Sydney Talker Biography; Age History, Comedy and Networth

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This post is on Sydney Talker Biography post and through this series, you will have full information and detail information on the popular comedian.

The amazing comedian AKA Towel guy and this name make his comedian interesting as you will always find him with a towel in his comedy series and you can’t watch him without laughing.

Sydney Talker Biography

Sydney Talker Biography

Everyone is anticipating when next Sydney will drop another comedy series capable of making yo

There are numerous facts about Sydney which we will let you know in this about the biography of the award-winning comedian and actor.  The post below gives you full detail and complete biography of Sydney.

Before looking at the biography of Sydney there is some important fact which you should note and we will categorically lis6t them in this post about him.

Did you know?

That Sydney Talker has been into comedy skits from 2015 and just like other young comedians who started their comedy work, Sydney was not really popular despite his log stay in the entertainment industry.

Since his performance with Davido, Sydney is now a household name in comedy even to the entire world. In the comedy, it features Davido who shook hands with Sydney his big fan and this made Sydney cut off his hands.  The handshake with Davido through a photoshoot. This excitement led to Sydney placing his cuts hands a status in his house.

Sydney Talker is from Edo state just like other popular comedians who trace their roots to Edo state.

before you classify Sydney to comedy alone, you should also know that Sydney is also a good dancer and he shows his dancing prowess in some of his skits

Now Let’s give you a detail Sydney Talker Biography

Full Sydney Talker Biography, History, Family, Birth And State Of Origin

We give you a full biography of Sydney Talker and how he rose to stardom within a short time. Sydney’s real name is Erege Talker and has the name Sydney Talker as a stage name.

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Sydney has use comedy to get a name in the entertainment industry is featuring in some Nigerian movies. The Instagram comedian has use comedy to get his fame right from Instagram.

His hilarious comedy skit has brought fame to Sydney talker and has his followership both on Instagram and on Facebook.

Currently, Sydney studied  Computer Science from the University of Benin however, this course is not related to his skills and talents as a comedian.

Rise to Stardom 

On Sydney Talker Biography, let’s see how he rose to stardom and become so popular. Sydney Talker has so far featured in more than 50 comedy skits and it all started on Instagram.

Sydney was already producing and posting his skits via his Instagram page and soon after dropping those videos, he set out another comedy skits featuring top musicians and entertainers like Davido, Mayokun, Nasty Blaq and others.

answers to your questions on Sydney Talker’s girlfriend and net worth is here and top answers on Sydney’s girlfriend is here.

Has Sydney Talker built a house from comedy? Find out more.

Sydney Talker Comedy

Through his comedy, Sydney Talker has grown to be an inspiration to other upcoming comedians. Sydney has release comedy that relates to the happenings in our immediate society like a comedy series on the poor Power Supply in 2016

Because of his funny face, Sydney gain the name Mr Bean of Nigeria however, this name lasted for only a short while.

In Africa and beyond, Sydney’s comedy Skit is popular featuring other big comedians like Ade and Papa, Basket mouth, Bovi, Broda Solo, MC Edo Pikin and other big names in the comedy industry of Nigeria.

Sydney’s comedy Brand has other young upcoming comedians who they have done skits together. Sydney and Nasty Blaq has done lots of skits together and was suspected that they are brothers.

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Between 2016 and 2017, the There Instagram comedian was bashed for including lots of adults contents in his skits.

Educational Career 

Like we earlier stated, that Sydney has been a student of the University of Benin and studied computer science. His inspiration for studying computer science is traceable to his passion in film production, though the duo is not relative, a better alternative since film making is not a discipline in any Nigerian Institution.

He hopes to still achieve his passion someday despite the course that he is studying.

Sydney Talker Age and Family Background 

About the comedian’s age; Sydney is about 25 years of age, born on the 12th of October 1995 in Lagos State.

Sydney Egere is from Edo state and his mother a divorcee took care of Sydney alone as a single mother. It is a great Joy that the boy he raised is making her proud.

The Popular comedian is making her mother proud, though single-family background, but now be a celebrity

Sydney Talker Biography and Skills

This Sydney Talker Biography will not be complete without mentioning Sydney’s skills.  Like most other comedians and entertainers who have talents in other things, Sydney has a gift in other skills aside from just making comedy skits.

Sydney Talker is super in making people happy and this is a great gift of Sydney talker. As mentioned earlier, the celebrity can also dance very well.

The comedian is a great cook and he is also good in some form of public speaking.

Sydney Talker Career

Sydney finally came into limelight in 2016 using all the skit”The Poor Power Supply” that went viral with over 10,000 views. Apart from comedy, the Talker himself is also a fantastic dancer, and we have that gift a few times.

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Sydney Talker began his comedy career back into his secondary school days. Together with dedication and attention, he managed to get through together with his special ideas and creative concepts. Sydney published his first comedy skit that was rough “Electricity of tongue” at 2015.

The skit had just tiny perspectives but it certainly indicates that there’s more he has to offer you.

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Sydney Talker Biography; Net Worth 

But, no official Asset worth was rated for Sydney Talker, So stay tune rather than quit coming back! Different estimations were created for the favourite comedian on various platforms. Sydney Talker’s net value is unknown as no suitable investigation have been completed to determine his assets.

The popular comedian has cars, houses and has sponsors even outside the country.  However, in 2020 during the outbreak of coronavirus in Nigeria, Talker was suspected to have coronavirus and this was actually a rumour.

This is all for the Sydney Talker Biography and conclusively, you can contact and follow Sydney Talker’s Instagram – @sydneytalker  and has his Twitter handle  @Sydneytalker while you can reach Sydney Talker on Facebook by searching Sydney Talker.  Erege has a great social media presence where he publishes his video contents.

Let’s know what you think about Sydney.



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