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Hotmail Sign up Login and creation of new account has been written to get and let you know how to access the hotmail account easily without having to face any problem with your device.

The questions people asked is how to access Hotmail account easily. Here is detailed information which makes you to know how to get and have Hotmail account.

Hotmail Sign up Login

Hotmail Sign up Login

Hotmail is one of the best mail services which persons can use as it has a detailed and full security measure and hence if you are creating an account, you will find the use of Hotmail useful for account creation set up and creation.

Hotmail is among the numerous and few of the services offered by Outlook, that is the Microsoft office team and we therefore have written to let you know how to access and create an Hotmail account and login with it.

Hotmail services provided by outlook are very popular among the Americans and the British and login to a Hotmail account in most cases becomes a problem.

The signup process for mail is most times difficult and this realization has made us to write on the Hotmail signup.

Unlike Yahoo mail and Gmail services, Hotmail gives you the best and unlimited services like unlimited storage in terms of ram and size for your mail.

Hotmail Sign up Free

Hotmail services are among the best as it provides a free account creation to people. With hotmail, you can get multiple accounts for free and with unlimited storage space.

This mail service is not really known and it is not really popular in Africa as many people are still subscribing to the use of a Gmail account and Yahoo mail account over hotmail.

But in most cases, hotmail provides a free account set up and creation and all details particular required are not neck breaking or hard information, but simple information that can be provided within a short time.

Hotmail Sign up Login and even downloading of files is done for free whether the and it is easily done and best completed with hotmail account.

Hotmail mail service free services provided is one feature that makes the mail service very popular and known across especially among the Americans.

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Hotmail account are given tough security and the security feature in all hotmail accounts is done for free and no additional cost added to the security feature of an account.

Hotmail account creation has overly proven to be the best for Hotmail Sign up Login and you can have access to your account anytime and with any device provided the devices is connected to the internet and such device provides an easy way to get your account setup.

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About Hotmail Services

Hotmail service is a mail services that came to existence following the invention of Sabeer Bhatia and Jack smith in 1996 and the hotmail service grew and became popular just in the same year of its creation and this popularity brought about interest from investors.

Finally, Microsoft in 1997 acquired hotmail for $400 million and the included it among the service provided by Microsoft. Windows rebranded and added more features to outlook mail and it was part of windows product and hotmail came up live and it was later rebranded to become Hotmail and outlook in 2012.

The popularity of Outlook grew especially in the 90’s when mail services were not common then as the rocketmail was also known which was later rebranded to yahoo mail in 1996.

Hotmail grew and had more than 8 million subscribers as the service was solely backed up by Venture Capital and Draper Fisher Jursvetson.

According to Wikipedia, Hotmail had it initial operation on Free BSD platform as n operating system and later had to be migrated to windows in the 2000 and in 2001.

Though it was the trending mail then, but hotmail had the other side of it when it was hacked and this hacking permitted anybody to access anyone’s account on hotmail.

This became a problem and issues to hotmail which later resolved this but before we could say jack Robison, Google team launched its own mail service which had better security feature then than Hotmail and Yahoo mail. The lunched of Google mail service kin 2004 reduced the number of subscribers, and the number of persons to do Hotmail Sign up Login.

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Google had taken the mail space before Hotmail and Yahoo mail upgraded her service to become better.

Main Features of Hotmail

  1. Top security Feature as not seen in other mail services
  2. Speed when it comes to accessibility even with low browsing data
  3. Easy navigation through its mail
  4. Easy and nice user interface
  5. Unlimited and large data storage space
  6. Fast reception and sending of mail even to other mail services
  7. Easy and speedy download of files both larger files and small files
  8. Support all devices like android windows and even macbook.
  9. Regular updates of it terms and conditions
  10. A great incorporation of bing Search

Hotmail Login

It becomes very difficult for some persons to login through Hotmail Sign up Login and this difficulty is often cause by some factors.

However to be on the same pace and to ensure that you have successfully login to your account, you should have a steady internet connection. If you are accessing the mail in Africa, it is then important to note that you can use airtel internet to access your mail.

Having a fast and a reliable internet service is key and easy to login to your mail and for Nigerians, the latest free browsing cheat codes can also work perfectly for your mail.

Another important thing to also consider while trying to complete and login with Hotmail Sign up Login is the device which you are using and you should also check that the device for which you are using supports Hotmail.

In another case too, it might be a case of forgotten password and you should check and ensure that you have the right password to access an account on hotmail.

There are easy password recovery step which we will recommend in this post and with your phone number, you will be able to recover your password and login again to your account.

With hotmail, you have an easy password recovery method and you can register for a new password for hotmail just by checking below.

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How to create new Account on Hotmail

  1. Visit hotmail account creation site at
  2. On the create an account session, please create an account with your phone number
  3. We recommend that you create an account with your active phone number
  4. The country code will automatically appear, complete your number
  5. Click on next and allow to load
  6. Supply your new password in the column provided
  7. Provide your First name and your surname
  8. Fill in your DOB and Country and in most cases country, it is automatically selected
  9. Verify your phone number by supplying the code sent to you.

Hotmail Sign up Login Forget password

If you have forgotten your password, there is an easy to recover your password before you Hotmail Sign up Login and this recovery is done with your phone number.

Your password is sent to your phone number and you are asked to provide your recovery code.

Fill in the recovery code sent to your phone number and login to your account successfully.

If you have any question or contribution to make on this post on Hotmail Sign up Login, we will encourage you to drop it via the comment box below.

Please share this post to all.

Hotmail Sign Up!




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