get and which you can measure the interest rate given you to.

Loans are disbursed to your account within few minutes and from then you are given detailed information on your next repayments plan.

Download Jumia Loan App

We have provided this guide to help you to download the 2020 app and thus, you will find this post informative to get the latest updates on how to download the Jumia Loan app.

One thing which people don’t know is that they can now download the app directly on their device through the google play store.

We thought that you would find the necessary information useful on Jumia Loan app and how to download the app through this post on the 2020 application.

There is no specific Jumia Loan App, but rather what you have is the Jumia One app which helps you to access loans and access other services by the loan company.

Jumia One is the loan app for you and with you this application you are almost there to getting your loan quickly.

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With Jumia, the following services and information are gotten with the use of the Jumia app, and there are :

  • Airtime recharge for your phone
  • Payments of Utility bills like DSTV
  • Purchase of event ticket at your convenient. ‘
  • Make hotel reservation
  • Book a ride
  • Place order for foods from your restaurant

Jumia Loan Contact Number

You may have a problem with your loan, or through the use of the App, then you can’t just stop contacting Jumia on the Jumia contact details and phone number for your app.

Do well to call the number for any assistant which you may need as you use the application.

You may want to make further enquiries on the Jumia app and another service which you may wish to probating from the app, and that’s why we have given you this vital information for you to download the application.

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The contact details and phone number of the customer care representative have been seen below and in the case of having any kind of issues to resolve, then the best place which you can get this done is through the Jumia contact details and phone number.

In the most part, you can also send a mail to the customer care line and get your issues to solve with the app.

There are two phone numbers for calls, especially when you want to get verification about specific services offered by Juamia and the following is the phone which is; 0700 600 0000 or 01 888 1100.

Though the phone numbers provide may tend to be a general phone number, but while calling at their services, please be specific to make your complaints about any of their services which you are calling for the purpose.

Jumia One Loan App

Please also note that this loan is obtainable only at the Jumia One app as there is nothing like the Jumia loan app.

The Jumia One App is a conglomerate of several services obtained from this app. Therefore we took the time to list the different services that can be gotten from the Jumia One app.

If you want to pick the loans to offer by Jumia, please do well to download the 2020 Jumia app and apply for your loan any time of the day.

Jumia one app has a useful UI, and you need to be sure which app you are using to apply for your loans on the app.

There are lots of malicious sites and loan app providing you with almost like a piece of similar information like the app, and we want users to be careful of such app and only use the right app to service done on the application.

We are not yet aware if the Jumia Loan can also be gotten online through their site but what we are sure is that you can get to do this through their app.

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The app is updated regularly, and you can access the app both on android and on your apple store and with Jumia One app, you can get funds immediately, especially emergency funds.

Just like Flom App, Another thing to note is that Jumia offers a lot of bonuses on every transaction which you want does

Jumia Loan in Nigeria – How to Apply for Jumia Loans in Nigeria

Unlike other loans jumia loan provides loans for your businesses, and you can skyrocket your activities through the Jumia Loan.

Here is how to apply for Jumia Loan in Nigeria:

  1. Visit the loan portal at pay.jumia .com.ng
  2. Click at the top right-hand corner of the site
  3. Select on passive as the account type
  4. ‘fill your first name, last name and phone number
  5. Also, fill in your email address
  6. Create an eight-character password
  7. Use the Open account now bottom to scroll and select loans at the top page
  8. Click on select and be redirected to seller centre where you will log in to your store.
  9. Click allows, and your store will be selected, and your application will be reviewed to see the best loan offer.
  10. You can direct to pay.jumia.ng to select and obtain your loan.

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