Segun Awosanya Biography 2020 – 20 Real Facts about SEGA

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This is yet another post on Segun Awosanya biography to give you the detail information about the biography of Segun and through this post, the question on who this man is will be answered and his relationship with the end sars protest.

Segun Awosanya Biography

Segun Awosanya Biography

Like an Article on Aisha yesefu biography The entire goal of this post is to let you know more about this man and his interest in the end sars protest and the active role which he plays in the protest.

Concerning the above information, there is currently a protest going on and this protest has a lot to do with Segun Awosanya, but recently, a lot has been happening in his name regarding the end SARS protest across Nigeria.

The Man Segun became popular once again in the news when he showed and indicated his stand against the very whole system and protest which he started.

Segun had recently taken to the online media as he stated that he has opted out from end sars movement without stating any reasons for his actions. However, some has seen his actions as an act politically motivated or Segun being politically pressured to take such a stance.

One question is- why is Segun Awosanya very important anytime the End sars movement is mentioned? This question and many others will be answered in this post on Segun Awosanya biography and all which you should know about this social media human right activist.

Segun’s age, educational background and networth are revealed here in this post and we will love you to read to the end.

Segun Awosanya Biography  – Birth and Origin

Segun is a known name and this name stands as one man in Lagos and beyond. He was born on the 11 February 1976 in Lagos state Nigeria. He is currently known for the end sars movement. Segu is currently residing in Lagos started Nigeria and he married to Odezi Faith Awosanya. Segun is a family man with lots of media profile. Segun Parents are Christians and he has spent most of his life growing up with his mother all in Lagos state.

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His marriage with Odezi is blessed with both a son and a daughter and he once stated that she prioritises his immediate family over everything.

Segun was recognized by the federal government of Nigeria and the Government of Lagos State.

Segun Business/Education

Segun is known as Saga and he has a good profile and has an excellent trademark in social media as a social media activist who ha achieve lots of things through the power of social media. Aside from his LinkedIn page, you can reach out to Segun through his personal website which is: and you can also follow him through his various social media like Facebook and Twitter and many others.

Sega runs a media brand who are technologically driven and he provides social media training and a wide range of business solutions.

He has worked as several brands a social media strategist and he has broken a record in information management with at least 10 years of track record. Segun in a short while has worked with top brands and it has always been excellent delivery with him.

The social media and human right activist consults for both national international parastatals including the government.

Sega runs and cofounded a brand known as Aliesnsmedia and Aliensmedia has consulted for lots of companies internationally and within.

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He has worked as a technology analyst, media marketer broadcast engineer with more than ten years track record as he has consulted for Oil and Gas firms, design companies, communication companies and other companies, to mention but a few.

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Before starting his own branch, he formerly worked as a consultant with Bluebird Capital Limited and has been the vice president of SEWA republic.

End Sars Movement and Segun Awosanya

Segun is known as one of the early organisers of the end SARS now and End Sars in Nigeria movement. As a political activist and human right activist, Sega took to social media and started the hashtag #EndSARS which fights against police brutality.

This move yielded fruit when President Muhammadu Buhari appointed him to be part of the committee which for the total rebranding an overhaul of the special squad under the Nigerian Police force.

In a way to have a good public hearing, Segun Awosnaya’s contact was been added to the persons you can call should in case of any emergency about any further brutality.

Being part of the presidential panel was a big and major breakthrough for him and the campaign against police brutality came up again and this time as the campaign became serious and fierce with a style of fighting and protesting against bad governance in Nigeria, Segun recently denounce being part of the protest.

Sega’ denouncement came in as a surprise and many believe that he must have been under political pressure and influence and yet this can stop the protest in Nigeria and as the day goes by, the protest keeps being fierce.

Conclusion on Segun Awosanya

We trust that you have found this post on Segun Awosanya biography interesting to answer the question on the real biography and background information of Segun and how he relates to the end Sars movement. From our post. The entire information herein will help you to identify and have detailed information for which can help you.

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Segun is a name which we can relatively mention as far as the end SARS movement is concerned and recently, from the look of things, it has turned out to be that this SARS movement has gone beyond the hands of Segun.

Aside from the role in Segun Awosanya in the fight against SARS, we have also seen the net worth of this man and how he recently acquired for himself a new ride.

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We have also been able to trace the root and origin of this Yoruba born social media activist and the various roles which he plays as in any other movement as well.

Though Awosanya has public denounce being part of the End Sars Movement, his names will still be written when names of those that fought this fight will be written.

What is your take about Segun Awosanya biography and will you love us to write more biography about top persons, please do well to drop their names in the comment box below?

We will love to follow most of our post on other persons’ biography like Teni Biography and many more. Please share this post to all!



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