Ada Jesus Biography – Age, Career and Sickness

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Ada Jesus Biography – Age, Career and Sickness

In Nigeria today, there are many celebrities rising up on a daily basis. Some of them are comedians, musicians, actors and actresses and a host of many others.

One of these people is Ada Jesus. She is a spectacular comedian, actress and also a content writer.

She has made so much impact in the country today and is presently living well. Ada Jesus has a background.

This background of hers is where she hails before meeting this great height of hers. She has had rough times before she started smiling.

Ada Jesus is an inspiration to many young people who feel like giving up in life due to one condition or the other.

She is known for using her Igbo dialect in her comedies. Her comedies are very interesting and one cannot watch them without laughing.

This female Nigerian has successfully reached where many of her female counterparts cannot reach.

What people face and give up, Ada Jesus did not give up but look up for a better and brighter tomorrow.

She has acted comedy in many diversions and usually point out people she feels should be exposed.

Though she received warnings of her action as it may cause her certain problems, she did not stop doing what she feels is right.

Many know this exciting female Nigerian as Ada Jesus and nothing more. She has a real name and also has a background.

Ada Jesus Biography, Age career and present condition are in this post. Once you get through this post, you will see more about her.

You will also get to know the information regarding her presently that you did not know. Do not miss any detail of this post.

Missing it may cost you important information about this interesting comedian who has made it to the top.

Ada Jesus Biography

Ada Jesus Biography

Ada Jesus Biography – Age, Education

The Early Life of Ada Jesus is not quite an interesting one as she has had a lot of hurdles while growing up and did not even expect to reach this stage in life.

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Nevertheless, she knew what she was meant for and kept her mind to it. Ada Jesus real name is Mercy Ginikachukwu.

She is from Orlu in Imo state and was born on the 19th of February, 1998 and is currently 23 years of age. Ada Jesus has a good educational history.

She has attended various educational levels from the primary level even up to the university educational level.

She completed her University education at Imo State University (IMSU) and has to pass through some difficult times before being where she is today.

Ada Jesus Biography – Career

Ada Jesus did not just become a comedian from the womb. She knew her talent and what she is meant to be.

She worked in this position for a retired pilot and earned the sum of N30,000 monthly. After working there for some time, she dived into comedy shooting.

She has been called upon to perform at several occasions and events. Ada Jesus began comedy in 2018 and is now very popular on Instagram.

For some years, she has been in comedy for quite some time and usually uses her native dialect the Igbo language for most of her comedy skits.

This act has gained her the love of mainly the easterners among most of her numerous fans who views her videos.

She has thousands of followers measuring not less than 24,000 on Instagram and 90,000 on Facebook.

Most of her comedy skits are in the Igbo language and she has found favour with many standup Igbo comedians like Sir One and many others.

Many people love her and always wait for the latest updates regarding her. Ada Jesus is currently a role model to many.

She is an inspiration to many young ones who feel like giving up as they can always find hope at the end of the tunnel.

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Ada Jesus has a good career and a promising future as she still has many years to come in the entertainment industry.

In the years to come, she is capable of standing out like comedians of the likes of Basketmouth, Bovi, Ay and a host of many others.

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Ada Jesus Biography – Marriage Life

Ada Jesus along her life met a man she desired to live with for the rest of her life. She got married and also has a child.

Along the way, her husband accused her of extramarital affairs and this led to their divorce. Since then, Ada Jesus has been a single mother even up till this day.

Nevertheless, she did not give up in life as she is still young and can find a comfortable man for herself with her many years ahead of her.

Her child is growing well and she has what to use to take care of the girl as she still continues her comedy skits.

Ada Jesus Biography – Sickness

In February, there was news from all over that Ada Jesus was diagnosed with a very strange and life taking illness.

This illness has made her health seriously deteriorate. As news has it, if immediate action is not taken, she may lose her life.

This disease is Kidney disease. The spreading of this news was first from her fried of which she later came out to confirm it.

Her recent photos have been with her health seriously deteriorating with various parts of her body gradually swelling up.

Recently, she posted a video of herself asking fellow Nigerians to pray for her as she still has a bright future ahead of her.

People are presently praying for her and some are advising her to ask for forgiveness from pastors, native doctors and many others she has abused.

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This abuse is usually in her comedy skit as she tries to portray what she feels is right to others. One of the pastors she abused is from Anambra.

He is Pastor Chukwuemeka Odumeje the notable Indaboski Bahose. They are saying that her illness is likely not to be a natural one.

Those out there should keep praying for her as she still has what to offer to the world. Her time has not yet come for her to die.

Most importantly, she still has a child to take care of. If you are out there and you among those who she has wronged, please forgive her.

Ada Jesus Biography – Networth

One of the main factors of Ada Jesus Biography is her Networth. She has made it big as she has risen to the top as a stand-up comedian.

People from many places look up to her. She has made money as she is worth thousands of dollars within her career period.

The original amount of money she has made is not known in the open from her exotic look, house and even her car, you will know that she has made it big.

Share this information with those looking forward to knowing more about this Nigerian female celebrity. Drop all comments regarding this post in the comment box below.



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