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Please download this ICPC Past Questions here in this post and which will help you to successfully pass the screening examination.

The Independent Corrupt practices past questions and answers has been delivered and hence those who obtained the application form should therefore obtain the study past questions as applicants prepares for the recruitment examination.

This ICPC past questions and answers contains the last recruitment questions for the last conducted interview questions and from this ICPC recruitment past questions, you will know how the examination look like.

ICPC Past Questions and Answers

ICPC Past Questions and Answers

We saw the need to make available the updated ICPC past questions and answers following the opening of the 2020 portal for this recruitment.

To be considered to work with the Independent Corrupt Practices, you are expected to score high in the forth coming ICPC CBT examination across the various venues which will be used.

We have provided this questions and answers for you to be a guide and to be of help to numerous applicants wishing to get the past questions and answers.

Download ICPC Recruitment Past Questions and answers,

The important of ICPC recruitment past questions pdf, can never be over emphasized and aside from just giving you the normal updates on how to apply for the ICPC recruitment, we decided to give you guide information on this past questions and answers.

There are lots of benefits attached by getting to download ICPC past questions and answers and thus when you get this product, you will be expose to other additional benefits of downloading the past questions and answers.

Just use the link that we have provided and you will be able to download ICPC past questions pdf and have it on your system.

You can get this past question on the different device such as your phone, tablet system and even on any other device.

The full instructions should be followed to download ICPC past questions study pack which will help you to excel in the examination and have your names in the ICPC list of shortlisted Candidates.

It is my sincere believe that this Independent Corrupt Practices aptitude test past questions will help you to scale through your practical questions for the independent corrupt practices.

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This recruitment is done online and the entrance examination is also written in a computer based format.

The 2020 ICPC recruitment has made us to make available the latest download for the ICPC recruitment following the guide as stated in this post.

Independent Corrupt Practices Commission selection interview past questions

This Independent Corrupt Practices Commission interview past questions, exposes you the nature of the examination and how to successfully answer the questions and answers for IPPIS recruitment.

Please find the samples questions here in our post which gives you detailed about the ICPC via the Independent Corrupt Practices Past Questions.

It is very simple to complete the download on this post and the entire pot will show you the 2020 Independent Corrupt Practices screening past questions and how to make purchase of it via this our website.

Do you desire to pass the 2020 recruitment examination, and then you will find this ICPC Past Questions as a study tool to help you pass the examination.

We decided to provide the download link for you to first check out the ICPC Past Questions and Answers 2020 before downloading them and hence we took turn to provide the download link for this past questions and answers.

Please don’t confuse this past questions and answers with the EFFC recruitment past questions or the Nigerian Navy recruitment past questions and answers as these are totally different from the ICPC Past Questions and answers.  

Over the years, we have gotten recommendations on how our ICPC recruitment past questions pdf has been of tremendous help to candidates who applied for various positions in the ICPC recruitment.

The resourced in the past questions and answers are not haphazardly sourced, but this past questions are sourced directly from the examination board and hence you will find this  ICPC recruitment past questions pdf download useful for all download.

To obtain the full ICPC recruitment past questions study material and ICPC Past Questions and Answers, please check out for instructions below

How to download ICPC Past Questions and Answers 2020

This ICPC Past Questions and Answers is not costly but you will have to pay the sum of N1,500 for the download of the ICPC past questions and answers.

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The download guide is simple and you just need to make your payments to this account details below:

Name of Acct. Peter Edi Diong

Account Number: 0167917417

Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank

Account Type: Savings

The account information above is what you should make your payments to and once your payments has been completed, we urge you to send your details to our line to the following number:

08141291174 or 08067854635 and you will get the past questions to your mail.

Please ensure that you have sent your details to our line after making your payments and you will get the past questions on your mail after sending your details.

Details to be sent via sms or whatsapp message

  • Name of the Account money was transferred from (For mobile transfer, Atm, internet banking)
  • Depositors Name (for Physical Bank deposit)
  • Your Email Address
  • Name of the past questions and answers

Remember that all details should be sent to our agents after making payments and we will advise that you can contact our agents on 08141291174 or 08067854635 via phone call of via sms to be sure that you are paying to the right persons.

You will always get your past questions and answers on your mail once your payment has been made to the above account.

Samples of ICPC Past Questions and Answers

From option A- C fill in option that best completes the sentence and can complete the sentence

  1. The prices of Suits has become ­­­­­­­­­­__________

              A Exorbitant

B Unbearable

C Stringent


  1. The ICPC recruitment application process exhausted him and so he needs some rest to _________ himself

A recuperate

B repose

C rejuvenate

  1. The students threatened the school authority to embark on __________ if necessary amenities are not in place

A Strike

 B boycott

C Suspension


  1. Polygamy is common among Muslims but __________ is common among the Christians

A Celibacy

B Monogamy

C Ordination


  1. Some of our politicians run to other countries to seek for ________

             A refuge

B safety

C Safeguard

ICPC Past Questions and Answers 2020 on current Affairs


  1. The Nigerian Coat of Arm symbolizes _____________
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A  Black Shield and Eagles

               B Authority and Power

C National Emblem


  1. What is the Full meaning of HIV

A  Human Immune Virus

B Humane immune Virus

C Human Immune Deficiency Virus


  1. Nigeria is a member of all except __________

A Opec


               C ADF


  1. In Nigeria, the affairs of the Nation is decided by a Government Council known as

             A  FEC



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  1. ICPC looks into corrupt practices and other related corrupt activities, whereas EFFC looks into ______

A  Government Crimes

B Financial Crimes

C Internet Fraud

  1. Who was considered as the father of Nationalism in Nigeria

A Nnamdi Azikiwe

B Obafemi Awolowo

C MKO Abiola


ICPC Past Questions and Answers 2020 on basic Arithmetic

  1. Simplify the operation x=6 and y=10

A 61

B X = 5

C  217.5


  1. Find X in the expression 3 x = 9


A x = 3

B X = 5

C  x = 27


  1. One Shoe rag contains about 65 shoes. How many shoe rag will be needed to contain 520 people?


A 652

B 90

C none of the above


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