Rita Edochie Biography 2021 – Age, Career, Networth

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Rita Edochie Biography 2021

In Nigeria today, there are many celebrities from various angles. Most of them are just known by their faces and not by their names.

If you happen to give a trace to this, you will end up finding out that most of them are closely related.

In this post, we will be looking at the biography of a decent and well respected Nigerian Actress. One who has made it to the top of the entertainment industry.

This personality is no other than Nollywood actress Rita Edochie. Rita Edochie is a spectacular Nollywood actress who mainly acts like a mother.

She is popularly known for her ability to cry anytime the situation calls for it. Rita has made so much impact not only in the Nollywood industry.

She is also a television personality and a politician. Before Rita met this great fame she has today, she started somewhere.

This is the essence of this post as we will dig deep into Rita Edochie Biography and how she became what she is today.

She is a woman who knows what she wants and always works hard to achieve her goals no matter the condition.

Rita is a mother to many young people both male and female as she is well respected and does not compromise to her standard.

The role which she normally ventures into is the role of a loving mother who is willing to do anything to make her child happy.

Many usually say that the motherly role is the part she will continue acting till her movie career comes to an end.

Rita Edochie Biography is a pretty interesting one as she is well known by all. We are going to see the life history of this inspiring woman.

Do not miss out on any information in this post as you are liable to miss many interesting facts on Rita Edochie Biography.

Rita Edochie Biography

Rita Edochie Biography

Rita Edochie Biography – Age, Parents

This is the Biography of a Nigerian Nollywood Model, Actress and politician. She is most popular for a crying ability in most of her movies.

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Rita plays no other role than that of a loving and caring mother who is willing to go any length for her child/children.

She has many movies to her name and is still willing to act many more before she leaves the Nollywood industry for the young ones to continue.

Rita Edochie was born on the 16th of April in Onitsha, Anambra State which is in the southeastern part of Nigeria but her age is not yet publicized.

Rita is an average height woman but usually looks tall in most of her photos. Her exact height is not yet publicized but we are sure to give you updates on it once we get to know about it.

Rita is from a background of popular actors and the sister-in-law to a very renowned and prominent actor who has gathered much fame over the years.

This movie actor is no other than Pete Edochie. Some usually think that she is even his wife. Her husband who is Tony Edochie is also very well to do.

She happens to live with her uncle Mr Okaka who helped in bringing her up. Rita is also ab aunt to Yul Edochie and the rest of Pete Edochie’s sons.

She is very good and sound and hopes to give in more of what she has before she leaves the Nollywood movie industry.

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Rita Edochie Education

Rita Edochie has a very sound educational background as she has attended a high educational level. She is capable of entering anywhere as a graduate.

After her primary education, Rita attended a secondary school at Onitsha where she got her senior school certificate.

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Later, she got admission to the Nnamdi Azikiwe University which has its location in Awka, Anambra State.

She studied Mass Communication and graduated from the institution in 1990 in the hope to secure a good job.

Rita Edochie Career

After her university education, Rita Edochiemoved forward in life as she got a job as a radio presenter. This job was at the Anambra state Broadcasting service.

This was her first employment after leaving school. Later, she moved to venture into the movie industry in 1997 and has been acting since then till this day.

In her career, she has made so much impact both in the movie industry and as a politician. She is known as a mother to many actress and many others.

Rita has acted in many movies and most of them are agony movies where she is the mother of a child who dreams to be big but does not have the materials to execute his or her dreams.

Nevertheless, at the end of her movies, she always sees light at the end of the tunnel. Her movies are very captivating and also very emotional.

This career aspect is one of the reasons why we read Rita Edochie Biography today and why she is well known to all Nigerians.

Rita Edochie Marriage Life

The marriage life of Rita Edochie is a blissful one. Many think that she is the wife of Nollywood actor Pete Edochie and the mother to Yul Edochie and his siblings.

This is not the truth as she is the wife of the brother of Pete Edochie which makes her his sister-in-law. Their marriage is blissful as their marriage is more than thirty years.

Rita and her husband Tony Edochie have four children who are doing great. She said in an interview that those who think Pete Edochie is her husband are still right.

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Rita further explained that according to tradition, since he is an elder in the family then he is her husband.

Her marriage has no problems as they do not have issues that will separate her and her husband even in the future.

Rita Edochie Net Worth

Through Rita Edochie Biography, her Networth is what many people usually love to see. She has acted in several movies with many top actors and actresses.

Rita has made a name for herself as she has left a mark in the sands of time for generations to come and witness.

Also, in wealth, she has made so much and is among the richest female actresses present today. She has various sots of properties and belongings.

Her Networth is estimated to be almost 1 million dollars. Most of her income is from her acting career. Though has attained a great height in Nigeria today, she is very humble and lives a simple life.

This is what makes her very notable and if you do not really know her, you would not even know that she is a Nollywood actress.

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