Airtel Free Data 2019 | Latest Free Airtel Data July 2019

This is another post written to guide you on how to get the airtel free data. In this post, you will see a guide on how you can get Airtel free data easily regardless of the data plan for airtel which you have subscribe to get the latest Free browsing codes on airtel

Airtel Free Data 2019
Airtel Free Data 2019

In the world today, numerous users don’t know how to have access to the Airtel data plan and this free data can be accessed with any kind of airtel postpaid plans or prepaid plans which you are connected to.

This data plans can effectively work on your device and you will be able to achieve free browsing with your data plans.

In this, we will guide you on how you can have access the Airtel free data easily with this post which we have written.

There are several prepaid plans airtel to use to able to browse for free and this code is not know by so many persons.

Did you know:

That on daily bases the most free and reliable data is consumed by lots of airtel users without paying a dime for this consumption.

One of the goal of this post is to ensure that you get the free unlimited data with the following step by step guidelines seen on our post.

Our airtel 4g prepaid plans can effectively work for different sim card which you are using but in most cases, it is always important to subscribe to a specific tariff plan to have access to the free unlimited 4g data.

Airtel Free Internet

With this post you should check the airtel data plan for your and how to migrate to the airtel free data plan with our post. Instead of subscribing to some airtel 4g data plans for those using the Airtel 4g, you can get the Airtel free data and browse for free from our site.

This Free airtel plans allows you to have access to different kind of web which you will browse and hence it is easy for you to subscribe to airtel unlimited data plan for free.

Our post on airtel internet plans which we wrote will not be complete without mentioning that you can have the airtel internet pack list and browse the internet for free.

There are instructions to follow to browse the internet from free without having to call the airtel customer care.

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We have decide to create an amazing content on how users can get the airtel free internet code and browse the internet with the airtel data plans which we have shown you in our post.

After a series of research, we have released that many airtel users cab browse for free with the Airtel free data and having to subscribe to any data bundle will not have to be an issue.

Whether you subscribe to the airtel prepaid data plans or the airtel postpaid data plan, browsing is now very cheap with the Airtel free data.

One of the main purpose for which this post was created is to help people to have access and browse for free whether you are using the airtel unlimited calling plan 99 or any other plans.

We have carefully crafted this post to give you the necessary guide and information to have the this airtel recharge offers for free browsing.

Airtel Free Data Code

In a long run, this Airtel free data does not have any airtel validity recharge and which is to say that you can access the internet for free with this browsing.

You should first know your airtel tariff and check if you are in the right tariff plan or if you can easily check you tariff plan through the how to check airtel number guide on our post.

There is need to give you the knowledge and the right guide for a free browsing access in our post.

Buying data plans this days is sometimes very expensive. Aside from the fact that users don’t realy have enough resources to make purchase of this data bundle, users in most cases don’t get to enjoy this data bundle as it should last.

There are other data plans which can be explored and check for a speedy browsing. Please check ou the latest data plans for airtel.

With this free browsing on airtel, you will have the airtel unlimited data plan for and browsing can be to its best with airtel data plans and subscription code

Please don’t confuse this Airtel free data to the airtel data plans or any other data plans like the MTN data plans on your device.

Our desire is to have lots of people browse for free on different platforms without even looking for a specific budget for airtel data.

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Latest Airtel Free Browsing Data 2019

  1. 1GB for 1 Months

To get this data, you will have to dial 52122 and send and you will get a confirmation that you have received free data from airtel. However, regardless of your tariff plans which you migrated to with airtel, you can also enjoy this airtel .

In this data plan you will be able to surf the internet for free and have the full data plan on your phone after you have receive the confirmation text message from airtel.

You should dial *121*2# to check your bundle balance with the 1Gb 1 months data plans.

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  1. 10 GB free data for 10 days

To get this 10 Gb of data, you will you have to dial this code 599955 from you mobile phone and ensure that you are dialing the line with your airtel sim card. This offer is not for everybody and if you are not eligible for this offer, you won’t receive it.

You can check your data balance for airtel free data.

Airtel free data for 5GB for Night browsing

Airtel Free Data 2019
Airtel Free Data 2019

This data is given to you when you download the airtel app and open it to have the airtel data on your device homepage. Follow the link when you click and complete the instructions which you will be shown to you.  You are given about 200MB to 300MB for completing single instructions on the app. Will browse at night with this data but this is not the airtel Night browsing

  1. Airtel 3G and 1Gb for Download for 3 days

This is another way of getting the Airtel free data when you download the airtel TV application on your device, you will be given automatic 3Gb or 4Gb to watch this T.V however, you can choose to use this data for something else on  your device.

The validity of this data is only three days and hence, you should try to exhaust this free data within three days of getting it

  1. Airtel 500MB for 4G

This 500MB works specifically on the airtel 4G sim cards and if you wants to get this data offer you will download the Airtel App and you should be able to watch the airtel Movies App with the Free 500 MB to you.

You will download the airtel movie App for you to get this free data o your device and you will only use it on your 4G sim card for airtel.

  1. 60 MB for airtel free data
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This is another way of getting the airtel free data on your device and you will get this data by successfully login into the airtel app and you should ensure that the airtel sim used is an old sim card.

Click on the advert showing the airtel free 60 MB and you will be redirected to the airtel TV app where you can get the 60 GB.  This data plan is valid for duration of 6 Months.

Airtel Unlimited Data for Free download and Free 500 MB on airtel free data

To this free data offer, you should ensure that you have a low data balance of your device and it should be less than one naira on your airtel line.

Proceed to your browser and the updated 7.5.3 opera version and download on your device. You will see and display it “remove port” once this download is done and port clicked, by using real host as the proxy type. When asked for proxy server please fills in Click on enable data and you will automatically get unlimited access to browse the internet.

For you to also the free airtel Unlimited 500MB :

Browse and visit the airtel dongle site with the link o your device. Provide the alternative contact details via this page. Once you receive the One time password, you should provide it and click to submit and boom! You will get free 500MB on your device.

How to Get Airtel 1.2 GB Data on your Sim

  • Visit the link with your airtel line
  • Fill in your airtel number to complete the space
  • Install the My airtel App on your device and get 300 M.B
  • Install the Wynk Application too and get the same the 300MB
  • Download its music application as well as gae application and receive the same quantity of data
  • Check your airtel data balance and you will get a sum total of 1.2Gb on your device.

Do you have any question or contribution to make on this post on airtel free data, please do well to drop your questions and contribution on the comment box below.

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