ICPC Shortlist 2020 Candidates | Check Full List of ICPC shortlisted Candidates

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All those that applied for the 2020 ICPC recruitment can now check for the ICPC Shortlist 2020 Candidates and  list of shortlisted applicants via the website. The 2020 portal is open for applicants and candidates who applied for the recruitment exercise of the independent Corrupt Practices commission.

If you want to know if your names are on the 2020 shortlisted applicants, then you will find this post useful for latest information regarding this list of shortlisted applicants.

ICPC Shortlist 2020 Candidates

ICPC Shortlist 2020 Candidates

Most persons don’t know how to check for the ICPC list of shortlisted applicants and thus we have decided to get all our applicants and those who applied for this recruitment through this site important guide on the 2020 list of shortlisted candidates.

Like the NCS shortlisted Candidates, The important thing is not just applying for the ICPC recruitment, but knowing to successfully check your name in the ICPC list of shortlisted candidates 2020.

We saw the need to make the 2020 list of all shortlisted applicants through this post to help candidates to check out for their names.

When the need arise, the ICPC list was made available and thus, we have provide the full comprehensive list of the ICPC list of shortlisted applicants.

What is ICPC?

According to Wikipedia, the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission is not only concern with corrupt practices, but they have the mandate to look into other related corrupt acts and was first inaugurated by the then president Olusengun Obasenjo in the year 2000.

There are other major functions of ICPC, but the overall duty of this body is to report and closely investigate into corrupt acts and to succinctly punish all those against the law for a total cleansing and eradication of corruption from the system of Nigeria.

This body works with other related body like EFFC, Nigerian Police, and Nigerian Navy etc to execute its mandates and fight against fraud.

Check Independent Corrupt practices Commission (ICPC) List of Shortlisted Candidates

We decided to update this post to help you to know how to access the Independent Corrupt practices list of shortlisted applicants.

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The 2020 list has been written here and all our applicants who applied through the 2020 application portal.

This post is a request from the numerous responses which we have gotten here to updates you on the 2020 application portal for the Nigerian independent corrupt practices commission.

Please don’t confuse this recruitment exercise with the EFFC recruitment as these are two different recruitment.

This guide will be able to show our applicants the necessary step   by step process to follow to get the pdf list of shortlisted applicants.

You will find this post useful here as it will go a long way to help all our applicants to check for their names in the list of shortlisted applicants.

By following the 2020 guide, we therefore have added this post which will let you know the following guidelines that will require to check the recruitment list.

According to what is obtainable those who have found their names in the recruitment shortlisted for Icpc are those in the South-South region of Nigeria.

This post will give you the full guidelines on how to successfully apply for the 2020 Independent Corrupt practices commission 2020 and the necessary application portal.

There is a step by step guide which you can follow to heck for your names in the list of shortlisted that is for applicants who don’t want to check their names in the PDF file.

How to Check for ICPC Shortlist 2020 Candidates

  • Visit the approved website for ICPC and check out for your names in the list of shortlisted applicants.
  • Notification is sent to applicants who applied for the ICPC recruitment and this notification is usually sent to the applicants mail.
  • By checking your mail, you will get updates on the next call for interview on the ICPC Shortlist 2020 Candidates.
  • Open your mail and open the containing folder on your mail sent from the independent Corrupt practices.
  • The mail contains screening notification as well as notification of the ICPC screening dates and venue for the examination.
  • We encourage all applicants to check the mail for a notification of the list of shortlisted candidates.
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Aside from checking for the ICPC Shortlist 2020 Candidates following the above mentioned steps, one of the ways to easily check the list of shortlisted candidates is to check the updated pdf list of shortlisted candidates.

The pdf file of the list of shortlisted candidates contains the different names of shortlisted applicants taken for this job and there are being arranged according to the different geographical zones in Nigeria.

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Can one be notified of ICPC screening Date and Venue?

Like we mentioned earlier, there is information on the approved date and venue for the screening examination as well as the date for the written examination for independent corrupt practice commission.

On your mail, check below after the congratulatory message, it has the date for examination and the closes examination center for you.

To make it out with good grades in the examination, we encourage you to obtain the study past questions and answers.

When the approved screening date is out, it will be communicated to you so as to help in attending to the interview screening.

The 2020 ICPC recruitment screening dates has not yet been announced but we promised that this 2020 screening will not be like other federal recruitment screening dates like the Customs Shortlisted as we suspect speedy release of the list of shortlisted candidates so as to open up and notify applicants of their various screening dates.

Like we mentioned earlier in our previous post, that notification will also be sent to applicants about the centers which they will write their examination and such notification is sent to the mail of applicants.

ICPC List of Shortlisted Candidates 2020

In the ICPC Shortlist 2020 Candidates, shortlisted candidates are given according to various states of application.

We encourage all shortlisted applicants to check out their names in the ICPC list of shortlisted candidates according the different states which they applied for the ICPC recruitment.

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We write this post to keep shortlisted candidates in check of their recruitment status for the Nigerian Independent Corrupt practices Commission.

Through this guide your name will be seen on the approved list of shortlisted applicant for ICPC shortlisted applicants. There are two sides to this and one of them is to check the portal and the other contain in this post is to check for the list of shortlisted via your mail which was used to register for the examination.

All applicants of the ongoing nationwide recruitment should not panic about the recruitment list of shortlisted applicants, but through this post, applicants will be able to check for the list of shortlisted applicants.

Please note that it should only the well-known ICPC recruitment portal which is ICPC.gov.ng  the icpc portal that has the full list of shortlisted applicants and you will find this post useful to have the list of shortlisted applicants.

You will smile at the end of the day after checking your names in the ICPC Shortlist 2020 Candidates.

Note that the 2020 List of shortlisted applicants and shortlisted candidates has not yet been released and if you want a notification, please write notify me via the comment box below and we will notify you on your mail about the shortlisted candidates.

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