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If you have been looking for a reliable loan source, then try obtaining online3 loans with Carbon Loan App Download.

From this post, we will let you know how to access the best carbon loans in Nigeria and the best interest rate which you can get for different loans.

The entire essence for which we have created this post is to let you know about Carbon loan and how to easy aces carbon loan with the application guide.

Carbon Loan App Download

Carbon Loan App Download

Carbon loan is one of the fastest and the most reliable loan to obtain in Nigeria and it has amazing interest rate on the loan. When you pick carbon loan, you are entitle to other benefit not just the loan offer by Carbon.

One of the major problems in Nigeria is getting the best loan in Nigeria and we could not stop giving you Carbon loan which happens to be one of the bet loans in Nigeria.

It was formerly called paylater until it was rebranded to carbon in 2019, since it’s inception as paylater, carbon loan has been just the best providing different financial services to its users.

Carbon Interest Rate

The best place to obtain a loan is carbon and as compared to other loan, carbon has the best interest rate and most persons enjoy this about carbon.

It is very rare to find a loan such as carbon offering such an interest rate and whereas this loan is given to its applicants at a cheaper rate, carbon loan never ceases to still provide other persons with loan no matter the size of the loan a customer may want to pick.

For now, the interest rate for Carbon loan is 5% an 15% depending on the amount of loan which you are picking and which affect the interest rate of carbon a whole lot.

We assure you that if you are picking a loan with carbon for the first time, you may not pay upto 15% rather you will only repay with a 5% interest rate on the loan rate.

The interest rate is the same whether you are access the loan service with Carbon Loan App Download or accessing the service through the official carbon website.

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You can compare the interest rate available for Carbon to interest rate available for kiakia loan.

Carbon Top Up on Carbon Loan App Download


The carbon Top up feature available on the Carbon Loan App Download is a super amazing loan service for users to get additional loan even after servicing a loan from carbon.

It is very rare and not even found for a loan company to service an individual loan twice within the period of debt and hence carbon has introduced this feature to its customers who can get additional loans on its platform or get an additional loan on the app.

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People have issues service loan from different loan companies after they might probably get a loan from another loan company.

Carbon loan supplies you with additional loan to it customers even if they are still owing loan and have not repaid the loan company.

Carbon loans can still be obtainable even if you are owing the company. The loan amount to get depends on the duration of your loan.

So far as you do not owe carbon an already existing loan which has lasted more than six months or three months, you can still obtain a loan from Carbon.

Like fairmoney loan app, this service is available when you get the latest Carbon Loan App Download version for android.

You can only top up your loan once and the amount to top up depends on your last loan you repay carbon.

Carbon Loan Customer care Number

If you want to contact carbon for certain issues and make certain complaints then you will need the Carbon loan customer care number for the loan as you do just that you will resolve all issues with carbon loan.

In the case of anything not working perfectly well on your app, then you can easily reach out to carbon customer care through their customer care lines and mail to reach out to carbon customer care line.

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Unlike most Online loans in Nigeria, Carbon has one of the best and the fastest loan customer care representative as you get prompt response from their customer care line depending on the time which reach out to them.

After downloading carbon app, the application may not be working properly or you may have to ask for additional information concerning how to use the app.

To contact carbon, please reach out to them via on mail or you can all as well call carbon on 014609945  and the customer care rep for carbon will pick up immediately.

Carbon Loan Requirements

For carbon loan, here are the requirements; here are the requirements for your loan application

  1. Carbon Loan App Download connected to the internet
  2. A functional phone number connected to your BVN
  3. Your bio data like names and residential address
  4. Your ATM card and your ATM number for the loan
  5. Your active bank account number
  6. CAC number for businesses that are registered

How to Obtain and Process Carbon Loan

  • Download the latest carbon loan app either from play store or ioS store
  • You can download the app with our latest free browsing cheat codes.
  • Open the app and proceed to register for the loan with your details
  • Upload a passport of you as required and allow to load
  • Click on “apply for loan” and apply for a loan
  • Click to select your loan amount
  • You will be given details of your loan, allow it to load
  • Click on accept and fill it the prompt instructions.
  • You will receive an alert of the loan which you applied for via your

Carbon Loan USSD Code

Carbon recently launch A USD code services which one can use to access it loan and this is to ensure that even before you want to get Carbon Loan App Download you can still obtain a carbon loan with the USSD code.

The code allows you to still obtain services from carbon ranging from loan application, loan payments, checking interest rate, checking loan repayment date and accessing other service.

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Carbon ussd code never fails and this does not mean that users cannot still access carbon loan even without downloading the app.

Carbon has made loan application and loan processing very easy with its USSD code and thus we will encourage you to still use the carbon USD code while you are still using carbon loan application.

Please do well to check online for carbon loan for carbon code as some online resources, states that carbon loan is *537* while other online resources have stated other codes.

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There is a complication with the Carbon USSD code as this code was introduced when carbon code was formerly called pay later loan.

In most cases, we still recommend and use carbon loan app to complete your transaction

This entire post is well written to let you know about everything about Carbon Loan App Download to help you to easily download the loan through this post and guide here and via carbon website.

If you desire to know more, we will appreciate your questions via the comment box below.

Please share this post to all and lets us know if you have any complains about carbon!



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