Omah Lay Biography 2021 – Background and Music Life

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Omah Lay Biography and Musical Life

The rise of a Nigerian artiste to the top of the music industry is not a small task. So many have tried and have failed.

Currently, many young musicians have begun taking over the music industry from the old boys. One of which is the 2020 golden risen artiste by name Omah Lay.

Omah Lay Biography 2021


Omah Lay is currently known by all as his music has made a way for him to win the heart of many people both in and outside Nigeria.

Omah Lay who just entered into the music industry is now being compared to the likes of Rema and Fireboy DML who entered about the same period back in 2019.

This post will help you to know more about this great star whose action in the music industry has shown everyone that he has come to stay and do many great exploits even more than the already music legends.

This post also contains Omah Lay Biography and how his love for music came to be. With the help of this post, many hidden details you never knew about this young rising star will come to view.

Endeavour to read more so as to fill yourself with interesting facts about this young outstanding Nigerian artiste in the person of Omah Lay.

History of Omah Lay- Omah Lay Biography

In this section of this post, we are going to see the background of the new Nigerian rising music star.

Omah Lay who has gained himself the love of many Nigerians started somewhere. He had a family, a background and a life before venturing into the music industry.

This young Nigerian musician is born from a boom box as he has mysteriously gone to the top of the music industry. He has now become a contemporary to the likes of Rema and Fireboy DML who started the music life before him.

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His songs are inspiring as they always depict his mood and send a message to the mind and hearts of many people not only in Nigeria but around the world.

Below is a little life story of the young star.

Birth and Parentage:

Omah Stanley Didia popularly known as Ohma Lay hails from Port Harcourt in Rivers State, Nigeria.

He was born on the 19th of May 1997 in his home town. His family is one with a great passion for music as his grandfather was a great percussionist.

Omah Lay’s grandfather played the percussion instrument for Celestine Ukwu in the ’60s till he died in 1977.

Celestine Ukwu was an Igbo highlife musician back then in the ’60s. He was known for his hit record “Money Palava” among others.

Just like Teni Music runs in the veins of this young rising star born from a boom box. He got most of his motivation from his family musical background as he believes that he is meant to be a musician.

He went on to represent his family in the music industry thereby continuing the musical lineage of his family.

Back then, while he was about fifteen years old he usually ran on the streets of Marine Base in Port-Harcourt.

Musical Life of Omah Lay Biography:

As earlier stated, Ohma Lay’s background is a musical one and he started his musical career right rapping on the streets of Marine Base is Port-Harcourt.

Omah Lay Biography 2021 - Music

Omah Lay Biography 2021

Omah Lay also used to write lyrics of songs for various music artistes but was not recognized.

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He decided to step up his game by going into the music industry to show who he truly is.

As expected fortune smiled on him as he found his way to the top of the music industry within a short period of time.

He also got his motivation from Burnaboy and Duncan Mighty who are also successful Nigerian Artiste that hails from Rivers State together with him.

Omah Lay has made signings into different record labels. He was first signed into Key Qaad in June 2019. This signing made him leave his home town and move to Lagos for the first time in his life.

He was later signed into Damilola Akinkunmi’s record label known as Dvpper Music.

Later on, in November 2020, Omah Lay was signed into Warner Music group under Sire Records.

Omah Lay released his first song on the 14th of February 2019. Although he released other songs after this, his popularity began after his first EP titled “Get Layd” which was viewed by over 2.9 million people in just YouTube alone.

Omah Lay has done great exploits in the music industry. Many people look forward to hearing from him this 2021.

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On November 2020, he released his five tracks EP titled “What Have We Done”. The track has the Warner Music group’s logo in it.

Omah Lay’s Release

Currently, Omah Lay has succeeded in releasing few but interesting songs among which are;

  • Do Not Disturb
  • Ye ye ye
  • Bad influence
  • Damn
  • You
  • Alternate cuts
  • Tonight
  • Lo Lo
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Many are awaiting the young star to release his first 2021 song which as usual will be one of 2021’s hottest.

Looking at the attitude of the young star, many are sure that he has come to stay.

Omah Lay has a very bright music career. He has so much in him to give out to the world before his time is up.

This article has brought to light much detailed information of Omah Lay Biography which many have not known.

Omah Lay’s  Biography right from his birth/parentage to how his love for music came to be, the age he began showing out his talents and his releases is in view in this post.

Omah Lay who is an upcoming musician has already made a wave in the music industry. He is likely to be the face of the Nigerian music industry in the coming years.

I hope you find this information interesting and endeavour to share the life story of this promising musician with others.

To get updates about other recent happenings just drop a comment on the comment box below



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