Download the Razz Guy Movie 2021- Lasisi Razz Guy Movie Download

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The long awaited movie is now online and all movie lovers can Download the Razz Guy Movie 2021 and watch on their various devices.

This year, the Nollywood movie industry has released lots of interesting movies. These movies range from comedies to gangsterism and lot more.

Of recent, the Nollywood movie industry is set to release yet another interesting thriller. This will be one of the many comedies that have been released this year.

This movie is set to feature some amazing casts. A well-known comedian will also be featuring among the movie cast.

Download the Razz Guy Movie

Download the Razz Guy Movie

This movie is an exciting one and it goes by the name “The Razz Guy”. This movie is going to be one of the hit movies for this year.

The comedian to feature in this movie is Lasisi. He is well known by all as he is a very popular comedian.

The producer of this movie is Udoka Oyeka. The movie is said to be released on March 2021. Photos of the movie have been released and can be seen in the internet.

In the movie, Lasisi plays the part of a boss who has little patience for his junior staff. The movie is very interesting and will ve viewed by many.

The movie is not yet out but will soon be out. Keep yourself updated by checking from time to time on this site.

We will release information once The Razz Guy is out without any hesitation.

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Highlights of The Razz Guy

On March 2021, a new release is set to pop out from the Nollywood movie industry. This brand is a teaser brand that is just newly revealed to the public.

Nigerian comedian Lasisi Elenu is to play the lead role as the Perfectionist boss who has very little patience for his junioir staff.

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Shalewa Ashafa is playing the part of this junior staff as she is also among the casts for this movie. This junior staff is known for misspelling documents.

The comedy which happens to be directed by Udoka Oyeka is mainly about a senior staff who is arrogant and highhandedness.

This features of his makes him to get cursed. This curse makes him to lose the ability to speak English properly during the period in which he is to attend a very important international business merger deal.

This boss must try as much as he can to make sure that he finds a way to get the curse off himself.

He has to either secure the international business merger deal or allow his present condition to bring to him whatever life offers.

This movie is the first movie that Lasisi will take the lead role as he will act with other movie stars.

There is more to this movie than can be explained by just highlighting some facts about it.

Don’t miss this movie as it will not only be captivating but also mind blowing. Lasisi is ready to put in his best to make sure that he succeeds in the role he is undertaking.

This Trino motion pictures teaser shows the world that every man has two sides. The movie is not just for laughter alone but tries to bring out some hidden facts of life that many do not know.

Download the Razz Guy Movie

Download the Razz Guy Movie

The Razz Guy Movie Casts

The Razz Guy will soon be unveiled to all in all cinemas in March 2021. It contains amazing casts that are willing to make the movie a success by putting in their best.

This cast combination are also capable of making you laugh until your ribs threaten to crack. The movie is a comedy and features great comedy stars.

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The collaboration of the movie cast is enough to explode the cinema once the audience gets in to view the movie.

These casts have amazing features on their own outside the scripts they are to act according to. They have also put in their own super abilities to make the movie livelier.

See some of the many cast the movie is set to feature below.

You will see some popular comedians when you Download the Razz Guy Movie

  • Popular comedian Lasisi Elenu who happens to take the lead role.
  • Norbert Young
  • Tina Mba
  • Ireti Doyle
  • Yemi Solade
  • Nancy Isime
  • Omotunde Adebowale David
  • Bucci Franklin
  • Ibrahim Suleiman
  • Imoh Eboh
  • Charles Etubiebi
  • Popular comedian Broda Shaggi
  • Nigerian Comedian Frank Donga
  • And another popular Nigerian Comedian MC Lively.

These are not all the cast but these are the ones whose specialty is very extraordinary as far as the Download the Razz Guy Movie is concerned.

About Udoka Onyeka on Download the Razz Guy Movie 2021

Udoka Onyeka is the producer of the upcoming trailer which features many movie stars and also comedians. The movie will soon be released and is titled The Razz Guy.

Udoka Onyeka is not only a producer but also a film actor. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas ad has written several movies.

Currently, he plays the role of Tsav as a leading cast in the Hit TV series titled TINSEL. He loves to play basketball and football during his leisure.

His first release was “ZR-7 (the Red House seven)” in all Nigerian cinemas in 2011. This movie got the nomination for the Best Child Actor at the Africa Movie academy Awards in that same 201 it was released.

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Udoka also got praises for his movie titled “Living Funeral”. This movie was viewed in several international film festivals which includes the Cannes Film festival in 2014 among others.

This movie “Living Funeral” also got not less than 8 nominations in the Africa Movie Viewer’s Choice Award in 2014.In that same 2014, he got nominations as the Best Movie Director, Best Movie (Drama), Best Cinematography and Best Screen play.

His new movie “No Good Turn” has also gotten a lot of attention has it centres on the effects of Boko Haram in the Northern part of Nigeria and how it affects the common man.

Udoka Onyeka is a great impact to the Nollywood movie industry and there is no doubt that this movie will not just gather nominations but also awards.

This article has successfully put together all the main facts that centres around new Nollywood movie The Razz Guy.

Share it with others so as to enable them to also get information about this upcoming new release.

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