Flom App Download (Beta) Latest Version | How to Get Free N200 Airtime on Flom

Flom App Download (Beta) latest version is here and all we are saying is that it is far necessary to update you on Flom App especially how to download the application.

Flom App Download (Beta) Latest Version
Flom App Download (Beta) Latest Version

The whole essence of this post will give you some reliable information about the communication app which is trending online.

Through this resources you will know how to how to download and get the latest App version as well as how to use the app easily.

We know that when it comes to the installation of the app, it is not somewhat easy, but this guide on our post will give you all required information needed to successfu8lly install the the Flom app.

When we were asked several questions on Flom App download, via how mail to make a review on this app, we thought it wise enough to give you the 2020 updates on how the app work

Flom Beta Apk  gives upto N50 airtime and N200 airtime to help you to accomplish and welcoe you to the app.

Lots of persons are receiving their own airtime througj this app and we considered it a great thig for Users to leverage and get the 2019 airtime on the  App.

What is Flom?

Ofcourse you won’t quickly go to the Flom App Download (Beta) without first knowing what this app is all about as well as the pros and cons of the Flom Company.  This company is from a Qrios incorporated Service.

Flom is a mobile app create to solve some communication problems and this communication problems ranges from what is really important in our day to activities.

Like Chipper Cash, the developer of this app has seen the need to provide a reliable source where Top up time can be send to friends and love ones.

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There are certain 9intresting features of the app which we will mention below which makes life comfortable with the app.

After the Flom App Download (Beta) latest version has been install, you can reach users across the world  and you can text anyone anyway for free without any charges.

The app came alive to provide high quality video calls as well as a well cleared and tone voice for voice calls even without having a sufficient data bundle.

There are far easier ways to use the Flom Apk  and you can make any kind of top ups. Whatever businesses and calls you want to make, Flom can be your resource and your guide.

You can see through the app that there are various ways which any of it’s users can earn and additional income through the app. And this is almost similar to the racksterly App download

You can add top up to anyone which you know by using the phone  number and you are not given extra charges for any transaction done .

Flom Airtime App

Flom gives it’s new users Airtime to carry out certain activities and you can reach anyone in any country for free with the Top up airtime.

You can get up to N200 airtime in Nigeria and even N50 for the first time having the app on you phone.

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After downloading the Flom App Download (Beta) Latest updates, just do well to follow the instructions and you will download the app easily.

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The free airtime allows you to do the following app on the app

  • With the Flom App Download (Beta) you can have to chat with anyone in country of your choice without even having to use the internet.
  • Flom upon it’s introduction was always dashing out airtime upto five hundred naira on your device and currently there is a reduction to fifty naira and N200.
  • Anytime you want to make payment, you will see a pop up which makes you to just access your payments gateway and pop up your account, However, this feature is not available in all country.
  • For retailers, Flom has not yet provide a space for them and a little patience is required for this to be integrated on the platform,.

Main Features of the Flom App Download (Beta)

  1. Send and receive Top Up Airtime
  2. High video calls between its Users in a 3D format and a more clearer voice for calls
  3. Serves as payments gateway for all transaction
  4. You get a feedback immediately on the App
  5. Live Chat among its users across the world

Why Download Flom App

  • Only close people may receive to ups
  • High quality voice
  • Data is being protected against third part interference
  • Make extra income and resource from the App

How to Download and Install Flom App Beta Latest version 1.1.0

  1. You can download the app from the google playstore or you use the link to download the app
  2. We encourage you to download the app on your mobile phone or any android phone
  3. Use the download link and get all the files on your device
  4. Allow for the file to load and proceed by accepting the all request
  5. Once the download has been done, proceed by clicking on the install icon
  6. Allow your application to install app from unknown resources and proceed
  7. Click on the install app and get the Flom Apk download on your phone
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How to Get Free Airtime on Flom

After the Flom App Download (Beta) and the installation, of course the next thing is for you to get the free airtime and these guides:

Flom App Download (Beta) Latest Version
Flom App Download (Beta) Latest Version
  • After downloading the application and with the installation completed
  • Complete the registration with your mobile phone number
  • You will only earn money with Flom when you send them a feedback about their services and you will get an airtime of either N200 or N50
  • Airtime is being send to the users phone number no matter the network which you are using
  • You can use the airtime for anything which you wish to use it for

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If you have any question to make or contribution on this post which shows you how to How to get Free Airtime From flom we will like it if you drop the comment via the comment below and we will give you a reply.

The most important thing for Flom is not the airtime but the amazing features that Flom offers and knowing how to download the app easily and how to use the features too.

This app has not yet lunched the feature where people will make money and this will sure be an amazing one as users will be able to make money from Flom App Download (Beta) 20019.

Follow the above Flom Airtime Guide 2019 to get free airtime easily.

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