How to subscribe to Airtel Unlimited Data Plan and Airtel Blackberry Plans 2020

Airtel Nigeria is one of those best networks for browsing and its plans are usually amazing for browsing. No wonder it is being described as the smart phone network. With just a little amount of money on your phone, you can subscribe to any airtel bundle regardless of the amount of money you get. In this article, you will learn how to subscribe to AIRTEL UNLIMITED DATA PLAN. You will also see the codes to use in this subscription.

Airtel Nigeria has recently introduced unlimited data plan to its teeming subscribers in Nigeria. The Airtel unlimited data plan comes in three different categories at different prices. 

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan
Airtel Unlimited Data Plan

What is not clear as at the time of writing this post is why there are three different unlimited data plans if they were truly unlimited? One point we can take from this is that Airtel unlimited data plan is capped and not truly unlimited but we are yet to know the data allowance allocated to each of the three data plans. You dont need to configure your airtel line in other to subscribe to Airtel Unlimited Data Plan

Apart from the newly introduced unlimited data plan by Airtel, there are a couple of other data plans you can subscribe to, we have written extensively on cheapest Airtel Data plans in 2018 and there’s Airtel night plan as well. Therefore, if the unlimited data plan is quite expensive for you, you may check out the affordable ones here.

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Airtel Unlimited Plan (N10, 000)

AIRTEL unlimited data plan comes in three packages and the least expensive among them is the N10, 000 own. But considering the socio-economic situation in Nigeria, this is still quite unaffordable for an average Nigerian. How many people can afford to spend N10, 000 on data every month? Quite an insignificant percentage of the total population if you ask me.

But be that as it may, For airtel data plans,  it’s good news that Airtel has joined the likes of Spectranet, Ntel and Smile 4G that have unlimited data plan. Like MTN Data plan Compared to other network providers, Airtel unlimited data plan is no better in term of pricing and quality.

The Airtel unlimited plan 10 costs N10, 000 and the validity is 30 days.

Airtel Unlimited Plan (N15, 000)

This is the second unlimited data plan from Airtel and the validity is equally 30 days just like the first one. This internet plan is known as Airtel unlimited plan 15 because the price is N15, 000. What we can say about this second data plan is that its data allowance might be higher than that of the first one and it should be faster too. So you get what you pay for. As is the case with other 4G LTE Internet providers, the speed of your data becomes slower and slower as you get closer to or exhaust the data allowance, so the same thing applies here

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Airtel Unlimited Data Plan (N20,000)

This is the most expensive out of the three and is expected to be the one with the most data allowance. It is known as Airtel unlimited 20 because it costs N20, 000 only. The validity is still 30 days just like others. So let’s go straight on how to subscribe to Airtel unlimited data plans

How to Subscribe to Airtel Unlimited Data Plans

 Below is listed the Airtel unlimited data subscription codes

  1. For Airtel Unlimited 10 that costs ₦10,000, simply dial *471#
  2. To subscribe to the Airtel Unlimited 15 that costs ₦15,000, simply dial *463#
  3. Finally, to subscribe to the Airtel Unlimited 20 that costs ₦20,000, dial *351#

There you have it the unlimited data plans from Airtel. Now over to you, let’s hear what you think about the new internet plan from Airtel Nigeria.

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N: B in case this data bundle is no longer working correctly, you can do well to alert us so that we can fix the problem. wish to serve you better. But if you think the problem is beyond our solution, you can contact airtel

Hope you were informed about AIRTEL UNLIMITED DATA PLAN and we believe that you will follow the above instructions carefully in subscribing to AIRTEL UNLIMITED DATA PLAN . What is your take on this update? Do you have any question or contribution about AIRTEL UNLIMITED DATA PLAN Please kindly drop it at the comment box below

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    • Follow the code above to continue with it. If it is not working, try the *435# to migrate to Unlimited data bundle for 1500

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