Free NSCDC Past Questions Civil Defence Recruitment Past Questions and Answers 2019 PDF Download

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We want to encourage using the download link and getting the Free NSCDC Past Questions from our site and making study and preparation for the civil defence questions very easy.

Free NSCDC Past Questions Civil Defence Recruitment

Free NSCDC Past Questions Civil Defence Recruitment

In our archive, we provide you with the latest Free Civil Defence Past questions and with the download link, you will have the full past questions and answers from our sources.

The 2019 Download guide will help you to get the civil defence maths question, civil arithmetic questions as well as the Civil General recruitment questions and answers.

We have provided all nscdc past examination question and we also hope to give you the necessary information nd guide regarding the civil defence pdf past questions and answers.

If you expect a good result I the NSCDC corps, then make studying of the Civil Defence Past questions and answers and study it for free.

From our post, we will not only give you the Free Civil Defence NSCDC Recruitment Past Questions and answers, but we will also give tou the necessary Last news on civil defence recruitment exercise  for civil defence and this can only be done through the past questions and answers.

Civil Defence Aptitude Test 2020

If you are expecting a good result, make studying of the Free NSCDC Past Questions very convenience and you will enjoy the past questions and answers with the download guide.

Like we gave Out NDLEA Past Questions and answers, We know that times and seasons are hard and hence we have given you the NSCDC past questions and answers for free.

If you expect a good civil defence result 2020, then make the Studying of the past question serious. It won’t take it much commitment tio download the past questions and answers, but we have thought is wise to provide you with the Past questions for civil defence service Job.

We are strongly convinced that if you study and find this material useful, then you won’t regret doing that as we have the full past questions and answers for free.

One of the reasons we decide to give out the past questions and answers for free is that most people don’t have the necessary finances to download civil Defence past questions and if you are among those category of people, we always advise you to stay with the updated latest past questions and answers for free.

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We can guarantee you that the civil defence job  will be yours if you study effectively for the exams and the aptitude test which will come up very soon

It Our nature to updates all applicants on various recruitment interview guide and we did not stop giving you the information needed to get the Nigerian Civil defence Jobs.

Civil Defence Interview questions and Free NSCDC Past Questions

The past questions below contains more than 50 Civil defence interview questions and you ca save the questions to your phone and study them even in your convenience.

NSCDC Recruitment past questions contain questions on history of civil defence as well as some basic arithmetic questions.

This material; Free NSCDC Past Questions serves a purpose of ensuring that you get a qualitative information and guide on how to pass the civil Defence past questions and answers.

We know that it is our responsibility to give readers update on certain recruitment past questions and answers and the Free NSCDC Past Questions and answers 2020 is not left out in the Civil defence recruitment.

This nscdc recruitment past questions is totally free and you will have answers on how to get the full version of the material on nigeria civil defence recruitment 2019/2020.

Giving out this past question for nscdc screening for free is a way of seeing how we can help more than 10 thousand applicants who applied for the recruitment.

All civil defense past question 2020 on this page is being sourced from NSCDC archive for applicants to study, pass the examination and proceed for civil defense training.

You won’t find any resources which can give you the civil defense corps questions and answers for free except from this site.

The importance of civil defence has also been seen in Free NSCDC Past Questions and answers and you should download with the links.

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50 Questions on Free NSCDC Past Questions

Free NSCDC Past Questions Civil Defence Recruitment

Free NSCDC Past Questions Civil Defence Recruitment

  1. The main functions of Nigerian Security Civil Defence Corps are _________ except
  2. Maintaining peace and Order
    b. Inspect Private Companies and Recommend them
    c. Fight against drug abuse
    d. Protect the nation resource against vandalization


  1. The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence is not permitted to make arrest True or false
  2. True
    b. False
    c. Depending on the Crime
    d. arrest with any police officer


  1. According to the constitution, _____________ gives the right to exercise its functions
  2. Supreme Court
    b. Senate/Legislative body
    c. Attorney General of Nigeria
    d. Nigerian Police Force
  3. __________ is the number of members constituting the senate Chambers
  4. 108
    b. 109
    c. 101
    d. 90


  1. The Civil Defence Act which gives them right to execute its duties was amendment in
  2. 2002
    b. 1998
    c. 2007
    d. 2000


  1. Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps has the sole right to search for ____________


  1. Petroleum Products
    b. Imported products
    c. Drugs
    d. Clothes


  1. The major functions of Civil Defence Recruitment  in Nigeria which it overly seen is _____________
  2. Protection of Politicians
    b. Guide and control traffic
    c. protection against vandaliztion of Government products
    d. Fight against insurgency


  1. NSCDC was introduced in Nigeria in __________ year

A .May 2009
b. June 1998
c. May 1967
d. June 2003


  1. __________ became the first Nigerian Military head of State
  2. Gen Mutala Muhammed
    b. Gen. Olusengu Obasenjo
    c. Gen. Ibrahim Babangida
    d. General Muhammadu Buhari


  1. When was NSCDC adopted to be a National Security Organization
  2. 2003
    b. 1999
    c. 1984
    d. 2007


  1. Nigerian Civil Defence is also responsible to give Educational enlightenment and sensitization True/False


  1. True
    b. False
    c. Partially True
    d. True/False


How to Download Free NSCDC Past Questions for Civil Defence Questions


  1. Which of this  activity led to the introduction of NSCDC
  2. Introduction of Political parties
    b. Advent of Boko Haram
    c. Nigerian Civil War
    d. Nigerian Democracy


  1. What was the first name of Nigerian Security Civil Defence Corps
  2. Lagos Civil Defence Commitee
    b. National Civil Defence Corps
    c. Civil Defenec of Nigeria
    d. Federal Civil Defence Corps
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  1. Civil Defence was first Established in __________ as a federal capital territory
  2. Abuja
    b. Lagos
    c. Calabar
    d. Kano


  1. The current comptroller General of Civil Defence is __________
  2. Abdullahi Abubakar
    b. Abdullahi Gana
    c. Abiola Aturamu
    d. Dr. Adewala John
  3. Which of This is a department/Unit of NSCDC
  4. Servicom
    b. Petroleum Department
    c. National Orientation Agency
    d. NDLEA


  1. __________ is not among the established institutions of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps
  2. Civil Defence Academy, Sauka FCT
    b. College of Peace and Disater Management Katsina
    c. College of Security Managemnet
    d. National Civil Defence Academy


  1. simplify (2x – 4) – (6x + 6)
  2. -2(2x + 5)2
    b. 2(2x + 5)2
    c. -4(2x + 5)
    d. (2x + 5)


Our Free Civil Defence past questions above comprises of few questions and answers, however, if you wish to have the complete past questions and answers, we will encourage you to follow this page to get the Full past questions and answers.

This page gives you a comprehensive Free NSCDC Past Questions and answers and hence you will find this page useful for all past questions and answers regarding Civil Defence Past Questions and answers for free.

If you have any questions or contribution to make on our post on Free NSCDC Past Questions and answers 2020 PDf, please drop it via the comment box below.



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