Ckay Biography Songs, Lala, Musical Career and Lots More

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Ckay Biography Songs and Lala

This is a very important post as it entails the life story of one of the many Nigerian celebrities. The celebrity we will discuss about is one who despite all challenges has successfully risen to the top.

He is now one of the promising Nigerian artists with a list of interesting songs. The songs of this young musician are now in the ears of all.

Many are always waiting for him to release a song so that they can get to know more about it. Once you learn more about this musician, you will even love his music the more.

Although, many did not know him at an early age, he started his musical career at a very early age and now, his hard work has paid off.

There are many Nigerian musicians who are making wave as of now in the music industry. Their songs are not known only in Nigeria or Africa but in other continents of the world.

These musicians have gotten both locally and international awards and are greatly representing the Nigerian entertainment industry.

One of them is Ckay an upcoming and fast rising Nigerian musician. Ckay Biography and lots more information about him are in this post.

We will see his background and many more about him in this post as we move down. The life story of this upcoming and fast rising musician is a very interesting one.

In this post, we will get to know about not only his life story but also his songs and his latest release. This will help to know his achievement in the music industry.

To know more about Ckay Biography and other interesting stories about him, do not miss any detail of this post. All details of this post are very important regarding this young musician.

Read down and see more on Ckay Biography, his early life, parenthood and many lots more about this young rising Nigerian musician.

Ckay Biography

Ckay Biography

Ckay Biography

This is the first part regarding the life story of this promising young musician. It will give us the preamble of his life and how he came to make it big in the music industry.

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Once you get to know this part of Ckay Biography, you will know what gave him the inspiration that got him this far. Not many musicians have a good musical stand because they do not have what inspires them.

Ckay is not one of this people as he knew what he was meant for right from an early age and started his preparation towards it.

There are many interesting story regarding the life of Ckay which you will see in details in this his biography. These details ranges from his birth, age and even to his musical career as well as his latest release.

Get to know what inspires Ckay to come up with new songs as he never gets tired of singing in this his biography. As we move on, you will get to know more about this young musician.

Ckay’s Birth, Age, Early life

In this section of this post, we are going to see the true life events surrounding this promising Nigerian artist. He has a real name and where he comes from as this is an important section of Ckay Biography.

That is what we will dwell in this section of this post as we will get to know deep details surrounding him. Ckay’s real name is Chukwuka Ekeani.

He originates from Anambra State which is in the eastern part of Nigeria. In 1995, Ckay was born in Kaduna state in to the family of Dr. and Mrs. Ekeani.

Ckay went through his education right from the nursery even onto the secondary education. He had a good and proper upbringing which is upholding him even up till now.

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Ckay Musical Career

This is the main section of Ckay Biography as it will bring to our knowledge more details about his musical life. Ckay’s musical life is the reason we want to know more about him.

There are many interesting facts regarding Ckay’s musical life that we are going to see. These facts are right from why he ventured into the musical industry and many others.

While growing as a child, Ckay discovered his love for music. This was ate the age of seven (7) through his father who was the then choir director in their local church.

At the age of 13, Ckay already had a list of his songs which he started singing on his own. As of now, the young Nigerian artiste is making it big in the musical industry.

He went to Lagos back in 2014 to pursue his musical career. During this period, he worked as an intern for the Chocolate City Music as an intern.

When MI Abaga became the CEO of Chocolate city, he was also signed into the record lebel. He has certain releases with MI as well as other top musicians.

His songs always go far whenever there are out as there always send a message to the minds of all who listens to them. Ckay songs has been at the top of the chart once they are out.

He also has not less than three albums and a list of songs which he has given out to the people of not only Nigeria but around the world.

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Ckay Songs

Here we are at another interesting aspect of Ckay Biography as we are looking into the musical aspect of this fast rising musician.

Ckay’s songs are very interesting and they send a message to all who happens to hear it. He has not less than three albums and several songs to his name.

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These songs have been at the top of the chart once they are out as people usually love them. This is one of the reasons why we are writing about this Nigerian artist.

The list of some of Ckay’s songs is below:

  • Nightmare
  • Givenchy
  • The Recipe
  • Last call
  • Dreams
  • Way
  • Winner
  • Ski ski
  • Beeni ft Bhary Jhay
  • Way ft DJ Lambo and many others.

Ckay Latest Release

Of recent, Ckay added to his musical career with a new hit which is presently all over the country. This new hit of his is titled Lala.

Ckay is not the original owner of this song as he is featured by one of Nigeria’s biggest musician of all times. This Nigerian artist is no other than Davido.

This is how far Ckay has risen in the music industry as he no longer just features but gets featured by big musician in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Download Lala by Davido ft Ckay and feel the fun that this young musician imposes around this music. Share Ckay Biography with others.

Drop all comments regarding this post in the comment box below as we will love to have your feedback on this information.





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