Civil Defence Shortlist (NSCDC) 2020 Shortlisted Candidates- Check 2020 Civil Defence Shortlisted Candidates 2020

Civil Defence Shortlist (NSCDC) 2020 has been release and candidates can now check out for their names of the on the complete shortlisted candidates for 2020 and that’s why we have given you a guide to help you on the list of shortlisted candidate.

Follow this post to see how to check out for the recruitment list of shortlisted candidates for 2020.

We have seen the need and hence we have provided the actual information and different ways to get to check their names on the list of shortlisted candidates.

Civil Defence Shortlist (NSCDC) 2020
Civil Defence Shortlist (NSCDC) 2020

The names for the list of shortlisted candidates have been written seeing the important of giving you full information for your blog and this guide is necessary as it was only few persons that were selected for the recruitment shortlisted candidates.

The long awaited Civil Defence Shortlist (NSCDC) 2020 was release for candidates and all those who wish to check their names in the NSCDC list of shortlisted candidates.

Like we suspected, in our previous post on the NSCDC that the list of shortlisted candidates might be release early march and just as we had promised, we saw the release of the full shortlisted candidates for applicants.

Civil Defence Recruitment 2020

The Nigerian security and civil defence corps release her recruitment list of shortlisted candidates for candidates for who applied for the recruitment exercise and thus we have therefore given some different steps to check for the names of the shortlisted candidates and hence this post.

This paramilitary organization established in 2007 through the act of parliaments and there have be saddle with various duties and responsibilities in Nigeria.

Civil defence grew since her adoption and on launching; the corps launched some social awareness progrmme to inform the masses.

Contrary to what people think and say, we can date the history of civil defenece to 1970 and the adoption was done by President Olusengun Obasenjo in 2003.

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One of the major duties and roles of civil defence is to protect lives and properties as well as avoid and kick against vandaliation of pipelines.

In the bid of this and achieving its aim and objectives, the civil defense conducts her nationwide recruitment to employ young persons into the corps.

Civil defence portal was open for application and applicants who applied were expected to meet certain requirements before being selected for the final list on the recruitment list of shortlisted candidates.

On this, applications were called for suitable and qualified candidates to apply and get shortlisted.

This recruitment exercise was open for all applicants who were from 18 years and above and applicants who are free from all forms of financial embarrassment.

If you did not apply for this nationwide recruitment, it is needless to check out for your name in the shortlisted candidate’s released for all.

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How to Check Civil Defence Shortlist (NSCDC) 2020

Checking through Mail;

  • Please open the mail sent to you and check for containing messages from NSCDC
  • Open the message and you will see your invite for a CBT examination
  • Check below to see the screening and the examination center and date for you.
  • This message usually comes to your registered email address.
  • In the case of not being able to see through your mail box, then you can check the spam folder for a message.
  • Congratulations to you and all those that received a notification.

Full Civil NSCDC Shortlisted Candidates on NSCDC Portal.

We are still expecting that the full Civil Defence Shortlist (NSCDC) 2020 will be out and candidates should be able to check for their names on the list of shortlisted candidates.

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Civil Defence Shortlist (NSCDC) 2020 can also be checked through the website for the names of shortlisted candidates.

On the mail, you can also check for the names of shortlisted in a pdf file.

The Civil Defence Shortlist (NSCDC) 2020 is also grouped according to the different geographical locations.

We are yet to see the names of shortlisted candidates updated and uploaded on the portal, but soon, the names of shortlisted candidates will be updated on the NSCDC portal.

Checking for your names on the Civil Defence Shortlist (NSCDC) 2020 is one possible solution which you are to follow that is for those that have not seen their names and have not gotten notification on their mail.

If you have checked your names without seeing your names on the NSCDC website, then we will encourage you to apply for the recruitment again on the next recruitment year.

Only those candidates that met the application requirements are those that have been selected for the examination.

You can check the recruitment information to check on their application requirements before application.

Civil Defence Recruitment Examination Date and Centers

For candidates for civil defence recruitment, please note that the Civil Defennce examination is only for those that have seen their names in the Civil Defence List of shortlisted candidates.

We also want to categorically state that the civil defence NSCDC screening date and examination venue is contained on the mail sent to you.

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence examination will be a computer based tests for candidates who have no knowledge of computer may not do well in the examination.

There is no general time for the recruitment aptitude test, but you can do well to check it as different candidates have different examination timetable.

To make a good mark or a good score in the examination and to see your name in the final list of shortlisted candidates, then you should study for the examination with the updated Civil Defence past question and answers.

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It is important to note that the examination will not be conducted at the Civil defence training center as only shortlisted candidates who emerge to the final list will be invited to Civil defence training.

We are not yet aware of any published examination center as all examination, but all candidates on Civil Defence Shortlist (NSCDC) 2020 should note that they will write a computer based test.

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Importance Notice for Civil Defence Shortlist Out

  1. Only shortlisted candidates will write the examination.
  2. If you are confuse about the examination dates, then check out for your mail
  3. The shortlisted candidates mail contains your examination date and venue
  4. TO Excel in the civil defence recruitment, then we will recommend the adequate study of the past questions and answers.
  5. We will let you know about the final list of candidates when it has been released.

There is no need to ask the question if the shortlist of candidates have been release, please take note that the 2020 Nigerian Civil defence recruitment shortlisted candidates have been release for you and by checking on the web portal, you will check for your names on the list of shortlisted candidates.

We wish you success as you prepare for the aptitude test examination that is yet to come.

If you have any question or contribution on this post on the Civil defence recruitment shortlisted candidate, please do well to drop such via the comment box below and ensure you share this post.

If you are finding it difficult or if you have not seen your names in the shortlisted names, then drop your comment via comment box below.


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